Lactic Acid

First post here goes

I am in training for the GNR but every time I up my distance by a mile or so I suffer terribly from stiffness in my quads for the next couple of days, I am stretching & giving myself a thorough massage on the rest day afterwards but I can't walk down the stairs without looking like albert steptoe. Am I doing anything wrong or is there some other treatments for this condition. Any advice please


  • Morning Nick and welcome
    Pretty sure this is nothing to do with lactic acid, but can't be sure what it is.

    Can you give more info on your overall training programme: mileage, days per week and so on. Are you ok on shorter runs but it's the long run that gives you trouble?
    This is your first post, but are you new to running as well?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Nick, it could simply be delayed muscle soreness. It's your body's way of telling you that you've done more than you should have. However if you're regularly doing your long run then eventually it shouldn't happen. If you're only doing your long run once every 5 or 6 weeks then it may happen regularly. It's nothing to worry about though. Despite the fact that I regularly run over 50 mile per week I still sometimes get it after my longer than usual runs.

  • Speaking of problem quads, did a hard hill session last night, quads were bit sore before started. couldnt sleep at all last night, was very uncomfortable, legs felt too 'active' why, it was as if i hadnt run for a few days? I stretched really well, dont want a repeat of that, falling asleep at work today!

    Any suggestions?

  • Many thanks guys

    Glenn I try to run approx 15-20 miles a week and I do my long run on a sunday. My training was spread over three days but I have recently upped it to four, This could be the problem. It is either hill work or the longer runs that give me jip so maybe drew is right, I have been running on & off since the beginning of the year but have knucled down since July, hope this helps
  • Downhill running can play havoc with unbalanced quads ....
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