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  • LOL - no, I get to use it when he's not!
  • was fun last night. !!  8 x 600m  lovely.  4 with wind behind and 4 into the wind te he !  Im sure they all loved it.  Well I think that was what they muttered when I told them what the session was it sounded something like B*****d but Im sure they said Brilliant!  thats just what we wanted image

  • CB, where are you.... You've won a prize from the club champs in the mara! Well done mate.... MF and I are drinking it coz you couldn't be bothered to turn up image
  • What was that for then? Unfortunately I had a prior engagement last night which also involved a lot of alcohol. I did send Derek a text message giving everyone my best wishes for the evening.
  • Can't remember - I am sure Mark or Sharon will come on later and let you know!  (only kidding about drinking it btw - you need to clear some shelf space for a rather nice looking medal in a box).
  • CB  sorry mate I cant remember exactly which medal you have won (poosibly due the Guinness consumed)  but you have won something in the club championships at the Thanet marathon well doneimage

    Cliff Face yuo are gonna love this but you also won a medal as 3rd vet 40 at the marathon (not bad for the tail end charlie)image

  • Mark - we've got a event entry organised now and I've started a thread for the Kent (Kings Wood) Duathlon..... Link to thread/event details last year there were 50  in it, so you've got a chance of a good place on that fancy new bike of yours image I'll be doing it - my place has just been confirmed on the basis that I am providing two marshals....
  • PSC

    Do your two marhalls know yet?

  • Thanet 20 also has 2 marshals image - the Jnr one has earnt a big reward!

    How did Dartford go CB? 

  • Bo Bo

    Dartford was not too bad, I knew in advance I would not be PB ing it but I did manage negative splits, which is highly unusual for me. Also, the ankle held up well which was good. I also met Scotty who has been in several of the same Forums as me which was quite a coincidence.

  • well run Bill - glad to hear the ankle didn't cause you any further trouble. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday - it will be my first outing in a certain blue top image.

    Right can't put off any longer - need to get out the door before the headtorch is required! 

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Well done CB
  • good one CB...... Bobo just back!  Pitch black up here on the downs!  Yes, the PSC Clan marshalling expertese is going to be shared between Ashford Tri CLub and TRRAC is seems!  Should work out pretty well I think.  We need to compete with the Foster clan who seem to marshal every event going image 

    Mark, did you spot the link above to our duathlon? 

    Cinders.... how's the beautiful little baby of yours?  Is he letting you have enough sleep??   

  • PSC  spotted thanks will take a look at it this week. at home  resting this evening after a good "solid 20miles today. ran over to the club run did 10 ish with everyone and ran back home.  a little tired now but only about 20 minutes to wait for a lovely ROAST DINNER YUM!!!!

     Good run CB well done mate

     Bo-Bo sharon said she will pass on the marshall names to Carol Burton  and your race number for the 20 should be in the post later this week.

     Cinders hope jnr is behaving himself

  • Enjoy - sounds like you've earned it.  You are about 30 mins ahead of us........ Just putting the spuds in the oven now!!
  • I've just finished mine. We have ours earlier now so that one of us can watch Prancing on Ice. Guess which of us that is! I sent my entry for the 20 in online.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Spuds just going in here now!

    Sleep, what's that????  Jnr is fine though image

  • I've spent the weekend enduring The Sound of Music and to put the icing on the cake I come home and find out that I have been awarded a bronze. medal for walking around the coastline of Thanet my first ever running medal, other than for just finishing!!!!!!

    I would like to thank my sponsors, Nike, my coach and all of the people who have wholeheartedly supported me through the years. And finally I would like to thank the public who poured out onto the streets of Thanet in their handfuls to ask, what the heck are you doing out here on this fine September day? Particularly the aged woman at Palm Bay who questioned my sanity. For all of my adoring fans I hope to come back stronger and faster in 2008 and finish in exactly the same place as last year.

    Thank you TRAC for this fine accolade

  • CB - well done.  Your entry will go in the post this week - when I've bought the stamps!

    CF - well done.  A very well deserved medal! 

    PSC and Bobo - nice to see you on Friday night - don't we all look different with clothes on!!

  • LOL - is that a good thing or a bad thing.... image  We had a lovely time - we were purposely a bit low key - no point rushing around making fools of ourselves when we are hardly known by the majority - thanks for looking after us!!
  • Fans of Thanet send healing thoughts to Paula B - went down a pothole last night and did her ankle.  Hospital not sure if broken or ligament tear.
  • ouch... hope recovery is swift!
  • Poor Paula sending hopes for a speedy recovery

    CF  about our planned little jaunt around Thanit do you want to go this coming weekend or the following ?

  • MF7 - the choice is yours! You have to realise that with my new found fame as the third fastest Vet 40 marathon runner in Thanet,  we will probably be tailed by groupies and the paparazzi. Sunday is the easiest day for me this weekend and next due to my hectic social life (otherwise known as taxi duty). Let me know

    Good luck with the recovery Paula

  •  CF I was thinking about making it a Sat morning ? so I can run again on the Sunday ( Dont start PSC)image  

    I know Bo-Bo cant make it this week , Canterbury 10 I think, but is a possible for the next Sat and Sam is ok, well last time I spoke to her, for either.? 

    Also I'm thinking an early Saturday morning start would mean we, or really you, are less likely to be spotted by your groupies as they will all be heading to westward cross on a Saturday And the sporting paparazzi would all be heading To Ramsgate or Margate for the Footie (if thats what they play there)image

  • PSC  have printed the entry form for the Ashford Dualthlon Looks good date wise so I am thinking I might just give it a go.  Only one question is it gonna be mostly those ultra skinny super fit TRI types taking part ? I dont mind coming last but dont really want to be overtaken by a bike while im still out running my first lap.   The current Mrs F has said she could probably Marshall if you need her.?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Sharon and Mark, baby Thomas says thank you very much for the lovely card and the bib, its really funky and cute....... 

    Mum Cinders also says thanks image

  • Mark, don't panic, you won't be last as I will be there! It was a small field last year (50) but the spread of times was wide! If Mrs F is up for marshalling I am sure we could use her. Massive thx for that.
  • Cinders - he's georgeous!

    healing vibes to Paula from me too

    MF7 -would love to join you, but only if its convenient to all - can't do this weekend, Canterbury 10 plus PSC is off to the white stuff tomorrow so no cover for early morning starts but would be with you in spirit, either day the following weekend could I'm sure be negotiated 

    Cliff - can I have a signed photo image

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