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  • The Duathlon this morning had a £15 entry fee.... and unless you came first you got nothing.  Except a glass of water and a nana!  There was chocolate bars but nobody spotted them!!!

    Breakfast was fun - think we might have established an annual tradition image 

  • yay im most definitely up for making it an annual event.  A great tough Duathlon course (well the bike bit is very very tough) and quite technical. blasting down hill to a near ninety degree corner which was very muddy and then very up hill immediately and some murderous climbs! great fun though and Hammy behaved himself, thanks im sure, in no small way, to Sam AKA tigger for her work on it yesterday.image

    And followed by a most wonderfull breakfast at chez Davis thanks guysimage  It must have been a good brecky because even Jnr PSC came down from his bedroom to join us nuff said I think.image

  • A good time was had by one and all then. I am still in deep shock, cold towel on my head etc etc after watching the rugby yesterday. We have a big rugby fan in my office, where I have worked since 2001, and this is the first time I have had bragging rights over him and boy am I going to use them! Mind you, being realistic and without wishing to offend any English rugby fans, if Scotland play the same way next week against Italy they are going to cane us and we are going to collect the wooden spoon again.

    I tried to post a messageabout Mark's hamstring on Friday morning but for some reason it didn't get through. What I said was that I would never gloat about anybody's injuries. My wife reckons I am the clumsiest thing on two feet walking, never mind running, and as I am sure Mark will testify I did make a valiant effort to take a dive over at least two of Ramsgate's paving stones which attacked me on Thursday night. I reckon the reason I get away with it when running compared to walking is that when I am walking I (allegedly according to Mrs CB) do not "lift my feet".

  • Can somebody scan and email this famous pic from the Gazette as it doesn't feature in the Whitstable Gazette, too far away I expect.
  • Bill - less said about the rugby the better I think! As for the piccy I have the Antarctic Weekly delivered and it was in there so why would it not appear in the Whitstable Gazette? They are just sooo backward in your part of the world, I am sure that that modern invention the telephone will hit there soon!

    MF7, PSC, Bobo, CMF - Glad the morning went well for you all, if I learn to ride a bile can I come next year?

  • CF - go for it - you need to be able to ride a bike up virtually vertical slopes though!  I'm volunteering to marshal again and eat breakfast - that will be my contribution to proceedings.  Also will get Eskimo Penguin to make brownies for PSC - apologies for her failure today!
  • absolutely Cliff (you can come too) - all racers, marshals, supporters,  those with a tenuous link to Thanet RR welcome. The more the merrier image
  • Oh no bo-bo that means you will get Flinty too - he can come and be rude to you in your home!
  • or you girls get the chance to hurl some abuse at Flinty for a changeimage

    Well done Cliff glad to see youre the first one to sign up for the Kingswood Duathlon next year image

  • Cliffy, you could always pair up with someone and do the relay! Although you would have to share a breakfast image

    I ran last night yayhay! 4 miles on the treadie. Started slow, no pain from the ribs (firmly strapped with my HRM strap)! And gently cranked up the pace to sub 8mm. Christ its good to be back in running shoos! 15 days recovery not bad for a broken bone. Ha ha.

    The lack of brownie supply was/is no problem CMF. I will just take two next time image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Blimey PSC!  Well done for the run image
  • PSC

    This is going to sound really odd, but before I got into real running I used to use the treadmill for an hour at a time down the gym and I was able to keep up a pace I have never matched for any significant distance on the road. 12km/hour (all the treadmills in the gym were calibrated in metric) equates to an 8 minute mile and I could do an hour at 11.5kph which is about 8min20. Can anybody give me any clues or does it just mean that I am not working hard enough yet on the road?

  • yay PSC welcome back to the "real world"image

    Bill im not really qualified to comment on your question having never set foot on a tredmillimage  Last time I was at Sweatshop looking for a new pair of shoes the assistant said "try them on the treadmill if you like" to which I replied HOW !!  image

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    CB, have heard some rule of thumb to adjust the incline on a treddie to 1% to make it more like the speed you'd run on the road.  Not sure how/why/what this works but it does seem easier running on a treadmill!
  • No wind resistance and the belt moves underneath you - you just have to keep up! bouncier surface too. Cinders is right, put it up to about 1-2% and your speed falls back a little. In fact I go slower on a tready than on the road. I also get very bored. I could only manage 30 minutes last night before my head exploded and I had to twitch uncontrollably for 5 minutes.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Twitching???  Hoping to pop on for a quick plod later, not sure I'd manage more than 30 mins without going loopy too!
  • aha  Cinders see you need to have the mental stimulation of working out how many more reps youve got to do in one of my speed sessionsimage

  • Yep DB is right it is slightly easier in some respects on the treadie. Setting an incline helps normalise this, but doesn't remove the mind numbing monotony of it! Running in front of a mirror/window helps as you can critique your style/posture. A loud ipod helps too!

    LOL at you Mark!
  • When I did it on the treadmills it was at the pier in Herne Bay and you were looking out over the water. You had boats, jetskis, birds etc to break the monotony, depending on whether the tide was in or out. I did that for over 6 years, using my minidisc too. I can't think now how I managed it, but I am grateful that I did, because it was going further and further on the treadmill which encouraged me to try my first half-marathon outside. I doubt that I would ever have considered taking up running had that not happened.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Minidisc takes me back a bit CB, had one in my car!  Before mp3 and all that!

    Did 2 miles on the treddie, helped along with the mp3.

  • In a moment of madness a couple of years ago I did a 16 mile run on a treadmill.  Got some very funny looks from the staff whilst I was doing it too.

    Haven't been on a treadmill for a very long time now.  Had some great headwinds on my run tonight !!

  • Interesting thoughts on treadmills. I am afraid that they don't do much for me, the joy for me is escaping into the fresh air after a day inside. I have been on a couple of times but you only have to lapse concentation for a second and the darned thing throws you off!

    I am planning the final 3 hour run during the  Easter weekend, anyone up for it? London, is of course only the final training run before the taper for Halstead, which is of course only the final training run before taper for The South Downs......................does it ever stop?

    The other thing is the arrangements for getting up to London (sorry to those who aren't doing it)  I will drive up on the day if anyone needs a lift

    As for Duathlons, thanks for the invite guys but Kingswood seems a bit technical for a first timer. I am planning for the Thanet one and then see whether I ever want to set foot on a bike again!image

  • Do you set your foot or your bum on a bike ? image

    Cliff  there is a long club run planned for Easter Sunday with options of 17 or 20 miles.  Going from Dereks at 8.00 I think.  The fosters will not however be out as we have friends down for the weekend (more liquid carbo loading). 

    Talking of liquid carbo loading we are planning to pay a visit to the Thanet Beer festival on Good Friday.  All are welcome to join us.

    Im not sure exactly what is planned for this weekends LSR I will try to find out tonight and post here later

  • Cliff

    As a new boy to this London Marathon lark I would welcome a lift and a friend to show me the ropes. I could rendezvous with you at some suitable place.


    Regarding Easter weekend, our son who lives in Bristol is coming home from the Thursday to Saturday, and then on Sunday we are all driving down to Bristol to spend the other half of the weekend down there. Unfortunately this means I cannot do the long club run on Easter Sunday, but I am intending to do a long one this weekend instead. I have also got the Folkestone 10 and Paddock Wood Half in my diary, so hopefully that lot should do instead. If I can blag the time off I might even try another speed session on Thursday.

    Also, Good Friday is a possibility for us, but all depends what domestic commitments we have with son and his girlfriend, I could maybe even drag them along too. It is the sort of decision which inevitably gets left to the last minute in our house,.

  • Cliff and CB - we will be driving up - we usually park at Barnehurst and train it to Blackheath from there.  Parking is free and plentiful and you don't have the worry of roads at Blackheath being closed early as they were last year. 
  • I occasionally step foot on the dreadie - its a battle of wills to see who succumbs first! Our dreadie has a personality - obviously - and regularly wins image

    Cliff - I would  definitely be up for a 3 hour run Easter weekend, but depends which day you were thinking of lacing up your trainers. As a good Catholic girl image  there is no way I can snaek out on the Sunday but I am the proud holder of a limited  pass which states long run is permitted! What are your plans?

    Beer festival image ....PSC....??

  • Thanks CMF - I will tie up with you before the day about what time I should leave and where I have to go

    CB, I will happily pick you up on the way and teach you the ropes!!!! Would anyone put their life in my hands????

    Bo bo, I am happy to go out on the Friday or Saturday morning if the Sunday is a no-go for you. As a heathen I am entirely flexibleimage

    And finally, what are the arrangements for the club run this evening, I am thinking about venturing out after dark for a chat and a little bit of running, definitely in that order!

  • Oh goody another victim oops I mean Athleteimage  Cliff  we meet at 6.30 at Ramsgate swimming pool for the short run down to the westcliff and the joy of Thursday nights speed sessions your gonna love it image

    bo-bo you have mail

    Cliff whats all this about tying up my wife?image

  • <pokes geeky nose in> 

    I had a dream about this thread last night (spend far too much on RW apparently)

    Had to come in and see what it was about  image

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