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  • Mark

    I am probably going to waste good skiving time by leaving early this afternoon to get home early for the session. The cat's away so the mice are playing, one of my colleagues has been "working from home" today!

  • ahh the old "working from home" scam eh?  have you even tried to call someone who is working from home they never seem to answer their home phone but nearly always call back on the mobile a little later funny thatimage

    See you later on then Bill.

    See you Saturday morning Bo-Bo ?

  • Do you people ever work? I have been exceedingly busy having a working lunch today, I am not sure why I put 'working' into that sentence.

    Mrs F - I note that your hubby hasn't defended himself against the charge of being a wimp. I think he needs the support of a good lawyer, does anyone know of one?

    As for this evening, i have the joys of a hill session at the harbour, oh goody, I can't wait!!!!image

  • thinking of you all speeding along

     good lawyer? is there such a thing? - we practice a lot but it appears never perfect!

    Definitely joining the party on Saturday morning image

  • Well I am back home from my hill torture, during the session I asked myself why? Then I got home, ate a crate of chips and a couple of small beers and now I know why; I have ended up the same weight as when i started. I could have had a lie down on the sofa, watched the news, eaten cucumber and it would have had the same effect.

    I am sorry, i am going to be a party pooper on saturday, I think my legs deserve a rest, if i don't give them one then I think they might start to rebelimage

    Bobo , practice makes permanent, not perfect, I am afraid you are stuck with it!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Bouncy bounce.  Thanks chaps, rather enjoyed that sess!
  • BUGGER DAM S**T  tweaked a hamstring image  I am sure Bill will be along soon to gloat but something has gone twang in the hamstring dept not good My only hope is I felt it go tight and stopped straight away so gonna lie on the soffa and ice it now.  Hopefully it will be ok for the weekends activities.image

    Well done cinders by the way you looked very slim and looked to be running very well it was good to see you back.

    Cliff I try to rise above petty name calling but just remenber the forum name is "current" mrs F image  (blimey I cant believe ive just written that I could well be in need of a lawyer soon)

  • Good luck with the hammy, current Mr F. Ice and lots of positive mental thoughts should ease the pain............of being beaten up by Mrs F, the hammy will be the least of your problemsimage

    Glad it all went well Cinders 

  • marches in with ice bucket - would you like a G&T and slice with your ice - seriously, hope no damage done ((Mark)).  Is it a personal injury lawyer you're after image

    Cinders - well done!

    Cliff - you will be missed, but you could spend the time baking??!

  • these sausages will still have to be eaten!
  • Who were the gorgeous couple of runners on page 54 of the local this morning. I have to say that they looked fit, lithe, tanned and jolly's amazing what you can do with a spot of photo editingimage
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Which paper Cliff?

    Wonders why my legs ache a little this morning image

  • Have not seen the local yet who are they Cliff ?

    Think I will most likely skip tomorrow morning's run as "hammy" is a tad tender this morning.  Hopefully not done any long term damageimage

    Will be there Sunday Morning bo-bo either to compete, well try and get round, or will help out with marshalling or whetever is needed.  So do not panick on the sausage front I will do my duty and consume plentyimage

    (think I got away with the current comment)

  • Who are they indeed, who else other than BoBo and Cliff face are lithe, athletic and jolly good looking?
  • Cliff

    Was that from the Thanet 20? Which particular paper? Mark, I would not gloat about anybody's misfortune I just regard it as a miracle that I have not done something yet. Considering my wife thinks I am the clumsiest person on two legs when walking it is amazing that I have not yet gone totally arse over tit yet, but as you probably noticed last night I made a couple of good attempts at taking a dive

  • Oh Cliff wondered if it might be me and Hells Bells!
  • fame at last image - will purchase a copy of the paper (which one?) when I visit the Isle tomorrow and give it pride of place on my magazine table  <better go buy a table>

    healing vibes to "hammy" 

  • thanks for the healing vibes.  Have booked a session with Sam AKA Tigger for Saturday afternoon to see if she can sort hammy out.  Still hoping or "hopping" It will be ok to participate on Sunday image

    bo-bo I bet Cliff is talking in the photo image

    Bill you ran well last night I know those sessions are tough while you are doing them but you will see and feel the benefits from them. Honest !

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    I'm feeling something in my legs after last night, not sure its a benefit though image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Ah found it, tis in the Gazette.  Nice pic image
  • Do I get a credit?


    PS: Good to see you're back runnign Cinders. Bet it feels great to be out without a little one. I know Gemma really appreciated being able to have a couple hours of respite. Sam was so tired after our walk last night he didn't want any supper after his bath before he fell asleep. Love him.

  • DJB you get all of the credit for having the photo in the peper but next time take 20 pounds off my weight please.

    Only joking, great photo, it made my dayimage

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Aw, he looked so cozy and snug DJB.  He's a lovely looking little boy.  Yes it felt nice just to have a little time out too.

    Was a nice pic Cliff!

  • commando style in-and-out...

    I did live in SAS country as a kid... have mail.

  • seoul Man  good to hear from you email is work one so will pick it up on Monday

    Sounds like the Saturday morning gang had a nice runimage  Mrs F is back and in the shower her ever faithful husband is just off to put the coffee and bacon on for her post run breakfast.

  • Seoul Man - you running commando - never !!! Thought it was too cold for that kind of malarky!
    Trying to email you the noozletta at the mo but think carrier pigeon would be quicker!
    Jnr is now in Sri Lanka and staying with some Buddhist monks at the moment . . .
  • I can confirm it was a lovely run this morning - bright and breezy, which is more than can be said for Kings Wood this afternoon, luckily Jnr needed rescuing from squash at a most opportune point (when the heavens really opened) - will teach PSC not to carry his mobile image

    How is the "hammy"? - messages have been left on various mediums, please don't feel you have to drag yourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn simply to marshal, I can certainly make the noise of a dozen when I put my mind to it! - feel free to roll out of bed in time for brunch or not at all. The field is select - 50 entrants and we know at least 1 of them is not taking part.

    Right off to buy a frame for my newspaper cutting image

  • Good luck this morning PSC, is it a duathlon?

    I am off for a strenuous spot of potato planting. I didn't run yesterday and already I am feeling unfit and fat (Don't say a word about the photo again, it was the shirt billowing that made me look 40 pounds heavier than I really am!)

    Hi Seoul Man, how is life treating you? You must be missing Thanet when we have such wonderously interesting conversations regarding Mark's hamstring, my potatoes and PSC's mobile

  • Huge thanks to PSC and bo-bo for splendiferous breakfast this morning after watching MF7 and Trez taking part in the Duathlon!  If you think Thanet is a tough course you should try this one - loads of up hill zig zag bits - great for watching!  It was however the dearest banana MF7 has ever had!
  • CMF - You just have to explain that last sentence
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