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  • You didn't have as much fun as me Mark.  I stayed in and ate fish & chips whilst nursing my man-flu !!
  • Don't worry folks - MF won't be drinking tonight but I can so nerr!
  • Can I just do a bit of back-patting for the TRRAC folk who manage to get the results of most of the Thanet races up on the website within hours. I ran the Ashford 10k on Sunday and the results have still not been posted as of this morning, is this a record?

    Mind you, and I don't know if this is relevant, they did say they would post them out to you if you paid an extra 50p on your entry form which I didn't, in the name of saving the environment you understand. All joking aside though, it is a bit frustrating when it takes nearly a week to get your official time. I have sent two emails to the club but neither has yet received a reply

  •  maybe I wont be having a glass of wine tonight but who will be still tucked up in bed tomorrow morning when Hells Bells and Mrs F are out running image

    Bill what can I say ? you will go and do these foreign racesimage

    Andy sorry to hear about the man flu I guess thats made your decision for you regarding running the The TW 1/2 on Sunday

    I wonder where PSC has dissapeared to its not like him to miss an opportunity to take the p**s  maybe he is out secretly starting his ultra trainingimage

  • think PSC may be consuming vast quantities of black coffee - for some sensible reason we got up at 5am this morning, he had first claim so headed out the door and I switched the dreaded tready on. Vowed to stay on it until he returned - good mental training in a dark and silent house - needless to say still late for train/work!

    Meant to be packing for Yorkshire - but done the important stuff, jelly babies for tomorrow ready to go!

    In case I don't get back on - good luck to all weekend runners, and have a great time on the midnight challenge. If I can get phone coverage on the Moors I'll be ringing for regular updatesimage

  • Bo Bo you guys don't need any training in how to be mental, you are doing just fine as you are!
  • Have a good weekend bobo.

    I can't wait for tomorrow!

  • LOL at CB!!!
  • Morning folks...................

    well done to all the "nutters" last night - in particular the younger of the mad group of 3 completing her first Ultra and still looking remarkably fresh at the end - in fact you all did! Well we had a hoot in our Guard Tent at JB corner - next year the BBQ will be out too, along with a patio heater, portaloo, table and fairly lights image image I might also take an elephant gun, just in case image

    My huge thanks to B and the Current Mrs F for a fab evening.

    **** JB Corner was sponsored by Ann Summers****

    Off on a long cycle soon - isn't it bootiful out there!

  • Well done to the "nutters" image  Sounded good fun PSC

    Just back from a small plod, saw some fellow TRACies going the other way.

  • Well done to you PSC, Mrs F and B, great job to be standing out there on the Babes Jelly Corner. The encouragement was greatly appreciated, and desperately needed.

    A walk and a cooked brekkie on the seafront this morning was much enjoyed (Mrs CF said we needed the exercise!)

    Now I am tapering for the 20 next weekend, the thought of which, at this moment in time, is horrific!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers Mark and Sam for the great company, a terrific way to spend a Saturday eveningimage

  • Well done to all of you, sorry I wasn't there to cheer you on. I put in 20 miles yesterday so I settled down for the evening with a curry and a pint, but my thoughts were with you. At least your weather was a lot better this year. See you all next week.
  • My thanks also to PSC Currect Mrs F and B  your support was great and verm much appreciated than you!

    Sam AKA TIGGER (because she was still bouncing at the end) you did brilliantly and you are now an official member of the Ultra runners AKA "NUTTERS"

    Cliff thanks for your company I really enjoyed running with you and the mental games on that last lap really kept us going.  We too took a stroll down to the harbour for a very large cooked breakfast and I have spent most of the rest of the day sleeping and eating.

    See you all there next yearimage

  • Well done all of you who did the dark and nutty run on Saturday - sounded like fun.

    I was similar to Bill in that I sat at home with a curry which seemed a tad more sensible !!! 

  • Andy

    Have you been able to find your official time for Ashford yet? Eight days after the event and there is still nothing on their website. I have emailed them twice and got no reply.  If I had known it was going to be like this I would have taken up their offer of paying 50p to have the results posted to me. It looks as if its only those prepared to pay for their results who are ever going to find out. Very green!

  • Nothing yet Bill.  I keep looking on the website but see nothing.  They have previously published the results on the web so assume they will this year but have no idea why they are taking so long. 

     If there is a genuine delay for some reason they could post a message on the website telling people that really.

  • Having been the results person a word in their defence - quite often there are glitches in that people lose numbers and can't remember what they were, some times the recorders write down the wrong number or duplicate numbers and some times the race computer dies on you!

    Will hopefully get Sunday's results out on Sunday to Dave to get up on our website

  • Andy

    I have now had an email from the webmaster giving me the results in the body of the email. He told me they have problems with the website. If you email me with your email address I will forward the message to you.

  • Mrs F You will probably have the first ones on there by the time I get in!
  • Bill - you have mail !  Thanks for that.
  • PSC now the moonlight challenge is out of the way my focus has shifted to the next big event the Ashford Dualhlon Ive had an email saying thanks for entering but no number or details of where to meet etc any ideas please ?
  • PSC  ignore my post above I have just taken another look at the email and it explains everything (what a numpty I am) image
  • Trust me, it gets worse as you get older Mark!

  • I fully expect the current Mrs F to come along soon and tell me I was "man looking" image
  • There is a scientific condition which it is mostly men that suffer from, and this ain't a joke, where our brain doesn't register things immediately in front of us and we swear blind it isn't there. I suffer from it all the time. I now look round a place quickly, to get the first look out of the way, then look slowly a second time and usually find it straight away.
  • Now you know chaps there is a scientific reason why you can't find things!!!  That and you won't ask!!
  • hmmm Hills or speed session tonight image
  • Neither, I am off down the pub with our book group, exercising my brain instead of my legs.
  • Neither, I am tapering. My legs still feel a little sore, I hope they will be OK on Sunday
  • Speed it was  6 x 600 (I just love that lovely friendly warmth I get from the group when I tell them what the session is it makes being a coach so worth whileimage)  

    I was ok untill the last rep when my legs decided they no longer wanted to belong to me and tried to run off in opposite directions image

    PSC hope your getting in here to pick up messages.  I have your marshall pack and instructions. Mrs F has sent you an email with instructions (sorry Jnr is out of the country and we dont understand map references so its only road names) If you can come to race HQ sunday morning we can give you the stuff and a map.

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