Any welsh runners

Im a runner from Tenby in South Wales just wondering if there's any one else close to south wales or just wales on this site.


  • This where a lot of South Wales runners hang out.      here

    Croeso i Runners Wolrd

  • Hi there! i'm in narberth so pretty close by. are you doing the tenby 10k?
  • Yes me - I'm from Llanelli West-is-Best image
  • I'm from Narberth as well ! Do you run with a club Kristine?
  • No, I don't - just moved here last year and have only been running for a wee while so I just go out on my own. Do you run with a club? i keep meaning to go up to st clears on a thursday to join in there.
  • I go up to St Clears, to TROTS, it's a great little club, genuinely caters for all. Not gone recently as hit a bit of a low point in motivation, but really enjoyed it when I went image
  • yeah - i did the 10k today in tenby and the atmosphere was great - think i'm going to make myself go this thursday! why low in motivation?
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