The Long and Winding Plod


  • Have we started festive threads yet? Hope no one minds a non-festive one if we have.

    Can't believe I am up at this time. Just keeping my fingers crossed that this is jet lag and not another bout of insomnia. Though I can't say I slept that well on holiday. Might just be the thought of w*rk later.

    FLM rejection letter arrived. Well, at least I now have a nice new rain jacket. Will try my luck in the ballot for club places next week.

    Right, cup of tea and then another attempt at sleep. And before anyone tells me cafine will keep me awake, it won't, it never has.

    Hopefully my next post will be at a more reasonable hour.

  • morning
  • it's so nice to see a Floosie thread I'm sure no-one will comlain about nonfestiveness

    hope you got some sleep

  • no complaints here

    mwah both image

    am at leeds today

    oh the glamour image

  • Wroxham for me

    handy for the broads

  • grumbles
  • no lovely to see Floosie
  • just put this up on black board for my students
  • Morning peeps!

  • Please explain KK

    UFOs over Exeter?

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Morning all


    Is that a Christmas Fudgie Pig flr??


  • Morning peeps

    Mwah Floose, hope you got back to sleep 

  • Morning

    Lovely pics, Pinkie and Sam

    Not sure about your's KK

  • Morning.

    Foul weather. Rain. Wind. Cold. Bleh.

    Apart from that, everything fine and dandy image

  • Nasty rainy day. And I'm supposed to run.

    (I always think of this track as "the long and boring song")

    (and am currently listening to "sharp-dressed plodder" by Z Z Top)

  • which is not ideal preparation for attending Michael Nyman concert this evening....
  • My friend borrowed her husbands iPod to run with in Amsterdam. He put it on shuffle for her and at 10 miles this is the song that was playing. She was not amused.

    Didn't get back to sleep. To be honest, I was so awake I didn't even try. Still, got a few things done in the wee small hours which I have been meaning to do for ages. Not least sitting snuggled on the sofa with Gordon.

    I have told Raffles to make sure I don't go to bed until after 10pm tonight (I like to live on the edge), so I can try and sleep later tomorrow. I like early mornings but 3:15 is pushing it.

  • I may need some help to keep it up for 11 hours.

  • And I've changed my name to my old seasonal favourite (sorry, cba to think of a new one) and RW Towers is on the case as I type to upload my traditional Christmas pic. At least I hope they are.
  • fat lady decorates

    rubbed down wardrobe and was looking for something that would evapourate away to leave a nice clean surface

    I reckon clarins toner will have done a good job

  • You lot in Leafy Ted are dead posh! image

  • <flollop>


  • helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
  • (sigh)

    g'night x

  • clocks gone funny in LT
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