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  • What's your opening bid then? image
  • dinner!

  • You win image

    Check your texts!
  • I don't want to get involved in a domestic but are you two making bids for my signed photo?
  • So I take it that as Bo Bo won she is taking me out to dinner!!!!image
  • shush - we don't want gate-crashers image
  • Mark,

    This Saturday is no good for me and next Friday evening I am out on a works bash. What I will try and do is not drink too much Friday and join you Saturday. If I fail miserably then I will run alone Sunday morning. Sorry to be so indecisive but you know what it is like when you are out with good intentions "Go on then, just one more pleeeeeeeze"image

  • being a big wuss I dont really fancy doing the run on my own so how about  Saturday 2nd ? and hope Cliff can join us, at least for some, if not all of the run.  Does that sound like a compromise ?

    Cinders He's cute.  Lovely pics image

    Had a phone call from Paula last night she is ok ish  no break just some tendon damage still Very painfull but she should be ok.  And she said thank you to everyone who stopped to help her on Monday night and to everyone on here who sent "healing thoughts"

    wonder if I can sneak into the Girlie run this Saturday morning without the current Mrs F spotting me

  • Too late pal - you're spotted!!

    You can run but not with me and Hells Bells!!

  • MF7/Cliff etc

    What kind of distance were you guys looking to do on the 2nd and at what kind of pace and are we talking road or offroad?

  • HI Bill its planned to be the Viking trail 27 ish miles image
  • A bit too early for me Mark. I seem to recall you did the same thing last year, but a bit later on did you not? Also, I expect the Viking Trail is not especially even, or is it ok?

    Oh, by the way, have you heard anything from the seoul Man recently, he seems to have gone awfully quiet, does he know about this thread?

  • Saturday 2nd is in my diary  image - someone can give me the details nearer the time.

    Sadly I can't run on Saturday, Jnr has an exeat this weekend and I'm already deserting him Sunday for the Canterbury 10 - will be coming back though aftre the Viking re-enactment image.

    Jnr and I are off out for a pizza - while the cats away! - see you later.......

  • CB - I am sure that we will be doing the Viking trail later in the year. The run is virtually all on paths, footpaths with a little road running., therefore it is stable underfoot the whole of the way. You could join us and drop off when you have had enough. For me after a night's boozing it will be about 2miles after I start. Now as a highly tuned, highly trained athlete I should put the most important activity first..........mine's a pint!image
  • CB you are most welcome to join us, as is anyone else mad enough, and as CF said you could always drop out when you have had enough.  Dont let CF lull you into a false sense of security last time we did this he said he was gonna drop out and did the ehole thingimage

    So Sat 2nd it is then. Bo-Bo shall we start at 8.00 to give CF a fighting chance or start really early just to be nasty image Enjoy your Pizza

    CB I have not spoken to Seoul man recently but he is in regular contact with Jnr F as she is flying in to pay him a visit in Feb (and to drag him out of the gym) and I guess he probably does not know about this thread I will email him the link

    Been rumbled with my cunning plan to infiltrate this Saturdays "girlie" run so I guess Ill just run over (being carefull not to go too fast on the long straight bits) and run with them staying well away from Mrs F and Hells bellsimage

  • MF7 - I like the sound of 8am (working backwards - journey time & breakfast  - a much more sociable alarm!). Same place? There are plenty of long straight bits according to my map - I will bring a garmin image  It appears there is opportunity to sleep off hangovers, have a picnic, catch a train/bus, visit historical sites or simply drop out, in abundance.....I'm sure there are some "nutters" in the making.

    Pizza was great - Jnr kept me entertained; practicing for French oral tomorrow delivered in Jeremy Clarkson style.

  • "nutters" in the making - tempted that is!!
  • 8am sounds great to me, just give me a nudge if I fall asleep. Bo Bo It sounds more like an expedition than a LSR!

    Go on Bill, you know that you want to!image


    Just in case anyone is interested in the Viking trail route

  • Wotcha peeps!

     9.15pm and I'm ready to go home. Loooooooong day and my kids' (who have a long state school holiday in Jan and Feb: from Xmas to Chinese New Year) were overly hyper in my class today... too many e numbers in the noodles....

    Some teachers are to have a quick (s)Hite Beer (local brew  -  makes yer fart) after work so may have one. Tomorrow's not too busy...

     Yes...I am more in the gym and pool than one the pavements. However, I take umbridge (sic) at the accusation of being a gym bunny. I do not wear pink, I do not have fleecy bell-bottomed trakky bums, I do not have mascara, I sweat like a good 'un and I do not have an I-pod....nor do I use a treadmill And.....let's be serious I ever....ever....likely to end up with a perky pony-tail ????

     Methinks not!

     Temperature outside is minus 6 at the moment and pollution level is 5% ....above WHO recommended levels....

     Apart from that, things go apace. There is an article being written which'll be sent to the newsletter editor in due when I have finished it!

     Foster Jnr is indeed arriving shortly. I have to work for a lot of the time she's here but I am sure she'll cheerfully traumatise the locals and we'll see the sights when I'm free. Gonna try and get a trip to the DMZ line with North Korea organised if possible.

    Right off to have a portion of 'takgalbi' and biru or two....

  • Ahh Seoul Man !!  (sounds a bit like a like a carry on name)image   Good to see you are stil lurking around in these forums.  You will be pleased to know, I'm sure, that I have convinced a couple of other "nutters" from the club to take part on the Marshside overnighter.  I am sure you remember last years with affection.

    What on earth is "takgalbi"  it sounds like something left on the pavement after a good night out in Ramsgateimage

    Minus 6 eh blimey even I might need to wear a long sleeve running shirt out thereimage

    Get your magazine article finished soon as romour has it that there could be a new editor waiting in the wings to take over.

    Good to hear from you

  • Cliff MF etc

    I sent a message a couple of hours ago but it seems to have gone missing in cyberspace so if it does arrive now and you think I have lost the plot and am repeating myself that explains it.

    I should be doing about 14 by the 2nd so maybe joining up would be a good idea. Biggest problem will be getting back to the car if I do drop out. Where will you guys be starting and in what direction will you be running? If I know that I can have a look at CF's map and work out an exit strategy.

    The weekend after that I am away for 5 days so my schedule is likely to fall behind anyway, so doing a bit more on the 2nd might be quite a good idea.

  • CB  most likely we will start at Ramsgate and head out in an anti clockwise direction so following the coastal path to minis bay, approx 12 ish miles I recon,  and then cutting in land.  

    If your worried about distances and or speed  maybe you could park your car somewhere on the route and run towards us then when we meet up you turn around and run back to your car at least that way you get some company for half of your run.  Just a thought image

  • Mark

    For the princely sum of £3.45 I can get a day return on the train from Chestfield to Ramsgate, leaving Chestfield at 06.58 and getting into Ramsgate at 07.44. Then if I ran round as far as Birchington which you say is 12 miles or so, I could then decide whether or not to carry on for another mile or two then double back on my own to pick up train home from Birchington. Sorted!

  • Mark

    Forgot to say, I will definitely be coming down tonight, hopefully meeting at the swimming pool.

  • Sounds like a plan  See you tonight then
  • < tiptoes into thread>


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I'm here !

    So what did you have them doing last night Mark?    Just wondering for when I can make my Thursday night return sometime! image

  • I am here as well.

    I looked in today (during my lunchbreak) and wondered where you all were. Anyway, good to know that you are not all on other rival fora? BoBo where is PSC? I am a skier of ill repute and would be interested to know where he is enjoying the white stuff

    Welcome Ciders, I hope that the sleep patterns are ok!

  • Cliff - he is currently in Kitzbuhel, the annual family holiday will be in Champagny en Vanoise last week of March. I have interpreted his silence today as "lots of good skiing and schnapps" image

    is there somewhere other than RW  <shakes head in awe>

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