Fans of Thanet



  • Cinders 

    When is Junior's ETA?

  • Whatever happened to "Anglia, Hastings and Thanet"?
  • Sorry, what is Anglia, Hastings and Thanet? Was it a thread that used to run on here? I have only been in RW for the last 12 months or so.
  • I went to Thanet i the eighties.

    just after that hurricane caused thousands of pounds worth of improvements!

  • ah the memories of going to 1oak near Tonbridge.... image
  • Afternoon.

    Junior's eta is 4 weeks today image

  • He's joined the Spanish separatist's movement already??

    Jings, Crivens, and Help ma Boab!

  • Barkles

    Are you Scottish by any chance?

  • CB, nice pic of you in today's Thanet Gazette image
  • Centre spread CB??   ;)

  • Oops, maybe should have said it related to the Thanet 10 image

  • Sounds like a bunch of train robbers! image
  • Free the "Thanet 10" campaign?

  • CB is innocent. He wasn't there/its wasn't him, he was getting rinsed and blow dried somewhere on a coast path!

    Free CB!!

  • I must admit it would make a good slogan for a tee shirt, " Free the Thanet 10"
  • Raise it at the next committee meeting!  That will raise an eyebrow or two  image
  • Ah found the thread.  Christmas lights run tonight on the club run. see you all there image
  • Oooh, would have liked that run Mark, maybe next year sans bump!  image

  • right so now ive found this but only by searching for Fans of thanet.  Where does this thread lurk if you look for it via the usual headings ??

    Cinders  I did not realise Jnr was so close to arrival (though you had started to defrost the Christmas turkey a little early)image

    Good to see Snoop Dog popped in to give us his "views" on our lovely Island.  Snoop please dont stay away too long mate I used to enjoy our banter on the race threads.

  • Mark

    We are lurking in the Clubhouse. When I just put Thanet in the threads search I got about 40 or so old threads each relating to a specific race, some from years back. I am surprised RW don't have some kind of clear out procedure when there are no postings on a thread after a certain time.

  • Thanks Bill
  • Thanks mf7 - As Thanet's self appointed Cultural Ambassador, it remains my everlasting duty to uncover and bring to the world's attention the  overlooked delights of this Sceptered Isle.

    I haven't found any yet though after five years of looking, but until I do, I have decided that I will not be reporting anymore the details of its stinking cesspit, (sorry Margit)  but leave it to the unfortunate visitors to the town to form their own opinion.

    Next visit there - the Fannit 20. See y'all!

  • Oh yes Mark, junior due 3 weeks on Weds!!
  • Snoop  see you at the 20 then maybe I could arrange for a special little detour for you to take in the wonders of margit image.    And of course the new 20 route does not actualy start and finish on the Island although it does take in some of the more picturesque parts Ramsgate marina, Viking bay etc.

  • ooh just remembered  If your in the Thanet area over Christmas do come and join us for the boxing day jaunt.  We meet at the Ramsgate entrance to George V park 10.00 am.  A short run/plod through Broadstairs to Stone bay then back to Morellis on Broadstairs front for Hot Chocolates or ice creams before the short plod back to Ramsgate.  All are welcome even bring the Kids along for a run or even so they can try out the new bike. 

    Cinders if your not upto a plod just come and say hi at Morellis there are usually a few non running husbands and wives who go straight there image

  • just turning off the email response as  I wont be back at work until after the new year.  I will drop in here over the holiday but do not wont 500 emails sitting in my in box when I get back to work

    Have a great Christmas everyone image

  • Yes, A Happy Christmas to you too Mark and Sharon; and everybody else passing through this forum.
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