Hi all,

I'm one of the lucky ones who has got a golden bond to run the FLM 2008 for the RNLI, and was just wondering how many more people on here will also be running for the Lifeboats next year.



  • Hi Woodle. I am. image

    Any more??

  • image two weeks to go - any more lirfeboat crew?
  • I'm running for Team RNLI as well (although I'm not a regular on these forums, just a lurker)

    Have you got your running vest yet? The one I was sent is far too small, and apparently they have some more to collect at the Expo. Leaving it a bit late, but hopefully it'll be OK.

    How's your fundraising going? I've always been a fan of RNLI, but I was still surprised quite how many people comment that RNLI is a such good cause. I always thought childrens/cancer/hospice charities would be more popular, but Lifeboats seem to be up there with the best of them.

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