Are you all asleep???

Hello, just wondered who was awake, as there doesnt seem to be much activity considering it is only about half past midnight!


  • wow that message that showed me as well that the server that our messages are run from must be 8 minutes slow, as apparently it is 00.20, but it was actually 00.28 when I posted the last message, oh well, night all :)
  • well 00:28:00 for you is 01:28 for me, which is well past pumpkin time. Especially as I have to go to the gym in the morning at 07:00
  • I was thinking I was living in the future!
  • I wish I was living in the future just slightly, cant wait to get a decent winters training session in, ready for the start of next season!
  • Start of next season?
    X-country season's only just about to start.

    I'm in, I'm in.
  • I hate cross country and always try to avoid it, always cold, sprained ankles and all that, no thank you! My season ends in December and starts again in April.
  • Everyone seems to go to bed so early around here, I think even Pizza man has gone now also, oh well, no-one to talk to so I am off, see you all tomorrow, oops I mean today :)
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