Fans of Thanet



  • Ditto!

    Mark - there is the vague possibility I might join you on Boxing Day so there'd better be a snail's section for me  image

  • Merry Christmas Thanet (& fans of)!
  • Podds  will be great if you join us on Boxing day I am sure there will be peeps to plod with.image
  • I won't be holding my breath on that one but I can always turn round early  -  means 1st back for hot choccie too that way  image
  • Merry Crimbo fellow Thanet peeps!


    Seems like something Thanet orientated came down our Chimney last night!!! Ho ho ho..............


  • thanks to Santa I am now officially a fan of Thanet - I even have a t-shirt to prove it! Now can someone write me a training programme for the Iceland Ultra in Julyimage please!!
  • lol bo-bo image

    Merry Crimbo all

  • good news too - the T Shirt fits!  I'm now worried that MF7 has an accurate eye for assessing lady's torsos.... LOL!!!

    Hope everyone had a lovely Chrimbo - back to work for me today/tomorrow!  (can you tell.... image)

  • Hi everyone and welcome to the club Bo-bo .  How do you fancy joining some other club members at the Marshside overnighter will be good training for Iceland (if not as cold). 

    Sorry ive never written a training prog for an ultra I usually just follow my Mara training but double the weekend miles by running back to back lsr's on sat and Sun. (you are welcome to a copy of my mara schedule if you think it would help)  How far is Iceland ? 

     PSC oh erm it was an  guess honestimage

     oops just realised im logged on as the current Mrs F image


  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  " want to be in my gang, my gang, my gang"

     MF7 - isn't Marshside hard enough in daylight?! - sadly Jnr & I will be in N Yorks but we'll think of you!

    I have a vague training programme - hills, hills and more hills, and a bit of off-road! Iceland is 55km so I know I can cover the distance but the terrain will be the challenge Iceland - the target races (in build up) at which I will of course be modelling my new t-shirtimage are IOW mara in May and Dartmoor Discovery in June. Just need to shift the chest infection I got for Christmas - at the moment I'm going nowhere!

    good plodding/resting Thanetimage

  • Wow bobo, that some running!  Puts my 2 miles just now round Pegwell to shame but I am trying to jiggle junior out now !!!  image
  • Cinders take care! - if you are looking to help Buttons along, I found a muddy cross country walk with stiles usefulimage
  • Blimey Bo-bo  sounds like youve got it all sorted image

    carefull cinders !!  Im sure the current Mrs F could give you some pointers on how to hurry junior along but probably not suitable for an "open forum"  I seem to remember it involved a hot curry a bottle of Red and some erm how do we say this "bedroom action" image

  • isn't that how one gets into the predicament in the first place?!image
  • Precisely bo-bo !!!  image
  • fast drive down a country road (plus a few cobbles for good measure) seemed to prompt our junior into action I seem to recall!! image
  • quick update for all of you not on our sarahs facebook.  She has arrived safe, well and tired in Bangkok.  Tomorrow night she gets the overnight train down to the south then the early morning bpoat over to the islands for a week of R&R and some diving before heading of up north to hopefully do some trecking.
  • Wow, how long is she out there for Mark?
  • Hi guys, just back from a wee trip up north to see my Mammy. I see everybody has recovered from the festivities and is in good form. Went out for a short plod today after two weeks of nothing and boy did the legs let me know!

    Mark, I hate to be a nuisance, but can you email me that marathon training programme again please. I printed it out when you first sent it but have lost it in my chaotic non-filing system, i.e. the pile of stuff by my side of the bed! Also, have you put me down for marshalling at the Duathlon on Sunday? I can bring my own vest as Alastair forgot to hand his back at the end of the Thanet 10. Typical.

    Santa brought me some running related pressies including one of those "bloody Hell, that's yellow!" tops, so I am hoping to start your programme seriously next week.

  • welcome back CB - looking forward to seeing that "bloody hell, that yellow" top out on one of training routes some day soon!  We are both lurgified so it wont be in the next 10 days!
  • Sends over some virtual lemsip !!!
  • PSC

    I wonder why your messages keep coming up with a black cross and the word Pirate. The same thing happened with one of Podds messages. Are you two in some kind of secret society?

  • I just read an article on the dangers of heavy drinking....
    Scared the s ** t out of me.
    So that's it!
    After today, no more reading.
  • LOL!  I always thought that reading was bad for you - you've confirmed it CB!!

    CB, I could tell you about the yellow symbol that Pods and I (and others) have but then I would have to kill you, and that would never do!  So best I don't tell image

    Cinders, thanks for the virual lemsip.... I'm hitting this with about 3000mgs Vit C, RDAs of Iron and Zink plus Day nurse, cough medicine, fruit, plenty of fluids, 10 hrs rest/day and it's working..... I've spent 3 days feeling pretty goggy, but am now on the mend.  Still got a dreadful cough, but no longer have the hot/cold/sweaty feeling and aches from head to toe. 

  • Lol CB image

    Good grief PSC, that should surely send the lurg well on its way !!!  Get well soonimage

    See there's some fireworks tonight off Ramsgit harbour, might pop along later.

  • I've only just recovered from having a really bad cold.

    My cough was absolutely dreadful. Went on from Christmas Eve to today, more or less. 

  • hopefully that should see me better in time for going back to work then!  Hohum!  image
  • I hate colds......
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