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  • We are ski -less for the first time in 6 years, How will we cope? There is no real reason, we all wanted to, it was just that I had the Moonlight in mind and therefore wanted to avoid the half term week, Therefore when else is there to ski if you are tied to the holidays. So the fact that I wanted to abuse my legs for 6 hours on a Saturday night in Feb has deprived my family of the white stuff!!!! Never mind there will be plenty (global warming permitted) there next yearimage
  • skiing and school hols are an expensive nightmare - we have done some very successful Christmas weeks in the past but the snow can be a little patchy early season - we did Feb half term once & never again!  - late March/early April (touch wood) we have always been lucky snow- wise. Dependant on when Easter w/c falls we have had to be a little imaginative with start/end of term, but never missed more than 2 days image

    PSC just "phoned home" - suffice to say he's having a BRILLIANT time.

  • Bo Bo and Cliff. My eldest is currently repping in Brasov in Romania and they have lots of snow and very cheap beer.

    Cinders. I did my first speed session on Thursday and we did 400m reps with 100m recovery, times ten or twelve for the speed merchants.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I have ski envy.  Not been for 8 years and don't seem to be able to persuade Mr C he wants to go !!!

    Mmm CB, times that by 1 for me then ha ha.  Can't do much till get signed off in 4 weeks anyway.

  • Just put down the phone - PSC has given me a flake by flake account of his day - I refuse to submit to ski envy 

    CB - will look out for you tomorrow morning, I will probably be a last minute arrival (to avoid abandoning Jnr too long)  - I best consider parking options image

  • Bo  Bo I will be using the Park and Ride facility, seems the best bet.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    La la laaaa bo-bo, have ski fingers in ears now !!!  image

  • Evening folks. Just of to dinner but have to say that the skiing is awesome. Powder off piste and lovely on piste. Been doing both today a lot! The bottom of the slopes are icy and worn but the world cup was here last week and the run is just scary. I've known of the hannenkamn all my life and have now skied it. It is scary. Seriously scary. Last day tomorrow image will be great to be home tho image its been some fairly hard core skiing image
  • Great to meet some more Thanet peeps at Canterbury 10 this morning - my club shirt is no longer new!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    How did you get on at the Canterbury 10 bo-bo? 
  • A good, comfortable run  - though I swear the second up-lation (out of Bekesbourne) gets longer every year! The weather was a big encouragement - a bright sun but with a teasing chill to encourage momentum afforded some fantastic views of the Kent countryside. Turning back toward the city at 9 miles the Cathedral was bathed in a shaft of sunlight in the valley below - I was clearly distracted as I managed a 7.41 mile. Don't think I've ever run that fast before! Jnr suggests I try running a little further than 1 mile at the new pace and lunch wouldn't become dinner image  According to local radio there were 1000 runners - not sure that many - but it certainly felt like a sprint in the first mile everyone wanting to get to the NDW footpath first!

    Ran 1.29.50 (garmin) didn't come first, but didn't come last either! (or Jnr wouldn't be talking to me!!)

  • Well done Bo Bo, sounds like a great morning out. I avoided the run becasue of my calf. I ran my normal route and I felt it from 6 miles on so I think that I made the right choice. I am now going to leave the running until next weekend when I am really looking forward to spending saturday morning running off a hangover.

    PSC would appear to have had a good time in the white stuff, lucky bu**er

  • look on the bright side Cliff - the more you drink the longer anethesized (sp?) you will be. Hope the calf improves.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the run today, felt as if I did my best run ever, probably down to Mark and his Thursday speed session. I took nearly 3 mins off personal best with a clock time of 1h34m25 and 8 minutes off last year's time.

    I clocked the third mile at just over 7 minutes and I have never run at that kind of speed in my life. Mind you, I think Bo Bo gave me the golden secret at the end; try to keep constant energy, not constant pace. Until today I have fixed a pace I wanted to run at and tried to keep to that, uphill and down dale, But today I just let myself go downhill at whatever speed felt comfortable

  • Well done both of you, PBs all round by the sounds of it!

    I'm back in UK. What a joy having a few days on the slopes. image also got some running in image
  • well done CB and bo-bo sounds like you both had good runs.

    Managed to sneak into the Saturday morning Girlie run which was 12.4 miles and ran over so a good 19 miles in fantastic weather conditions lovely.  We both had a run free day yesterday and enjoyed a nice long walk with the dog and put our feet up.

    See you all next Saturdayimage

  • so comon then who is definitely coming out to play on Saturday ? 

    I have it on good authority weve got SNOW forecast for the weekend (did you bring it back with you PSC)perfect weather for a little trip around the Islandimage

     PSC  Im definitely gonna do the Ashford Duathlon and the current Mrs F is up for a spot of marshalling.  I will send in my race entry later this week.  If you can just let us know where Sharon is needed

  • evening - just in and I'm meant to be on route to the kitchen ....

    I'm definitely building snow men on Saturday - hat, gloves and tennis rackets (who needs snow shoes!) at the ready image Are we meeting at the same place at 8am?

  • >nutters<

    if you guys need rescuing, I've got snow tyres on the car image We could have done with some fresh snow in the alps, it was a little patchy/worn (although absolutely brilliant fun)! Perhaps my snow dance worked, just a little delayed image

  • My weather forecast is showing a 60mph wind and driving rain. Not really, it says mainly sunny and only 20% chance of rain.
  • yes 20% chance of rain would be about right CB....... trouble is there is 80% chance of snow!!!  The sun will be shining brightly (above the 10/10 cloud cover), and there will be a howling gale ...... Sounds like a bl00dy good Thanet Training run to me image  

    For a fee I could set up "pit stops" selling Warm Coffee, Mulled wine, Hot Soup, Bacon Sarnies....... do you think there would be any takers?


  • bo-bo as your the first one to confirm your attendance you can choose the meeting place and timeimage  It had been suggested we meet at the Granville at 8.00 am but the choice is yours ?

  • Granville at 8.00am is fine by me - think I still have the directions in the glove box, I will obviously  need a ladies stop in the first 2 miles,  will the Viking facilities be up to it!!! image
  • I will be there....................................I hope!!!

    Don't you think that adverse weather adds something to a run, admittedly not one over four hours, but a normal training run? I quite look forward to the extremes of weather to test my resolve and inner strength, as well as making that beer on return even more enjoyable.image

  • exactly Cliff bring it onimage

     Bo-bo my house is only 2 minutes from the Granville so if you need a "pit stop" we can drop in there before setting out.

  • Guys.

    I have two problems for Saturday but I still hope to make it. I went to the station today to get my railt ticket as our ticket office is closed on Saturdays and was told that there are engineering works between Faversham and Herne Bay and a bus replacement will be operating, which always adds time to the journey. I will investigate further. Secondly, where is the Granville? My knowledge of Ramsgate is not very good.

  • Apparently the time I reckoned to get there at 07.44 is the time including the bus replacement so that is alright then. I seem to have found the Granville on a map. How far is it from Ramsgate station? Or is Dumpton Park closer?
  • Bill the Granville is the Cinema/Theatre which is located on top of the East cliff overlooking the sea and is just before the turnaround point in the Thanet Half.  I would take you about 15mins to walk there from the station however, depending on time I could possibly pick you up from the station, about a 5 minute drive from my house, drop the car back at home and jog the 2 mins to the Granville. 

    Sam is also planning to join us. She thought it was about time she did some training for the overnighterimage

  • Mark

    My train is due in at 07.44.

  • oops our posts crossed Bill.  Ramsgate is the nearer station.  I will take you about 15-20 minutes to walk from the station to the Granville or I could pick you up at say 8.00 which will give us time to drive back to my house to drop the car off and jog on down image
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