Duck Pond Waddle 9

It's a bit late for this, but does anyone know whether there are places available on the day? I really like the look of it but I live over an hour and a half's drive away and don't fancy just pitching up on spec if it's already full.


  • Many thanks to the guy from Worthing Striders who called me this morning to let me know that there are still places available for tomorrow. I'll see you bright and early to claim a place, then bring that pre christmas mud on. The weather forecast looks like fun!
  • Crikey. I've never before had a whole thread ENTIRELY to myself. Well in any discussion I tend to like the last word. Here I have the first word and the one in the middle as well. What a race. Hills, mud, wind rain the lot. I really loved this and I'm so glad that I went. Thank you to all at Worthing Striders, and a particular thank you to the marshalls and the PCSO's for standing out in the teeth of a gale just so the rest of us could run.
  • Not going to let you have the last word!

    May I had a huge thanks to Worthing Striders and what brilliant marshalls standing out in that dire weather.

    I have run in some pretty bad conditions but I think todays weather took the biscuit. Great run though image

  • Ditto,  a very well run race, we must have been mad. The marathon will be a walk in the park after that. At least that what i keep on telling myself.image

  • Wow! what a race . Not brave enought to run in a vest like some . Was that enough mud for you Liam? Really enjoyed it in a masocistic way ! Over the top of Highdown that last hill was a breeze . Got blown up it . Never known that before! Many , many thanks to the marshals they were superb and still in great spirits standing around for hours in the teeth of a gale.
  • Just to echo all the comments.  What fantastic marshalls - still smiling and encouraging to the bitter end.  At least we were keeping a bit warmer, I wouldn't have liked to be standing around in that.  Thank you Worthing Striders - great race as ever.
  • I was OK in a vest, but what posessed me to wear white socks?
  • Hi Liam,

    the photos from the race are now up on should help you discover what colour your socks turned out in the end (I'm guessing brown ?)

    cheers WTP

  • I ought to have thanked the photographer too. For the first batch of shots all  I saw ahead at the end of the field was what I took to be a pile of discarded clothing and a rucsac. It was only when I got close and saw the lens peering out that I realised what / who it was. Well done mate, dedication above and beyond the call of duty. Excellent photographs to help me recall an outstanding day.
  • I will pass your kind comments /link this on to Dave who - to say the least - found it wet and windy too...

    Very glad that his work and our site is doing what we set out to do, cheers !

  • Oh what a shame my jacket hid my number!! image 
  • Dave, Unfortunately i missed seeing you until i went past, something to do with being cold and wet and maintaining balance, my photos show all of the above and still ok!!!

    Heartfelt thanks to all those out on course, we're mad running it, standing in it, you all need your bumps felt but thank you all very much!!! 

  • Hi Everyone

    I am so glad you all enjoyed our little race !!!!!!!! now I need your help we have 3 pairs

    of unclaimed training shoes, Asics road, Asics trail and Saucony road. We also know that

    2 people lost training shoes after the race, so could you all check those muddy carrier

    bags festering in the shed to see if you have picked up the wrong bag by mistake.

    Plus a mobile phone was reported lost on the day as well, any help gratfully received.


    Peter Wirtzfeld On Behalf Of Worthing Striders

  • Results are now posted on the Worthing Striders web site. Well done everyone and thank you again to all involved with the organisation of this lovely race.
  • any size 9 1/2 pete
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