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  • Chestfield Bill congratulations just heard the news!!!!!

     We'll be seeing you out on the long runs now then!

  • News - what news is that then C. Mrs F......   Has CB had a baby/got a place in FLM/won the lottery/been elected onto the committee of TRRAC.... come on do tell image
  • Sharon

    Yep, Derek Hall rang earlier to say I had got the FLM place. Oh God, I suppose I will need to start taking it seriously now! Apparently the completed form needs to be back by Friday so I will probably have to deliver by hand.

  • well done CB..................... great news.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Great news CB, happy training !! image
  • Well done CB,
  • greta news CB so now your training starts eh ?

    Last nights training run seemed to go OK and with the move back to Broadstairs as a venue we had an increase in numbers ?  Quick reminder to all TRRAC ites please pass the word about the new Monday night meeting place we did have two people turn up at the Marlowe (sorry guys).  Oh and remember that the main session will start at 6.30 sharp and be 50 minutes max so that people can get back to the Marlowe to pick up the kids etc. I will try to find extensions for those looking for longer routes over the next couple of weeks.

    Cinders how are you and Jnr doing I hope you are getting some sleep ?

  • Mark

    Don't worry, the training has already started and I have kept to plan apart from that first day.

  • My I add my congratulations to CB image

    Mark/Cliff - they ahve altered the cut-offs on London 2 Brighton...tempted? What do you think?

  • Thanks for that Bo Bo, have you got the website address? I might be a tincey wincey bit tempted!!!!!!

    And Mark, that doesn't mean yes!!!!image

  • Hmmm tempting but ive sorta got the tripple penciled in for October now  erm decisions decisions image

    Cliff you can find the website via RW events just search London to Brighton October 2008

  • as I've got time on my hands..... the website is here (I've tagged the new cut off page) - xxxxherexxxx

    There is also a thread in the tri section, not sure if this is the only thread on the topic, but here goes xxxxagainxxxx

    All three of you are nuts image 

  • Thanks for the kind words PSC (I wonder what the collective term for nuts is) maybe a "shell" image

    I just had a thought as relatively new TRRACites you may not have been informed about the presentation / social this Friday night.  Its at the pfizer social club from 7.30 pm ( Jnr is welcome. Foster Jnr/Jnr will be there).  If you want to come let me know and I will pass it on the Gen our social sec.

  • no body tells us nuthing image

    Cheers Mark - will alert the real TRRACy (I haven't marshalled yet, just volunteered), I've no idea whether we have anything planned.  

  • PSC

    I am not too sure that anybody who does triathlons is in any position to call anybody else "nuts" !

    Oh, and by the way, isn't it a CLUSTER of nuts?

  • or a "NUT CLUSTER".....

    Maybe just a bunch of loons image

    OK, CB... take your point on tri's - three times the fun for half the pain though image 

  • hey bo-bo where did you put the baseball bats image
  • she's busy tee hee....... and won't be on here until tomorrow, by which time I will be at work!  It's easy to be brave when nobody is looking...... giggle.  Just seen your piccies of hellrunner Mark on FB - that looks like great fun!  Are you doing it again this year....?
  • PSC we are hoping to do Hellrunner again - this year we are going to be Fallen Angels!!
  • morning - thought if I came on here i might catch up with the news and what PSC is up to!

    We passed on the drive this morning at 0630hrs, I've been taking care of my parents for the last 36hrs - now exhausted, so my planned plod (today) is not looking nearly as attractive as the sofa! will force myself out the door for at least an hour in quiet recognition of Steady, whom I had the pleasure of running Copenhagen Mara with in 2006.

    Mark - not spoken to PSC, but can we say 1 definite for Friday - whats the format? drop me a mail if I need to bring anything/£ etc Thanks.

    And Finally - all I have to say on the subject of nuts is  ....Hellrunner!

  • PSC Hellrunner is such a laugh we are definitely planning to do it again this year.  May need a bigger coach this year though as so many people want to join the madness. And the bog of doom makes the Minis Bay dykes look like mere puddlesimage
  • need I say more!image
  • bo-bo  no need to do anything for Friday except turn up with your purse full of drink purchasing vouchers.image  Its smart (ish) casual and I believe some food and music is being laid on and of course the club presentations.  I will let Gen know there will be at least one of you there.

    Enjoy the sofa it sounds like you have earned it.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Steady but have been following the thread, which is very moving.  Our thoughts are certainly with his friends and family today.

    And finally - your gonna love Hellrunner this year honestimage

  • I've been practicing for Hellrunner & Dartmoor - its vile out there but 12 very windy, wet and hilly miles achieved image off to shower and check on the parents.
  • Bo Bo

    Ideal conditions for Dartmoor training I would have thought! I went out on Tuesday night when the old Thanet Way was flooded. I had driving rain, high winds, got scalped by a thorn bush I didn't see in the dark, and then to top it all went over on my ankle. Feeling not too bad now, so might try to do my 4/5 mile run tonight, hope it isn't still as bad as you describe.

  • CB - ouch hope the ankle is ok, local radio promises the weather is improving so lets hope they are right for once.
  • CB  if the ankle is sore rest it.  you will only do more damage beter to miss a couple of training runs now than do some serious damage to the ankle. 

    Right then speed session tonight so what shall I get the victims  oops I mean athletes to do then hmmmm decision decisionsimage

  • Mark

    Thanks for the advice. I am doing the Dartford 10 on Sunday so perhaps I should hold off until then. Any excuse to sit one out! It is an absolute b***** trying to haul myself out of a nice cosy house when I get home midweek. Lighter nights will help. 

  • You need a good headtorch CB.... Bobo and I run with a Pezl Tikka XP (link to one of a million suppliers )  - shoudl add we share it.
  • How does that work? Do you tie your legs together like a 3 legged race and hold the light up somewhere between your two heads?
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