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  • Thanks to Bobo, PSC and Jnr PSC for the cakes and cookies - how scrummy.  PSC I have emailed you the 50 mile newsletter with all the details on it.

    Have just redone my hair as Cliff face didn't notice how gorgeous i was looking this morning - can't think why!

    Really enjoyed the run this morning now off to Pudding Club - will need to do 50 miles tomorrow!

  • Sorry, you always look gorgeousimage
  • Many thanks to everybody for Saturday morning, it was good fun and the biscuitsand the cakes set it off perfectly. Conditionsat Ashford today were superb and it isa good fast  course, but after yesterday's 14 I was pleasantly surprised to take about 90 secs off my PB. It was also nice to meet Andy Stevens for the first time and put a face to the name.
  • Well done onthe pb CB image
  • Yes, fantastic conditions at Ashford today.  Had to keep reminding myself it was February.  Quite why there were so many runners starting out in full head to toe lycra with jackets, gloves and hats I have no idea but they must have been suffering by the end.  Also grabbed a pb so good day all round.

    Good to meet you in person too Bill instead of just talking in cyberspace !! 

  • Well run Andy.... would have been there myself but missed the eadline to enter!!! image

    I agree with the weather - it was (and still is) fantastic.

    Sharon - I've got your mail, thanks!!  Long term weather forecast is interesting ..... image 

  • well done Bill and Andy great running guys

    Thanks to everyone who ran on Saturday it was a very enjoyable run and great company.  A special thanks must go to bo-bo and PSC for the yummy cakes and buscuits.image

    Comon then Pit stop crew whats the long range forecast for next Saturday then image

  • erm ...................rain!  Apparently starting on Friday....

    So don't be surpirsed if you see a portable gazebo at JB corner on Saturday night image 

  • Out of idle curiosity, what or where is JB Corner?
  • Jelly Baby Corner.... one of the marshalling points on the Moonlight Challenge!  Nothing like standing in the marshes all night with a torch. image
  • You are going to get caught doing that one of these days.image
  • PSC dont forget to mention you are sharing your marsh with two lovely young (ahhhemm) ladiesimage

    It seems there are a few other TRRACites whoe are planning to come over and spend the eveining in the pub and providing some more vocal supportimage

  • where is bo-bo ive been searching the Forums for the new "inch high club" thread but cant find it image
  • she's at work and therefore blind to the forum!  You know what the Civil Service is like, nothing on your computer that might be vaguely interesting, fun or useful!!!  Not sure she has started a thread - I think that the "Inch High Club" is more of an underground organisation.... image
  • Shouldn't an inch high club be a 'little bit above ground ' organisation?
  • Had a quick peak at the London to Brighton...........hmmmmmmmmmimage
  • cliff you are own your own with that one mate definitely not one for me.

     I dont think I could stand the pressure of the cut off times and if I got to a checkpoint just too late and they pulled me from the race well I think I would loose it completelyimage  Good luck though if you decide to give it a go 

  • they have relaxed the times a bit but the cut offs are still tight.  (Apparently)....  Not that I would know of course image
  • PSC The current Mrs F has asked me to ask you who is buying which sweeties and in what quantities as she does not want to double up.
  • as PA extraordinaire to PSC I will be buying the sweeties! - so far have 1 x bag of smooth cola bottles and 2 x bags of jelly babies (usual stock in our house image) - awaiting instructions/comment/helpful pointers/ divine inspiration/the men in white coats......been one of those days!

    Evening all by the way! 

  • Evening Bo Bo et al

    We have jelly babies and I'm going to get some 'foamy haribo' whatever they are!  Junior Junior aka crazy eskimo penguin will be baking brownies so me and PSC and Barbara will be OK!

  • not jealous - don't want brownies image

    flask of coffee, and telephone number for Domino Pizza and you're sorted!

  • hey bo-bo so you've read Dean Karnazi's (if thats how you spell his name) book as well eh ?image Now he realy is NUTS !!

    wonders is it legal to bake a "brownie" And do they go crispy or soft and fluffy in the middle ?image

    Cliff Face  can you email me your address (I assume you are not coming out to play with the big boys and girls tonight) as we need to know where to collect you  on Saturday.  We plan to pick you up just before 4.30 pm if thats OK ?

    Just had two lovely fresh baked rolls with loads of jam for breakfast yummy dont you just love carbo loadingimage

  • my claim to fame is that Dean and I have exchanged emails image

    ***shuffles off and gets coat***

  • So PSC that just confirms what we have suspected all along that deep down you are secretly yearning to start running ultras.

     Its OK now you have confessed to the truth on a world wide Forum you will feel better with yourself and we are all here to help you to fulfill these dreamsimage

  • I thought hash browns were made out of potato, until I discovered Smirnoff!
  • Mark

    I am working from home today and I was intending to try another speed session tonight. Is it the usual 18.30 start from the Pool?

  • HI Bill  as churchill says "Oh YES"  see you later
  • 5 x 800 last night while I just bimbled about giving encouraging comments like "cmon push it and go faster"  Oh what funimage
  • There's a name for folk like you Foster, in fact, quite a few!
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