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  • And come on Mr F.... lets get these races on line.  I thought you Thanet chaps had half decent organisional skills. image

  • Well done to all PB ers from the weekend. Particularly well done to Andy for a great finish place. I know exactly how you feel, have I told you that I finished third in a race once??????

    MF - 15 miles, a week before the Moonlight, shouldn't I be tapering?

  • Cliff 15 is a taper compared to what you have been doing image

    My own personal attempt to run a pb at Dover ended in failureimage.  Felt Ok just could not get the legs turning over fast enough in the last 3 miles and finished 16 seconds outside the elusive pb. 

  • I wouldn't say 16 seconds is a failure.  Blimey, you can lose 16 seconds just from having a couple of sneezes on the run!  I would say well run if you were that close to your PB .....  I think a lot of people at fairly crap runs.  Odd isn't it!  Bobo blaims her 9 mile blow up on the garlic I put in the mash on Friday night.  In truth, she is probably right - it was very garlicy image

    Mark/Cliff - See you at JB Corner out on the marshes if not before!  I'm tempted to bring a BBQ so the Foster/PSC crew can have some fun image  Might bring my trainers and get a quick 6 miles in while no-one is looking!!!

  • PSC  Thats odd bo-bo was blaming me for her 9m blow up as well something to do with a little jaunt around the Viking trail last week image 

    I am quite looking forward to the overnighter now, no pressure to run quick just survive it.  Thanks for the offer to help out at JBC hopefully the weather will be kind

  • LOL!!! 

    If it's raining you are on your own mate.  Mrs F and i will be in the pub image

  • I am up for the 15 miler. If we can agree a train time from Ramsgate I can save you all £1.55 each. I have checked the day single price is £4.50 but since I havean annual season ticket I get 35% off mine and up to four others, so I only pay £2.95. Every little helps, that can get you an extra half pint!
  • there is no one blame for my blow up but me image - and the late night, and the garlic, and the fantastic Thanet mileage, and the fact it was a Sunday, and that the weather was excellent so my body went into total  shock exposing itself in shorts - thank god for shades, and....... I'm thinking of some more....image but the company in the first 8 miles was superb.

    Looking forward to the Deal 2 Ramsgate chapter - if you're catching the train at a sensible time from Ramsgate I could leave my car there - will keep an eye out for timings etc.

    Would like to add my congratulations to some great Thanet runs! 

  • CB You and me are bestest chums

    Whispers very quietly to MF - Who is Mini Me?

    I was innocently out running along the seafront this evening, I just happened to have a headtorch and a Charlton cap (I thought that I looked very fetching, my wife said I looked like a pr*tt)  and I was accosted by some lunatics who appeared from the darkness. Thanet has some strange people!

  • Happy (Lunar) New Year (or "Seullal" as it is called here) to you all.

    Year of the Rat...

  • There is a train from Ramsgate at 9.03 which gets into Deal at 09.21 which sounds like the best bet. Is there any free parking at Ramsgate Station Mark or is it one of these things where you have to pay for the privilege? My ticket covers a total of 4 people, me plus 3, I have now discovered, but as there will probably be just the four of us that's ok.

    I got back into the swing of things by doing 13 yesterday, it was absolutely glorious out, so I headed up to the Reculver end of Herne Bay and followed the prom round to Whitstable. We really are blessed with the photogenic traffic free routes we have available to us in this area. I don't know if I could do it if the only routes open to me were pounding city pavements for miles.

  • after last nights club run where we spoted some lunatic running along a fully lit street wearing a head torch and a very smart looking capimage 

    The general concensus is to meet at Ramsgate station at 9.00 and most likely  pile into 2  cars and drive to Deal for the run back.  Mrs F has a hair dressers appointment so the 9.03 train would be a struggle and the next one at 9.40 is a little late.  If you are planning to join us or know someone who is could you please post here so that we can co-ordinate numbers for the cars etc.

    Bill there is a pay and display at the station or plenty of on street parking all around with no weekend restrictions

     Seoul Man  good to see you still with us  Hope Jnr is behaving herselfimage

  • Mark. at the risk of apparently asking a daft question, no change there then Bill, what happens to the two cars after we have all run back to Ramsgate? Does that not mean two people are in Ramsgate and their cars are in Deal, or are they going to run back and collect them, or are they then going to get the train down, hence only two fares?
  • I am at work and can't quite get the vision out of my head of Cliff with his head torch in a brightly lit street.

     I'm surprised you weren't carted away !!!

  • Bill  one car will be a Fostermobile so we will drive back to Deal to collect it later on Saturday the other 1 I think will be driven by Helens Husband who will not be running. 

  • OK Sounds good to me, count me in then.
  • Mark - any idea how much later? collection of cars that is! If there is room in a Deal bound car I could abandon mine outside the Clarendon and loiter on your door- step at 08.55hrs - if not,  rendezvous point in Deal?

     Seoul Man - hi and ratty new year image

  • Loitering in doorways! That's my girl image
  • I want a special meeting called and that Andy Man cast from the club. I'll have you know I thought that I looked incredibly dapper

    The truth is that I thought that I looked a right pr*tt, but what the heck it was in the name of a good cause; running around a field, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night!!!!!!

    Thank you Mr and Mrs F for the offer of the lift, I will gratefully accept

    PS Bill, I have now got a lift so you are no longer my bestest friendimage

  • Cliff - if I promised to bake cakes for post run recovery would you be my new bestest friend image

    Just seen the photos for Dover 1/2 - bad hair moment but I am definitely flying


  • Nice pic bo-bo image
  • CF Look at the face, is it bovvered?
  • Cakes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Now how is the gorgeous loitering Bo bo this morning?

    PSC - trust me, I am only after her cakes!!!!!!

    Serious point (it doesn't happen very often) won't 15 miles take too much from the tank a week before Marshside or should I not even think about it?

  • That's ok, but eyes off her buns! image

    I wonder if I will get any cake?
  • bo-bo we thought you would probably want to meet up at ramsgate so that you can run back to your car.  quite happy if you want to come to ours at 8.55 no need to loiter outside you can come in and use the "facilities" if you need or meet us at Ramsgate station.? Oh and nice pic by the way  I have the same trouble with my hair flying about like thatimage  And my pics show I to have joined inch high flying club image

    Cliff I will briefly join you in a serious conversation, but only the one Ok,  A 15 mile slow run on Saturday should neither deplete or boost your tank significantly as long as you are planning to rest during next week and carbo load..So its totally up to you about Saturday.  There is quite a crowd goind out as its sorta the girlie saturday run + interlopers.

    Cakes CAKES who mentioned cakes YUMMMMMMMMMMM

    PSC Ive been wondering what delights bo-bo caries in that bottle belt and now we know "BUNS"  

  • Could not resist putting this pic on here as it actually shows me in front of Graham and flying.  Thats if the link thingy works image

    1 inch high club

    (Ok so he did overtake me later on but at least I was in front for a while)

  • The link thingy doesn't work! You are trying to link to a photo on your own pc's hard drive, it needs to be uploaded on an internet site somewhere. If you put your cursor over the link, right click and open properties it tells you where the pic is stored. If you want it uploded Mark just email it to me and I can give it a home online.
  • why is that guy behind you looking at your bum and laughing image
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