i-pod hole????

hello this will likely sound daft but I am looking for a lightweight fleece/jersey to run in but my husband got me an i pod  to attach to my upper arm whislt I run...it is fab but I had to put a jersey on today and obviously couldn't get near the control. Does anyone know if anywhere makes one with a wee arm hole or slit so I could get to the volume bit without stopping / removing earphones/jersey/swearing??? have tried a net search but not sure what to call iy?!! Any ideas appreciated...otherwise will be the scissors...


  • erm cant you just put the band over the top of the jersey ? My holder is a weatherproof neoprene one.

    Other option is the nike+ kit, but they're expensive and a pain to get the ipod in and out of.  

  • oh.my.god....D O H !!you are right cougie!!!! Never even crossed my mind thanks for that wot a muppett I am. I have tried the nike stuff but I can' do nike shoes just feel odd to me wish asics/nb could bring out some nike just wrong shape for me.

  • These days I quite often wear thin glove-liners and one can slip a little Nano inside a glove with the wire up one's sleeve if the arm band is too bulky or dweebish.
  • Timex now do a 50 lap (i-control) watch that you can control your Nano from - stop, play, forward/back tracks & volume. It comes with an adapter that you plug in to the bottom of your Nano (a bit like the Nike + thingy). But you use both at once obviously. It works great for me. Can just stick the Nano in my zipped back pocket and forget about it. Thinks it's about £70 or £80 instead of the usual £50 for a 50 lap.
  • Hi there.

    If you e-mail Bonnie at socksfox. They sell Hanro which are an absolutely fantastic high quality sports wear (as well as underwear) and although it won't be on the website, she might be able to find something for you.

  • not that Bob has a vested interest in Socksfox!
  • Sorry for the non response I was away for work, still cant believe I never thought to just put the band over the jersey!!! Thank you all for helping out though am on the case of the nano adaptor! Thanks agaiin!
  • When you start running, every little thing matter, I really feel it now. So no wonder such kind of question occur in our minds. I couldn't find "right" socks for a long time. Someone (maybe on another board) mentioned good things about https://vitsocks.com/en/ I have placed an order with them for a few and I'll report back as to whether they are worthwhile.
  • I'm constantly trying to balance running as light as possible with the desire for accessories.
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