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  • CF told you not to mention the bondage!  At the club meeting a rejoined TRACCIE was asking about the possibility of sharing a lift to FLM so said we might be able to help out.  Will chat tonight (when MF7) has buggered off with the speedy ones!

     Welcome Plodding On image

    Also has everyone Voted for Steady for the Jane Tomlinson awards?

  • Thanks Current... 

    What is Thanet?

  • Thanet - well its on the south east coast of england - used to be an island - encompassing Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate etc  Some lovely coastal runs and lots of cabbage fields!

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    "what is Thanet"?  Now that is a question where do I start

    Thanet is or was an Island. The isle of Thanet on the East Kent coast.  Apperently a few years ago the area was technically an island as the river stretched across to reach both sides of the coast hence we were surrounded by water.

    Comprising the coastal towns of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate Thanet is the home of Thanet Roadrunner AC  (TRRAC) a friendly, vibrant local running club who organise several events and races in the area each year. You can see details of our club on

    This forum was started by Chestfield Bill AKA Billy Wizz as we found that several local and club members were chatting about running in general and organising training runs and social events on the  Race forums so he started this general forum for those of us who live in Thanet or visit us to take part in our races.

    You are most welcome to join in the chatter.  But I guess as you did not know what Thanet is your not local and would most likely have no idea what we are rambling on about most of the timeimage

  • Cheers both.

    As I said, had a dream about posting on here last night, so figured I had to.  But had no idea what Thanet was (thanks for the lively descriptions - am pretty sure I am confident about what / where it is now). 

    I clearly need to spend more time working, and less time in the Clubhouse...  image

  • Mark

    It gets seriously worrying when folks from outside the area start having dreams about Thanet and this little thread.

     Welcome to Plodding, I think i may have seen you posting in the event threads for some races I have been in. Depending on what kind of distances you normally run TRRAC has an event for just about everybody. We do a 10 mile in December, if you like running into 45mph headwinds then this is the event for you;  first weekend in March we do a lovely 20 miler which is excellent preparation for London; in September we do a Half and Full Marathon and a couple of weeks later the total nutters take part in a 15 mile event known as Quicksand, which takes you across sand, pebbles and just about every other running surface you can imagine. It is great fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but then again I was only a marshal. We have a reputation for having the friendliest, supportive marshals in the UK, so come and pay us a visit some time.

  • I will indeed Chestfield.  Sounds really nice, I am a general fan of anything island-y and am in desperate need of a holiday so will more than likely head down your way and do one of your races! 

    Gotta love those dreams eh?  

    When in September is your marathon? 

  • Sunday 7th September is our marathon/half - you'd be more than welcome!
  • Oooh I may do that.  Have been looking for a marathon in September / October time - very likely that am swimming for a very long time on the 8th October, so a month before would be good for a marathon.

    Is it hilly?  Flat?  "Undulating" (which is the worst word to describe a marathon ever)?  Can you see the sea at all? 

  • Plodding On  The first half of the Marathon course is "continualy undulatiing" (which means there are quite a few up and downs but no real nasty hills) and the second half is almost completely flat with just one hill at about 25M.  The course follows the cliff top and cycle paths so the sea is in sight virtually all the time, (there are a couple of small diversions in land but not for long).  The course starts near Margate goes out to turn around at Ramsgate then back to the start area and then goes out in the opposite direction to Minis Bay and back so its a sorta figure 8

    The half is run at the same time so you will have quite a lot of campany for the first half and then the field spreads out a bit for the second half.

    Go on then I will ask what are you doing on the 8th October ?

  • Not sure but may be doing the swimming leg of a triple ironman.  Only the swimming leg mind.  Otherwise will be upset because am passing up doing Loch Ness because it's  the same weekend...

    Will try get a mate in - your marathon sounds lovely!  Are there medals?  image

  • Plodding On - you get medals, teeshirt plus flapjacks and crisps!  Also most of the marshals are armed with Jelly Babies! 
  • usually medals and a T shirt and flapjacks, bananas and sport drinks.  Energy gels on the way round as well.  There is a race forum already going sorry I cant do link thingys but I bet Bill will be along soon to do one he is soooooo cleverimage

     Blimey the triple ironman thing sounds a bit extreme how far is it ?

  • Sounds good to me!  I reckon the flapjacks and gels sold it!  image 

    I like the sound of the marshalls as well.  I did Reading and they ran out of Jelly Babies...

    The swim is 12kms...  To be perfectly honest, I will probably find the swim a hell of a lot easier than the marathon.  Or any marathon 

  • Keep going guys, we have nearly landed another one! The race has an 83% RW rating overall and 91% of those running will do it again. It is really nice to be able to run a marathon where you know that the second half is easier than the first.
  • a 12k swim !! 

    (wonders off for a lie down in a dark room)

    I see your about as busy as I am today Mrs Fimage

  • CB - am pretty much sold to be honest.  It's at the perfect time, means that i don't have to do Vitruvian, is still a month before the long swim and they give out flapjacks for heavens sake!

    I also like the sound of the second half being easier than the first...  image

    Am lazy 

  • Here is the link for the race.

    Mark, now that I have been so clever, can we have 400m reps for the speed session tonight?

  • how does he do that image

    Was thinking maybe 400's for tonight

  • Ohhhh it has to be good

    Subscriber only content apparently...  image

  • Mark

    Go to the webpage that you want to link to, put cursor in the address bar at the top, drag cursor across to end of address so that it is all highlighted, hold down Ctrl and press letter C. Then go to where you want to post the link, hold down Ctrl and press the letter V and you should have the link pasted into that page.

  • Hello, I've been summoned here to check out your marathon.  I'm a bit concerned about the hills.  It says it's strongly undulating for the first half.  I can not run up a hill for 13.1 miles.  Oh no.  If you can have it arranged that the hills will be flattened by 7 September then I will come and do your marathon.

    Especially as you have flapjacks.


  • image  Unfortunately, this may be the mate that I will do it with

    She doesn't like hills

    But she likes flapjacks...


  • Ooh, crisps too, you didn't mention the crisps.

    I'm going to ignore the fact you said "unfortunately".

  • MF7 why can't we just go for a nice run?image  I'm sooooo bored at work - but i bet i get caught by the email police soon!!

    Cathyw there are some downhills and flat bits in the first half - and the second half is virtually flat.  If we have any more earthquakes though this could change!

  • I think it sounds wicked and I am going to do it anyway.


  • CathyW

    You cannot win with a word like "undulating", like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. As I am sure Mrs F will testify on our Thanet 20 we called the course "undulating" and somebody moaned that we should have called it "hilly" while others said it was not that bad. I am a geriatric old crock who doesn't like hills and I have managed both the Half and the full marathon course though, ironically, my knee "went" on the second half, the flat half, last year. The hills are not horrendous and lets face it, every uphill is a downhill on the way home. The very last one at 25 miles is nothing under normal circumstances but because it comes at the 25 mile mark many folk just walk up it. You'll be fine.

  • yahay well done Plodding On see you in september thenimage

  • I like downhill bits.

    Are the crisps cheese & onion?

    I spent most of my summer holidays as a young teenager at my aunt's house in Ramsgate.  I used to take friends with me each year and we'd hang out round the amusement arcades looking for boys.  (You can take the girl out of Essex...)

  • Mark - definitely - see you in September.  I will enter before I chicken out!  Am wondering what is going to happen to me, seeing as how I dreamt about this thread...  It's a nice thought!

    CB - you most certainly cannot win with a word like "undulating".  Dont' worry about CathyW - she will do it because she wants to do a marathon and I have a busy schedule and am the only running friend she has.


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