Small and Thoughtful?

I asked what Mrs Gone Zo wanted for Christmas last night and she said ''......get me something small and thoughtful''....................stands viewing the minefield ahead image


  • Small and thoughtful?


    Jiminy Cricket?

  • diamonds?
  • mmmmmmmmmm I really like the Jiminy Cricket idea and diamonds are small but..............(I knew this would never work, where's that Argos catalogue?)

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I-pod shuffle?  I got one last year, and it's small, and it was thoughtful cos I run and like music.

    Diamonds (or any nice jewellery) are good.

    Small bottle of very expensive perfume.

    Has she any hobbies - that might help point you in a good direction.

  • The I-pod idea is a cracker but she has one of those already

    Jewellery's a no go area (Long story)

    Perfume.........mmmmmmm....will think about that

    Hobbies? she's a runner (bledy good one) and likes drinking coffee.

  • Espresso machine (with a nice small espresso cup to go with it)?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Home made voucher for 3 race entries of her choice, including chauffeur service, personal support and a rub down afterwards?

    Some quality coffee


  • Nessie you're a Genius! image

    It looks like a win win and definately WON! image situation to me.

    and the coffee link looks good - rubs hands together!

    Sorry Callan but we have and espresso machine already

    I'll keep taking suggestions good putting all your eggs in, and all that! 

  • I like that Nessie!

    I have been racking my brains and I can't think of anything - but I don't know her

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
  • a whistle.

    the pea in it is small..... and rattles around....

    Just like someones head I know......hmmm now where is she......


  • My wife always asks for diamonds, I wonder why...

    PS She got them once. Why does she need more? 

  • Diamonds are too easy!!!  Any one can nip out and buy diamonds!

    Thoughtful is the operative word here!

  • I think small and thoughtful means very expensive in woman speak.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Not necessarily, MM.  If someone was going to spend £20 on me, I'd prefer a tiny bottle of "good" perfume to a huge bottle of paint-stripper naff perfume. 

    Quality over quantity.  Almost every time. image

  • I think the Small refers to budget I've got that one covered & thoughtful refers to using my head..................(closes eyes tight and clenches butt cheeks!......comon' brain, images flash:Ice cold Stella, Football, Ice cold Stella......... ya see nothing useful!)
  • No it doesn't MM!  It means reach down and think about something that she really will really love!  Like a really nice copy of her fav book, or a painted photograph...
  • a season ticket?

    Could get you a years worth of shags?

    Just an idea.

  • hey hey TOTP!
  • Well I never said I was an authority on women likeimage

  • Apparently not MM!!!

    Then again, what men are???

  • After thinking long and hard on the subject, a book token it isimage

  • Hahahaha!

    Mind you, I would rather have a book token than a rotten tomato cheap perfume from Curry's...

  • ahem Farnie!

    ... are you refering to my peasized brain? image

    (or just the size of somebodies head?)

  • sorry nothing more to add -  just wanted to try my new christmas name out image
  • Right then - I have thought long and hard and reviewed the many suggestions and finally thought of the perfect gift........................... A NICE COLD STELLA! at the FOOTBALL!..........image

    Although Farnie had a good idea.........but how do I phrase the card that goes with the season ticket? 

  • There you go luv, I have just paid Sven some cash, and we have a box for the next match now drop em....


    Thats probably Mr Farnies approach....image

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