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  • Cliff - To answer your question, no I don't get sea sick, I've been on the waves for 17 years now so you sort of get used it.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Oh my god it is 0c here in Dagenham. God knows what temperature it will be at 7:45am when I am planning on going out tomorrow morning.
  • Cracking race this morning guys (as always) - the weather was perfect!

    Well done & thanks to all organisers & marshalls etc.

  • Lake, Results are now up on the club web site... Well done
  • Cheers Lake and DB2.

    Thanks to all the marshals who froze their bits off today - at least the weather wasn't as bad as yesterday.  I'm thinking we'll arm marshals for the marathon then they can shoot the ones wearing Ipods!!!  i lost count of the number of people at RaceHQ I informed that they shouldn't be wearing them and then when I was out picking up cups could not believe how many people still were!!!  I've heard of a couple of places where there were near misses ....

  • fantastic wffort today from all you marshalls thanks guys image Oh and well done to all who ran
  • More top trumps.  While at school I was house games captain and as a 5th year caused uproar by selecting a 3rd year to play in the football team mind you the 3rd year was Andy Townsend image So I now claim to have kick started his football career (where are the royalties Andy)
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Think I've defrosted now image  Well done all runners the earphoned ones.  I counted loads!

    CB, thanks for dropping the bag off with JFDI.  I shall go through it later and have a look.  Is it still ok to mail if I have queries?

    Was great to say hi to you 2btiny, Ed and TBSIAF image

  • Well done to all the runners today, I really enjoyed it! Thankfully my bits weren't entirely frozen off, it was a close thing but all parts are still active!!!! I have to say, it was bliddy freezing for the last three hours! image
  • Cinders, of course, no problem. The purple memory stick in the bag has all the files on it you should need. I don't need it back, it was a freebie from a Conference I attended. I will email you separately about acouple of other points.
  • A HUGE Big Thank You to all the Marshals today. It was incredibly cold!!!! So glad I decided to wear my vest over my way was I ever going to take it off!!!!!

    Cinders.........Lovely to wave to you and say Hi. Wasn't sure if you realized it was me.......but clearly I was identifiable!!!!

    Really chuffed with my time. Certainly a little quicker than I expected. Hubby only just got back to the finish in time! 

    Well Done to everyone else who ran............Some really good running happening today.

  • Well folks, what can I say. A superbly organised race today. I would also like to thank everyone who made today one of the best races I have entered to date. Especially the marshalls who seemed to be shouting " Come on FlatelyI " at me.

    The only thing that concerned me today was when myself and a fellow TRAC runner were walking back to the race HQ he suffered massive cramps in both legs, Went down on the pavement like a sack, in agony. Smashed his head on the ground. We must have had 20 runners walk by, not one offering to help. It was only when finally another TRAC runner offered his help we managed to get him on his feet ,he started to feel better. Then somebody offered to  drive our colleague back to race HQ and the problem was solved. I have never seen cramp so severe before.I feel better now I have got this off my chest.

    Anyway, the race was that good I have decided to eat my Easter egg early. Its a chocolate thing im afraid.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    DB - was you lead bike today? I went to watch my mother-in-law do the Newham 10k and they did the race in was and one of the cyclist fell of his bike just in front of me. It was luck the runners didn't do one of those Tour de France crashes.
  • Hi Tracey G.

    Nope. MF7 was lead bike.

    I was marshalling on Ramsgate Harbour - by the bus stop...and getting cold... image

    Quite good fun - no incidents at my point apart from a mother having to explain to her baby boy about a duck having a cr*p in the sea ... and no he couldn't do the same thing!

  • Lighthouse well done today - you looked so relaxed when you passed me picking up the cups!  TRAC did have a strong showing today and you all did very wellimage
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    2btiny, lol, wasn't sure whether to shout "tiny" or "Tracey" to you so think I did both! image

    Thanks CB, have mailed also.

  • Well done to all yesterday, and big thanks to the marshalls - the encouragement always helps. Cliff had a good spot, seeing runners three times, no doubt looking progressively worse! Achieved my target time, although not quite how I intended, having set off far too fast.

    Thanks very much for looking after me, Lighthouse, never had anything like that before - I don't know what I'd have done if you weren't there. Tried the cold bath plan back at home, but that was a daft idea! My knee has locked up completely (nothing to do with the cramp, though - that happened at about halfway). I think I'll be having an easy week......

  • (((Big Hugs)))) to Edimage
  • Ed....Oh dear was it you who was poorly after the race. Had wondered who it was. Hope you're feeling better soon and that the knee just needs a little rest and TLC. Awsome time though!!! That second half was really tough.

    My legs feel a bit "used" today but am thinking of going out for a gentle 3-4 miler later just to prevent the stiffness getting worse. The sun is shining still and it doesn't feel quite as cold out there so a gentle plod will probably do me good. Can't actually believe I survived the day yesterday as the race was the easy part..........followed by a manic dash home, through a bath and out to the kids Ballroom dance exams and then straight on in to a hectic photshoot at the Winter Gardens............with an endless stream of little dancers to be made to smile and photographed. It was 8pm before I could finally relax! But planning a much easier day today!!!!

  • Repeating thanks to all marshals yesterday in what must have been bitter conditions.... (Andy & Gen could have got "extras" parts in Scott of the Antarctic)...

     Believe me, the encouragement helped us on immensely.

    Yes, the new course is still not going to join my all-time favourites list but what confidence for London forcing myself to control my pace to 9:40's and coming in not only with a 7 minute PB but I could have carried on.. (Watch out Branson & VLM........ The Fatboy's nearly ready for ya!!!!!!)

    Ed... Take an easy week and hope all is well now.......

    2bTiny... Great running and hope you enjoyed or endured your 20 mile "victory lap".....

  • thanks JFDI, I'll have those in person on Wednesdayimage! I guess there's a club meeting? I'll try not to crash the car this time.......

  • Flexes arms in readiness for Wednesday image
  • Well, firstly many thanks to all at Thanet RR's for organising a great race yesterday and a special well done to all the wonderful marshalls who stood in the cold but still gave wonderful support to us all.   Have you guys thawed out yet?

    It was my first race back as a TRACie and I really, really enjoyed it!  The course seemed tough in places but I put that down to my lack of pace judgement and the wind was a killer as we turned for Broadstairs.  Anyway, despite all that I'm pleased with my 2:32 and it was really good to see some of the old faces (Derek, Frank F, Nigel C) and some new ones.  Good to say hi to Cinders and I passed 2btiny on the way back up the hill by the Viking Ship (for a little person you certainly stood out!).  Many thanks to the lady TRACie who kept encouraging me with "come on THAT BOY" - very lovely of you and sorry not sure who you are (maybe I'll found out at the next meeting) if someone can let me know when that is?

    Have to say my legs feel absolutely BATTERED today and I'm really suffering!  Think I'll try and go for a short run tonight and help the legs along a little........

    Once again well done everyone!


  • That Boy - twas me!!!!  The next meeting is this Wednesday, 8.00pm at the Cricket Club at the Marlowe Academy.  DB is bringing the newsletter along!
  • Thank you so much JFDI! I wondered if it was you - your shouting really helped (especially at the 19 mile point !!)   Thanks for the info re: the next club meeting, I'm going to try and make it along if I can. What tends to happen at these meetings?

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Lol TBSIARF, know now you don't look like your avatar pic image

    Yes, what sort of things happen at the meeting, guess I should start trying to get along now I have my noo role!

  • Newsletter at Seaward Copy Shop as we speak...

    Meetings: sharing of news, events, catch up on what others have been up to, events and races coming up...Captains say their bit, Derek says a bit about the Juniors, pick up entry forms for forthcoming events, bitch about other clubs (if necessary), "AOB", have a drink, chill....

    Start at 8; formalities finished by 9.

  • Cinders, my avatar pic is a Steve but no it's not me.  So what is your new role then Cinders?
  • Thanks DB - that's really helpful. I'm going to try and get along if I can......also need to find the place...not been to that part of W.Cross/Marlowe before but I'm sure I'll find it....

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    DB, is the membership renewal letter going out with the newsletter?

    TBSIARF, Membership bod image  Taken over from CB.

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