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  • Honey, we are home ..... image


    We are all shattered and very very happy!  Junior did it image  He's in..........  If anyone wants odd jobs done, ironing,gardening we charge £10 each/hour, or can do a joint effort at £18.50 (bulk discount image

    Current Mrs F, got your email.  I think it was the only one of about 150 emails that wasn't tell me to take some funny pills or extend my, ahem, "ego"!!!  So will be handbrake turning in the Race HQ carpark, ejecting Bobo via the sunroof (007 style) and then racing off to take position at the allotted junction!    image  See you all sunday.  I'm still deciding whether or not to do a long cycle ride tomorrow......

    Nite all... 

  • PSC Who are you calling Honey? I thought that all of those special emails from Tara and her friends were for me alone, I didn't realise that you got them as well!image

    Well done Junior a great achievement

    See you tomorrow Pit Stop Clanimage

  • Congrats to Junior PSCimage

     See you all tomorrow

    Hope the wind is a little more kind for the race tomorrow nearly got blown of the ladder while out on the course putting up signs this morning

  • Eskimo Penguin says well done to Junior!

    Will  be inside somewhere tomorrow PSC but will make sure you are allowed on site to park and eject BoBo!

    It was a tad bracing this morning but very enjoyable however I am glad I'm not doing it tomorrow!

  • got in to the car park fine...... image

    Well done to Bobo, CLiff and Bill - all ran strong races.  Bill's comment about London was priceless (and so very true)..... (CB - will let you explain)!

    So, did Cliff have the wonderful task of pacing the first Thanet Lady home??  Won't presume that was the case, but I couldn't recall seeing any lady Traccy runners go through before you two.... image

    Nice towel btw - I might try to pinch that one for my swimming towel image

  • PSC

    I don't think I dare say it now in case it bites me on the bum and comes back to haunt me in 6 weeks time.

  • nope - I think you are spot on CB!

    Well wasn't that fun - had a great brilliant time, another perfect Thanet event - big thanks to all and a special thanks to Cliff for being such terrific company image

  • Bo bo you are a star, I had a terrific morning. Do you think that I have a problem with verbal diahorrea?

    Well done to you all for arranging such a wonderful race, and in the privacy of our own 'home' stuff all of the ignoramus who have got nothing better to do than complain about parking and toilets.

    I can't think of a better race........apart from Beachy...............and Marshside..........and North Downs......should I leave it there?

  • ah ha  so are we doing the North Downs again this year Cliff ?  do you know the date yet ?
  • MF7 North Downs B******D of a race is 15 June!
  • ahh the weekend after my week away playing Golf with the "boys"  me thinks you are on your own with that one Cliff
  • Why when it is the weekend after? Sounds perfect to me, a good opprotuniity to run off some of the carbo loading on the golf course. You know you want to. Two weeks before the South Downs, enough time for a taper....perfect
  • Mrs F, lure them all in like a siren with tales of the beauty, the splendour, the views, a lot shorter than a marathon. Forget to tell them the fact that it is bliddy hard work!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    What's on the agenda for tomorrow's session Mark?  I might be feeling brave image
  • HI Cinders it will be a speed session most likely 1k reps but shhh ! dont let the other know I like to keep them guessing.  Probably not a bad session for you to come back to as you can take it nice and easy and do fewer reps.

    Cliff its not so much the concern about the excesive carbo loading (which to be fair could be a problem)it was more thinking of my lovely family and having been away for the whole week then buggering of on the Sunday to do a run would seem a little unfairimage

  • Has anybody got a long run in mind for this weekend? I was contemplating doing the speed session on Thursday Mark but no way could I handle 1k reps, the 600 reps were bad enough!
  • Bill yes you could remember you dont run at the same pace as for 600 reps. 

    I think there is a saturday morning run from Barbara's Im not totally sure but Im sure Mrs F will let you know. And Sunday there will be one from Dereks.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    CB, I'll be taking it easier!
  • CB - We're going from Barbaras off road at 8.30 for about 12ish if that's any good for you.

     Cinders - what is your other half/husband's name please? - nothing sinister just for the newsletter.

    Cliff Face i told him he could do the North Downs but he's wimping out and using golf as an excuse!!

  • quick plug Ive started the quicksand 15 2008 Forumimage

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Sharon, Mr C's real name is Mike image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Sharon, Mr C's real name is Mike image<img title="Email this message to a friend" src="http://null/forum/images/sendtofriend.gif" /> <a href="http://null/forum/sendMessage.asp?URN=9&UTN=116398&UMN=6401120&SP=&V=6" title="Email this message to a friend">Send to friend</a> <img title="Quote this message in your own message" src="http://null/forum/images/quote.gif" id="qi_6401120" /> <a href="" title="Quote this message in your own message">Quote</a>

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  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Oooh er!
  • now I know Thanet is unique - but when did it get its own secret code/language

    evening - did I hear mention of Saturday & run in the same post image....dinner on the table should swing it, failing which very early drop off for Jnr - see you there.

  • bo-bo 8.30 from Barbara's 12ish miles off road I think see you there ? Im not gonna run over this week as I have a "little jaunt" around the countryside planned for Sunday.image (should be fun as ive not been on the bike since the Thanet Duathlon)image

    Cinders hope to see you tonight (I will be gentle and kind to you honest even if you do speak in tounges)image

  • Its you now speaking in "tounges" instead of tongues. Sorry, couldn't resist it!
  • LOL Bill hope to see you tonight and then we can se who has the last laughimage
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Ah tounges must be southern speak image
  • I cant help it I have dixylecsic fyngrsimage
  • personally I prefer chocolate fingersimage

    well have done the weekly Tesco marathon - my Mother wanted to know why I was buying siege level quantities of bacon and sausage - PSC will probably kill me but I may be confiscating his kit on Sunday, definitely think he bust a rib when he came off his bike 10 days ago but he can earn the same number of sausages for verbal support/encouragement. No doubt he will be along shortly to say otherwise......!

    Good luck brave souls this evening - I went for an 8 mile jaunt round Blean woods at early o'clock, so sadly won't be joining you image (as if!!! image)

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