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  • CB, sorry, I have only just spotted your question on the last page vis a vis the mid-week training thing. 

    I am not as good as you might think.  I have a schedule which has me doing something every day except Monday  which is my declared rest day.  The reality is that I don't always train every day - sometimes I am too tired.  The trick to this is the schedule.  Don't get too anal about it - but knowing that you should be doing something as per the schedule is the incentive to JFDI.  If you have a schedule saying that you will run every other day, you have the flexibilty to move a day if you are too tired from work, or the train is late or whatever..... the other thing I hold close to my heart is that 30 mins is better than no mins - in fact some very successful athletes have shown that running good quality 30 mins sessions is as good as a non-structured longer session. 

    Sometimes its tough................... just keep reminding yourself that less than 1% of people will ever get to a mara distance!  You are part of that elite image  (apparently some people go through and beyond the mara distance - they must be plain stoooopid) image 

  • PSC

    Thanks for your advice. Mark's schedule is for three runs of 4-5 miles midweek, so it is not much more than the 30 mins you were saying. I managed to drag myself out last night because I think the first time is important, if you go through with it in snotty weather like last night's you are more likely to do it next time; but if you bottle it first nasty night you have set yourself a dangerous precedent. I actually found it reasonably "refreshing" and it helped to blow the cobwebs of the city and commuting away, and I also slept like a log which is unusual for me, so all positive.

    Oh, by the way, that's Bo Bo and Mark creeping up behind you with a couple of baseball bats!

  • oi who are you calling stoooopid  image

     Good advice PSC. Bill the schedule is designed to be flexible and I have tried to write it so that most people can fit it in to there working lives hence the midweek sessions being only 4/5 miles there is no point in suggesting people run a 15 mile lsr on a wednesday as most of us have to work and would just never do it.  I ran my first FLM (4.24) on only two mid week runs of 4/5 and 1 weekend lsr.

  • Don't worry Mark, I'll be flexible!
  • CB - the Shades thread talks about the same thing.  Ie running a mara on 3 runs per week.  If you can fit in a 4th that's great, but is based on a LSR (w/e), recovery run (early in the week) and a tempo run later in the week.  Increase distance for 3 weeks then step back in distance.  I am sure mark has covered off that philosophy in his plan.  I'm told it's the first 100 yards that are the hardest - i tend to agree with that... once you have got a 100 yards away from the house the run becomes good fun.  Getting good kit (hat/gloves/waterproof gillet) is key to winter running.  Don't layer up with too many clothes - you will simply overheat, sweat like a pig and hate the whole thing.

    Now I'm off into hiding until those two put their baseball bats away image

  • I should have added - either get good kit or a treadmill!  You can stay indoors with the later - although it's not the same.  I did 3 miles on my tready last night. image
  • PSC the key to winter running is to just get out there in shorts and a T shirt and when it gets really cold maybe add a bandana

    where's bo-bo with the baseball bats ?image

  • PSC

    I used to use the treadmill a lot before I joined TRAC. I once did 20k on a treadmill in two hours which was what encouraged me to do my first ever race. I regularly used the treadmill down the gym for an hour at a time. I now wish I had realised the "joys" of club running 5 years ago. Though, to be fair, the gym did of course have all the other kit for strengthening up different bits of your body but to be honest I hardly ever used those and I have now cancelled my gym sub completely.

    PS Don't worry, I am sure Bo Bo will not hit you anywhere important.

  • Has anybody heard if Cinders is still "with child"?
  • I'm working on the element of surprise - or then again I may simply poison him!
  • CB - no sign of Cinders, fingers crossed image
  • OOOOh OOOOOh OOOOh bo-bo, Cliff Face and other nutters Ive just found out that someone is organising the return of the London to Brighton in October this year but now they are using footpaths and trails all the way !!!!!!! imageimageimageimage

  • There is a very good train from Victoria to Brighton if any of you suddenly get sensible!

    <legs it>
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    TRAC will have a new a few years!!!  Baby Thomas Daniel, 6 lb 3 oz came in rather a hurry yesterday afternoon  image' />   Not sure I'll be making next Thursday's session though Mark !!!

  • Congratulations Cinders and Mr C image' /> - welcome Thomas Daniel. Take care of yourselves and enjoy!
  • Mark - spotted, but the cut-offs are pretty tight ?!
  • yay CONGRATULATIONS  Cinders image' />  You are excused training next week image' />

    bo-bo did not see anything about cut-offs on the website?  we can have a chat about it tomorrow.  Nice and wet in Thanet at the momemt  see you in the morning

  • Congratulations Cinders, Mr Cinders and little Cinders, well done to you all. Is marathon running as close as a man can get to child birth? I don't wish to be heaped with lots of abuse from ladies but it would seem to me that there are lots of parallels. Ladies tell me all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I look forward to seeing you in the morning Mark so that you can tell me all about this train journey that PSC so heartily recommends!

  • Blimey bo-bo just taken another look at the websiteimage' /> way too fast on the cut offs for me.  Think ill go back to planning a tripple in Oct.

    Cliff face you are a brave manimage' /> see you in thre morning

  • Mark - it was a forum on here that alerted me to the cut offs, I am consoling myself with the fact that everyone thinks the cut offs are too fast - I would like an least an extra hour on each one LOL - there is always the chance that if everyone thinks it they may alter.

    see you both in the morningimage' />

  • Thanks BoBo and MF7 for the run this morning I really enjoyed the company and wasn't the weather just great. I attempted to run home and made it 5 miles before I lost the will to live and had to call my own personal emergency service. I was really pleased with the fact that I had got in some decent mileage.

    As for the pace I am not too sure about. It would seem that there are a number of factors in pacing. There is a nice normal conversational pace; there is a tempo pace and then there is the MF7 pace. This involves starting off very quickly and then gradually getting even faster. the strange thing is that despite all protestations it doesn't get any slower!!!!!!

    I have had my midday nap so i am now fit and raring to go for the next ten minutes before I collapse again. This running lark is good for you isn't it?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the run - thanks to both of you and the "TRAC Saturday club " image' />

    Glad to hear you got home safe and sound Cliff, and trust you enjoyed your tuna sandwich. Midday nap?!? - much more inviting than the ironing pile. PSC has been dispatched on squash duty - due back in the next 30 minutes, so will look busy ..... put the kettle onimage' />

    love the new pace - just going out for a quick MF7 mile!

  • Congratulations Mummy and Daddy Cinders!!!! Brilliant news!

    Bobo and CF now you know why MF7 is barred from running with us - he doesn't do it deliberately I'm sure but ....!!!!

  • Congratulations to all the Cinders!

    I  too was out this morning and put in 10 which I was quite happy with, see some of you tomorrow at the Cross Countryt.

  • How did the cross country go? It was a bit overcast and chilly. I am glad that I watched my son though, he batted really well, but I did have a guilty thought for you all. I hope that the Fosters hangover wasn't too bad (actually I am hoping that it was, how mean am I?)image' />
  • Cross Counry was fantastic fun.  Was stationed at the second dike and had such a great time dragging people out and informing them that the next one was the real deep oneimage' />

    Cliff and bo-bo sorry if my pacing was a little eratic !  maybe next time, assuming your not banning me as well, I will stay at the back and get one of you to set the pace.  I had a very nice time saturday evening It was lovely to see so many of our TRRAC friends there to help celebrate my birthday.  The hongover was not too severe Cliff, sorry to dissapointimage' />

  • I enjoyed marshalling the cross country. I have now got a couple of good examples of sadism and massochism. The massochist comes up to our dyke and asks how deep it is; the sadist says ankle deep and watches them plunge up to their knees.

  • Only joking on both parts Mark, I had a really good day, it was terrific to immerse myself in running conversations. I can't say that Mrs CF has been hooked though!image' />
  • knee deep dykes - hey what is going on.  i went in up to my chest in the duathlon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know I've got little legs, but did you take them on an easier route? image' />
  • I'm not banning anyone - and don't want to be banned either! It should be me asking if I can "run" again, as was definitely the weakest linkimage' /> as my post said I had a ball!

    Sounds like I missed a treat at the xcountry. 

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