Training for Mara and Triathlon

Due to a lucky ballot, I've got a place in FLM, a week after I'd signed up to do the London Tri in August.

I've run 3 marathons before, but have very, very limited swimming and biking experience. Would anybody be able to advise me where I could go to get advice on creating a cross-training schedule for next year that would ensure any training complements rather than hinders both events.

 Many thanks in advance.


  • go over to the Tri thread there is loads of useful advice there.

    I am doing FLM and doing Blenheim and London tris(having done them for the first time last year).  I would suggest some swimming lessons and swim a couple of times a week.  bike as much as you can as this will be the discipline you can make up most time on and run to train for the marathon.

    Currently my schedule looks like this

    Monday - run
    Tuesday - bike & swim
    Wednesday - run
    Thursday - bike and swim
    Friday - boxercise
    Saturday - short bike and long run
    Sunday - rest

    That is what suits my life at the moment.  After FLM I will be concentrating on more brick sessions to get my legs going off the bike.

    But have fun, the different disciplines are great

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