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I have just downloaded the 16-week marathon guide for my Garmin Forerunner 305 but have been unable to import it into my Training Centre programme for syncing with my forerunner unit.

I use a mac running osx and the latest Training Centre application is up to date at vers 2.0.3 (although windows versions are up to 3.3)...

Is the wkt file that i downloaded only windows compatible..... any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance




  • I cant seem to do much with the file either and I'm on Mac OS X as well.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • I am not sure really what happened here. In January/February, there was no problem at all importing .wkt file to the training center. But, now now wkt is somehow not compatible on a mac.
  • Hi, I'm also having the same problem on a PC, using training center version 3.3.2 which is the latest version.
  • I've been able to download the schedule but it's all a month earlier, so apparatnly I'm doing the FLM on March 13th! On my own..

    Any ideas on what's wrong?

  • i have recieved a comment from gamin europe who commented..

    "At present the Runners World workout plans are only available in the  .wkt file type, which will only work on the Windows based version of the Garmin Training Center."

    But I am sure I had uploaded a previous workout schedule (WKT type file) through previous versions of Training Centre software..... i will hold off for some more advice.... if i hear anything else from Garmin I will post it on the message board....



  • Mine's fine now, just reinstalled the training center and everything works ok
  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for letting us know about the issues you've been having. There appears to be two themes, both on here and in another thread. Firstly, the downloadable Garmin schedules were never available for Mac users. To get around this we're going to try and build a function that allows the user to down their schedule straight for this site and into their Garmin, thus making Training Center irrelevant.

    The second theme is based around the date version downloading a month before the FLM ie the 13th of March. That's really odd and it's not something we or the good chaps at Garmin found during  testing. Therefore if you're having this problem I'd be grateful for as much information as possible. The following would be ideal:

    • What schedule are you downloading?
    • Is the schedule for the FLM based plans or the set that allow you to choose your race date?
    • What version of Training Center are you using?
    • Finally, can you email me the wkt file that's causing a problem?

    Thanks for all your patience and your feedback. As ever it's much appreciated.

    Daniel RW image

  • Hi Dan,
    I also use a mac and can't use your schedules, so I was wondering if the following would work:
    (1) Download training centre on a pc
    (2) Download the RW schedule to the pc
    (3) Sync my 305 with the pc
    (4) Sync my 305 with my mac
    Would this work or would it bugger everything up?
  • Hi Daniel RW

     Me too: date version downloading a month before the FLM ie the 13th of March

    • What schedule are you downloading? - both FLM Garmin-ready sub4 and sub 4.30
    • Is the schedule for the FLM based plans or the set that allow you to choose your race date? FLM-based
    • What version of Training Center are you using? 3.2.0
    • Finally, can you email me the wkt file that's causing a problem? - will do

    Look forward to a quick fix!


  • HI Daniel

    I downloaded sub 3.30. I am using the most up to date version of training center. I have now had to move all runs by hand.


  • Russell, 

    Can you please send the file you downloaded to my email address?

    Thanks and sorry you had to tranfer everything by hand.

  • Daniel- no probs. Have sent you file. Hope it helps.

    Thanks for the speedy response


  • Hey Russell,

    Cheers for sending the file over so quickly. We'll  have someone take a look at tomorrow. 

    Dan RW

  • Hi,

    I downloaded the sub 3.45 for FLM and also getting it with the marathon on 13th March.  I'm also using version 3.2.0 of the training center.


  • I am also getting the marathon to be on the 13th March - I thought I had got around it by re-downloading it with FLM @ 13/5/08 but around week 6 onwards, the long run ends up on a Monday so it will need some manual reshuffling.

     I am using version 3.2.0 of the training centre.

  • Hi,

     I've also had the problem of my schedule sub 4.00 and the marathon date is coming up the month before. I've emailed Garmin about it. I've a 305 forerunner.  I am using vista os and though there might be some kinks with vista as there is with everything else! image

    Please could you let us know how your testing has got on. I'm in the ecommerce world, so know what you're going through!



  • Aw - so i have spent ages putting stuff on my mac for no good reason  image

  • righto have got the schedule on the GPS!

    can I ask if the schedule says to run 4M and I happen to run 5M does it stop recording my pace and distance after 4M?


  • Ive just bought the forerunner based on the reviews in RW, and am also on a MAC.  Unfortunately no mention of these issues on the review!!!!

    Im assuming theres no fix to this problem - so being PC'less whats my best course of ction to get the schedules, or am I sending the 305 back???


  • What was the fix to put the correct dates into my Garmin? Don't want to do the FLM in March!!  I am using ver 3.2 on Windows xp.  Just bought my Garmin today and can't wait to get out and use it.


  • Hi,

     There also seems to be a similar discussion regarding the dates on forum:  Flora London Marathon > Garmin FR305 schedules.

    There's a suggestion of how to fix the problem on here but haven't tried it myself yet!

  • I think the forerunner 305 is going to go down as the most useless christmas present ever! Begged my husband to buy it for me as an aid to training for FLM but we only have Macs, and so I'm not able to download the schedules. Tried doing it manually, but am getting bleeped at every couple of minutes telling me to speed up or slow down, and can't manage to reset the thing...anyone out there actually got to grips with it or is it the over-hyped gimmick I'm beginning to think it is? (and is it normal for it to take anything up to 10 minutes to locate a satellite?) Any help gratefully received!
  • Katherine,

    I got one aswell just after xmas for the same reason - its my first marathon in April.   Im also mac only.

    I managed to upload the schedule to my garmin using a friends XP pc, and am saving all the training on the watch, waiting a fix for the Mac.  

     Re the satellite issue, ive found that if i set off before its located a satellite i can wait for 10 mins.  Ive also noticed that after waiting 2-3 mins (during whih time im outside and stretching/warming up) if i switch the garmin off and back on the satellite comes up straight away and i can start running.  

    Hope this helps. 

  • Hi, the solution for me was to plug in the forerunner on a work pc, download the program for the FLM, then I took it home and plugged into my mac to which it automatically updated everything without me having to do anything at all. So after the one off use of the pc I now have everthing as I wanted it on my mac adn all my workout history logged etc.

    As far as the satellite loading goes I read a review which advised turning on your unit and leaving on a window sill for a few minutes while you get your gear on, as long as you leave the house within a few minutes it holds the signal and you can start right away, perfect for cold mornings.

  • Mine never take more than 2 minutes Katherine, and the once or twice its done it in 2 years I've switched off then back on as Phil says and its been there immediately.

    Have just given up on the schedule - at the end of the day I know what pace I need to do and how far and the watch tells me that!
  • Thanks for the advice - will try switching it off and then on again when I go out today

    I think I'm going to give up the unequal struggle with loading the schedule - even if I get it loaded, I will still have the problem that it'll think I'm slacking and tell me to speed up when actually I'm toiling my way up one of Dartmoor's many many hills!
  • Are you supposed to be able to get the .wkt file onto the 305 using the latest Training Centre software (version 3.3.2)? .wkt Doesn't seem to be a recognised file extension and typing the file name in by hand results in Training centre giving an error????

  • Anyone know of any fix for the Mac yet??
  • Moscowflyer, did you have a read of my post above - if you have a friend with a pc ( or one at work perhaps like i did) you can install the training centre software on there, download the program wkt file you want onto it and import to workouts, then  plug in your garmin and pull the schedule onto it. once it is on you can delete everything off the pc no harm done. After that install the mac software onto yr mac, when that is done plug your garmin in and upload the program into your workouts. I did it this way and now everytime I plug my forerunner in it updates my history stats etc on the mac just like it is supposed to. Other than this depending on what software and OS you have on mac you can use boot camp or similar and choose to open a windows OS instead of Tiger or Leopard and load it on that way perhaps?
  • Theres a runnersworld user who figured out the differences between the file formats.  He has a perl script for translating them towards the end of the thread: Garmin marathon schedules and macs

    You have to be pretty techy to follow the instructions, if anyone needs additional help I can email you a translated version if you message me.

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