Vitruvian 2008

As the title says enter here


  • I seem to recall it sold out sharpish last year. Anyone any idea when the last slots were filled last year please?
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    it filled up not long after IM Austria last year, so plenty of time yet...

  • I wish they would wait til I had some money ..... its December for goodness sake!
  • Thanks Debbo as signing up before xmas is nigh on impossible !!!
  • probably sell out quicker as it looks like it's the Long Distance Nat Champs again....but entry limit has been raised to 1000 from 800...

    pebble - does this clash with Helvellyn??
  • Yep it clashes image
  • before I forget - did you pick up a Florida DVD??? Petal seems to think you didn't but we have a spare - do you need it??
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I will be waiting till well after christmas to sign up for this, and Bala too. 
  • Thank goodness for that. I was thinking of giving the kids a piece of coal each for xmas and a letter saying Daddy wanted to do a couple of tri's instead image
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    a piece of coal EACH?  that's very generous.  you should make them share
  • Fantastic - I feel ill just reading the website. This will be my main event for next year so I'll probably sign up over the weekend.
  • LOL..... I'm all heart..... plus I'm northern, not THAT far north image
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    gyraffe why do you feel ill reading the website?  if it's all that tosh about it being the toughest event ever it's exactly that - tosh.  it's easy peasy!
  • I picked up a DVD, but it dont work !
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    pebble do they have modern dvd players in wales?
  • nah - seeing as I've already (mentally) committed mysel for full ironman in 09 to put this in perspective it's just the idea of parting with my hard earned cash which upsets me...

  • So how tough is this for a first middle distance event.

    It is 10 days before my birthday so am considering it.  Although maybe I shouldn't consider it but just do it!!

    Doesn't it have cut off times though?

  • If it does have cut offs I wouldnt worry because I got thru the bike in time - just my feet didnt want to run afterwards
  • OK been and gone and done it!


  • pebble - I haven't played mine yet but I'll check them out at the w/e and if they both work, I'll send you one - or copy the good one and send you the copy....
  • Rio, I did this last year as my first ever triathlon. It's certainly doable. Don't worry about the cut off times, I was worried I wouldn't make the swim time but did it with a fair bit to spare. The Rutland Ripple isn't as bad as people make out, but make sure you get a fair bit of hill work in on the bike. The run has a couple of short sharp hills, but nothing terribly bad. It's a slick, well run event, perfect for a first middlw distance. I'll be doing it again next year, if it doesn't clash to badly with The Big Woody.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    FB - but you're in it - you better watch it.  I'm in the volunteer bit - walking my bike out slowly out of T1.  Jo is in it too.  You and Jo are both on the bike course, but you whizz past very fast.

  • Cheers FB, Debbo do they do a Betamax version, thats the latest techno down here.
  • Well I have plenty of hills to practice on GP.  Thanks.  Should be fun??  (maybe someone should remind me I said that later!)
  • What to do Helvellyn or the Vit?
  • Will try and get round to signing up for this at some point over the weekend.

  • As it is meant to be my "A" race for next year I suppose I had better get my name down before it fills up
  • Pebble / FB - If you are struggling to play the DVD let me know and I will sort something out for you.  It plays fine for us and I have utilities to remove region encoding if necessary.

    In relation to the Vit - mebees yea, mebees no - I do have a reputation to defend at this race.

  • Just paid me money for this one
  • £95  !!!!!   Blimey ....
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