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  • FR - why didn't you post, I'd have taken it!!

     Bangers can be very economical to run IF you buy the right one.  Used car prices are plunging at the moment and dealers seem to be having a lot of trouble shifting stock so you are in a strong position, espically as a cash buyer with no trade in to get rid of.

    I would say not to write off a new car straight away without some thought.  A brand new off the forecourt Ford Ka will cost around €5k which you can finance through Alliance and Leicester for £60/month (assuming you put down your £500 as a deposit).  £60 is a decent meal in a resteraunt and for teh comfort and peace of mind it may be worth considering.  This link has 2nd hand Ka's from £500 to 3000  in Manchester and it's worth a nose.

    If you do decide to go teh banger route then I would always advise going for a good quality car.  Cars liek Citroens and Vauxhalls are built to a price and so - when miles get high -  will generally have more failures than a more expensive when new car.  A BMW 3 series or even a big 'ol Volvo estate will probably cost teh same as an Astra but run further.  Repairs may be more expensive but will generally be much less frequent.  80s Mercs and even VWs have been known to clock up 200K without signifigant problems.  In particular when looking pay attention to service history and mileage rather than age.  An older car with regular oil changes and fewer miles will be a better bet than a much younger car with higher miles that has been neglegted.

     And finally pay attention to the total cost of ownership.  A newer car will cost less to repair and (with lower CO2 emissions) be cheaper to tax and possibly insure.  Likewise they will be more fuel efficient and so cost less to keep on teh road.  A £500 banger that you have to pay a hundred quid to get through the MOT  every time and drinks like Ollie Read ona bender isn't really such a bargain

  • I was going to suggest an old Volvo. I've got a K reg 940 estate with 380K on the clock that still runs like a sewing machine.

    Built like a tank as well

    Bit big for Buney though....

  • oh its an N reg with 68k

    Mines a Y with 82k!

    Buy a honda or toyota. These things will run for f*cking donkeys years. Nams has 120k on her clock. last MOT was a bit naughty but b*gger me can her car fly!

    FR. If anyother cars arrive at yours needing to be claimed please email me. I need one for a "project"

  • My Sprog was bought a brand new KA by her Granddad... 9 months later ( one engine, 2 gearboxes, and a new boot lid {The Ford dealers crunched it on a truck in the workshop}) she bought a 2 year old Fiesta. Brill motor

    We now have 4 Fiesta's in the family, the latest a 1400 Diesel is a super town car and gets 60 mpg and only 35 quid a year to tax

  • FORD

    Fix Or Repair Daily!

  • Nope 2 of the Fiestas were bought very second hand and the boys have learnt to drive in them, and both thrash the pants off them. Neither has caused any trouble. Since Sam binned the KAK and moved to a Fiesta she's had 3 trouble free years
  • The only Ford I would want is one of these:

    Escort Mexico, MK I or MK II, either would do nicely!

    Or, at a push:

    TT's right though - Toyota and Honda will run forever.  Top Gear did a thing once where they tried to kill a Toyota pickup truck.  They battered it, drove into walls, set it on fire and sank it in the sea.  Oil change later and the dam thing still started!

  • Started my motorsport career in a MK1 1600...  Ran an awesome 2.2l MK 2   Still running the Sapphire Cosworth
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