Ulverston Christmas Pudding 10K

Massively disappointed to have missed this mornings race as it was to be my first 10k for which I have been training(and losing weight) all summer and before.I was running to raise funds for the Princes Trust and couldn't run because of a swollen and painful foot caused by cellulitis.

I will be thinking of you all and wish you well. Hope the weather was exhilerating!

HOWEVER I need to find a 10k to run in the next 3 weeks that a beginner can do and I can still enter in the North/Midlands.Can anyone help!


  • You missed a treat - 6.6 miles in the cold, wind and rain! Good tho - always is when you have finished!

    Try the Langdale Xmas Pudding 10 k - Sat and Sun 15/16th Dec - lovely course and good atmosphere. May still be able to enter tho it does have a limit and is popular.  Good luck!

  • It was a great little race - only my second 10k. I was soaked through and red-faced, but not last, which is a big deal when you're a newbie! All it needed to be perfect was distance makers, water half way and a few more signs - I wasn't 100% sure I was running the right way when it was near the finish.
  • HI all

    I too have just done this one it was rainy and i had to run in tracky bottoms and vest, but when i started i didnt even notice the cold or rain, bit hillier than i expected but it was my first 10K and i loved it.

    if it was 6.6 miles that makes my time even better i worked it out over 6.5 miles?

    i did it in 45:55 and i am over the move with that, running as number 90 and coming in 70th place so happy with that.

    yes they did need a drinks station i was expecting one and needed one to be fair, and yes no miles markers very poor for those who are trying to improve and time themsleves.

    loved it though just  a shame it was a shit day...

    regards Gary

  • don't know what happened to the mile markers this year, they've always had them in the past when I've ran this race and the summer one on the same course.

    If my memory serves me correctly ( doesn't usually ) they have a drinks station by the priory entrance at the summer race but not the winter one.

  • Quick response from the race organiser - a tree had fallen across the route and we discovered this at 8am ready for the 11am start! We had to rapidly re-route the race and hence it was about 6.6 miles. Alas this meant that the mile markers were in the wrong place so we took them down. Marshals had to be re-positioned as we now had a road crossing so we had to jettison the water station. Thanks all for your feedback and glad the weather didn't put you off. I promise you mile markers and water in 2008!
  • Thanks for the feedback.Entered the Langdale 10k on Saturday.Hope its not too hilly for a first timer.Weather wont bother me though.Hopefully this dry spell will last and get into the Lakes!

  • Glad you got in - I'm running on the Sun - not too hilly more undulating! Lovely route - best scenery you'll find on any run anywhere - providing of course you can see the hills!
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