Richmond Park

Armed with my new Nike SDM 100 i hit Richmond Park on this fine sunny morning. By the time i got here, it was 11 am and getting hotter. The goal - run 2 laps, starting from Kingston Gate entrance, by the big oak tree(start/finish point) on the left just before where the dirt track starts. Ran the 1st lap in 52:27.29. On 2nd lap i switched on the SDM to measure the route. I haven't quite mastered this gadget yet, didn't get a time for 2nd lap but i got it measured - 7.25 miles. Has anyone else measured this route ? I see so many different quotes, some say 7.5 miles, some say 7, 7.25. Who knows ??? Anyway, i'll try again on Friday for 1 lap and measure it again, going in Dark Hill direction.


  • what do you do on the bit where the cycle path runs out between Ham and Richmond Gate? there's plenty of room for discrepancy there, as some run round the outside and some cut it short. also are you a clockwise or counter-clockwise sort of person and is it easier one way or the other? most runners seem to prefer counter-clockwise for some reason I can't fathom.

    it'll be interesting to know your final calculations cos I've always logged it as 7.5, perhaps erroneously!
  • AlfieAlfie ✭✭✭
    I measured the circuit as almost spot on 7.5 miles by bike odometer which is reasonably accurate. This is based on following the cycle path all the way round, so up the hill at Ham gate (not along the bottom) and not cutting the corner at Sheen gate.
    I've always thought that clockwise is more difficult starting from Kingston as the big hill is at 6 miles rather than at the tart going anticlockwise. Also the gentle downhill run back from Richmond gate is a good way to finish.

    Hope this helps.
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