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  • you may all have had fun this morning but who is going to clean my bathroom!!
  • bo-bo your suposed to stand him in the back garden at hose him down before you allow him in the house.  See you next week at the cross country league ??

  • Can i just say that after having spent Sunday marshalling the Duathlon, in what I must say was fantastic weather, PSC and MF7 are definitely, if there ever was any doubt before, certifiable!  It looked Hell out there, well done the pair of you.

    PSC I have a set of drain rods for your bathroom if you need them.

  • Planet Thanet - The duathlon was great yesterday - many thanks to all the marshalls and the organisers for putting on such a great (but really tough) race

  • thanks CB - yes, i think we probably are.  i have never ever been so muddy!  But well done you too for standing there all that time in the cold - all of the marshals were fab.  I'm also with J3ff - that was the toughest race I have ever done.  Makes Quicksands look easy.
  • I had a bit of an "incident" at my marshal point. Two girls on horses rode up from behind me, went past me and then suddenly found about a dozen runners lumbering in their direction. They pulled the horses up to a standstill but one of them got "spooked" by the runners going past and unsaddled its rider and tried to run off. Meanwhile some of the runners had to come to a stop as the horse was across the path.

    Apparently one of the girls later moaned to another marshal that we shouldn't be wearing bright yellow as that upset the horses, couldn't we wear black instead! I know what, why don't we all wear camouflage and then nobody can see us!

  • I hope the horse was OK! 
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    That's odd CB, was out in the car just before xmas when a string (right word?) of horse riders all went past and they were all wearing yellow flouro jackets!
  • bathroom has survived - the rest of the house however has a mild swamp perfume!

    sorry to disappoint Mark - would really love to submerge myself in the small puddle PSC has described! but Sunday morning belongs to PSC (and Ashford Tri Club)  will however be running with the ladies again.

    Cinders - how are you feeling? Must be close now. 

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Very close now bo-bo, due in 2 days and showing no signs of appearance !!!
  • Cinders

    You will need to show your other half how to post a message in here to tell us when junior has arrived.

  • good luck cinders !  If you get a move on you could still make it for Cross Country on Sunday image

    bo-bo PSC said you might be up for a little longer run this week.  I will be seeing Barbara on Wednesday and hope to arrange for a few nutters (well myself and Cliff face) to meet up in Ramsgate and run the 7ish miles over to join in with the Saturday morning run (it seems I am allowed to join the girls this week as the current Mrs F is not running, due to Cross Country duty on Sunday).  If  your up for that I will let you know what gets decided Wednesday ?

  • Mark

    Without wishing to sound like an honorary girlie I could be doing with a run on Saturday too so would maybe consider that option, but the idea of 7 plus 7/8 is possibly too much for me just yet. I too will be marshalling on Sunday and will be doing the Dartford and Canterbury 10s the next two Sundays, so it will be February before I am back down to Derek's.

    About that other thing we spoke about on Sunday, there are a total of 85 running clubs I could find in the London area so if you could ask tomorrow about me emailing them that would be great.

  • CB  I am sure you would be welcome to join the Girls for their Saturday morning run I think I am only banned because the current Mrs F thinks I make her run too fast lol !  It is only a couple of us lunatics planning to run over to the run as most will be looking to do the usual 8 ish.    I will drop you a line after the meeting wednesday when I have spoken to Barbara.

    On the other thing we spoke about I have emailed Miggs to get it put on the agenda for wednesday eve (correct protocol and all that)

  • Cinders - "buttons" will make an appearance in his/her on time, hope you are not going stir crazy in the meantime. Suddon urges to clean the bathroom should not be ignored!

    Mark - sounds good, BUT how fast do you make the current Mrs F run? I aim for 10 - 11min/mile on long runs. Would love to join the nutters - will look out for post/mail after your Wednesday meeting.

    CB -  shush don't tell Mark but there were 2 non-girls last week! I can vouch for how welcoming the group were - see you there.

  • All I need to find out now is where is "there"?

    Bo Bo your pace is similar to what I do when training, so I should be able to keep up. Mark has very kindly given me a training programme for a Spring marathon, but it got off to a bad start when I forgot it was supposed to start on Monday, so I have missed my first day already! My biggest problem is going to be the discipline required to get changed and get out after coming home into a nice warm house from a two hour commute.

    PSC You must have a similar problem to me, how do you motivate yourself to do midweek training?

  • WHAT ! youve missed a session already Bill TUT TUT  image

    bo-bo  I usually aim to run my lsr at about 9-10min/mile ish but part of my idea of joining in with the Saturday "girlie group" is that some people who want a longer run can join us nutters for some of the run but have the opportunity to run a little slower if they want to when we meet up with the other group.

    I will post after tonights meeting to let you all know what the plan is

  • Mark - doesn't sound too uncomfortable (speed), awaiting details - time/location and shoes (I assume mostly off-road if joining the ladies?). Have semi organised a friend to take Jnr to school as I anticipate crack of dawn breakfast and sunrise start image

  • I am of course bobo!!
  • bo-bo  right the plan is this.  The Girls are meeting at Barbara's at the usual time 8.30.  Its approx 7 miles from my house to Barbara's so I recon if we meet at 7.15 we shuld have time for a nice little trott over.  Probably would be easier to meet at a local landmark rather than trying to find my house so Lets say we meet outside the Granville Theatre/Cinema on Victoria Parade East Cliff Ramsgate at 7.15. (if you cant find it on google maps or something give Sharon a call and I'm sure we can send directions.)

    The only slight difficulty is shoes.  the run over to barbara is on road.  So depending on how "off road" the usual Saturday morning is (having  been banned from these little jaunts before I dont know) Then Im not totally sure what would be best. 

    Cliff Face are you still joining us ??

    Bill.  The meeting last night was delighted with your suggestion from promoting our events so lets crack on.  Are you planning to meet us on Saturday at Barbara's ?

  • image will find the landmark - I'm sure there won't be many nutters in running kit hanging around Ramsgate at 7.15am! Shoes - will wear an older pair of road; last Saturday was a couple of ploughed fields and the latter part of the duathlon course, hopefully someone will pull me out/up if I slip over in the mud! See you - and hopefully Cliff Face, the more the merrier - Saturday.
  • Mark

    I am a wimp,  I don't do off road at all well so I will not be joining you I am afraid. I just don't feel comfortable running in those conditions and it is no fun as a result, so I will stick to my tarmac and gravel routes.

    Thanks for the go-ahead on the events front, I will get cracking on that soon.

  • Well just discovered you lot hiding out here.

    MF7 I will be there Saturday and I am looking forward to it

  • CB - there was plenty of tarmac too (50%) and the mud was toward the end, trust me I'm not a good off-roader.

  • I'm sure if you guys speak nicely to Barbara she can find a slightly cleaner route!

    Also meeting in Ramsgate in the Belgian Bar at 7.30 ish for drinks for MF7 birthday if anyone is up for it

  • Birthday drinks - day?
  • bo-bo and in fact all our friends from Thanet  Birthday drinks are on Saturday eve 7.30 ish meeting in the Belgiun Bar Ramsgate harbour.. Hope to see a few of you there image

  • You rotters, you would pick a night when I am taking part in a quiz wouldn't you! Otherwise I would have loved to join you as I am very partial to Belgian Beer and have visited the little pub in Bruges which does 300 different varieties

    Mark, you can work your way through this site and have a couple of virtual beers on me!

  • Sorry Bill I will have a word with my mum and tell her that she should have had me on another day knowing that 46 years later my good running buddy Bill would be busy and miss out on my Birthday drinkies image
  • Mark

    I could also have told you that you share a birthday with my late grannie who was also born on the 12th, my Mum is the 15th and my late Dad was the 18th, so there you go, you are in good company!

    PS You don't look a day over 45 3/4

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