Fat Club - Thursday

Morning all. Since I'm moving and can't be bothered to start work yet I might as well kick things off.

Message for Tubs. Yes, I've been using running to get my blood pressure down, so far with success. I will confirm this after Monday's check up! E-mail me if you want any info that isn't of general interest on the thread.


  • Hi everyone! Just stealing a couple of mins on the computer to check in, it feel like ages since I was regularly forum-ing!!

    Hope all your efforts are going well. I haven't been able to weigh myself since I got here, which is probably a good thing! Will have a look this weekend, though I'm feeling quite good. Even if I haven't lost weight, I'm trimming up, I could see my legs in the mirror facing the treadmill here and they're def coming along! Also, resisting the lardy temptations of the canteen has been going well, plenty of jackets and salad...

    Hope to see you all again soon!

    Lamb xxx
  • Have wrestled computer away from toddler to write a few words. I went for a run this morning against all odds. I have been up all night (slight exaggeration for literary effect) with post MMR injection boy. so to get up pre-7am and run felt like an heroic effort. And I have just plotted my run in the log and I am getting faster!!!!

    Can I recomend 2 bits of software:
    1-runnersworld.com online log books tracks time speed and weight
    2-trailgauge for measureing distances of your fav runs. you can get it free from the website. I bourght it for £12 for more functionality (yes I am a computer geek).

    Weigh in tomorrow - my first. Just tucked into very large breakfast to try and stave midday slump. As the Raptor said - it takes a leap of faith!
  • Hello, early birdies. Glenn, you're a star. Will you come and do a seminar in my surgery to convince all those people who just sit there and nod politely while I try to explain that if they would only exercise their legs as much as they exercise their muscles of mastication then I wouldn't need to ask them to take nasty unnatural pills with side-effects for the rest of their lives? You will, won't you. I'll even offer you a choice of languages - Punjabi, Sylheti, African Caribbean patois or Albanian.

    Just off to spend a few hours banging my head against the brick wall of trying to persuade people who don't hang out on the RW forums to take ownership of their own health. Bad start this morning - slept through alarm clock, woke up with 20 minutes to spare before setting off to take Kevin the Teenager to school, had to leave feeding and dressing of little ones to the mercy of Mr V-rap, whose inability to "do" mornings is even greater than mine, and threw down an apple, a banana, a chunk of wholemeal bread and a yogurt on the run.

    Thanks for internet tips, Soozie. I'm a dreadful old dinosaur where technology is concerned, but will definitely give TrailGauge a whirl.

    Lamb, good to hear from you again. Your springy little presence has been badly missed.

  • 5 messages and it's only half past nine. You must get up very early in the morning! I haven't managed to get the hang of early morning running yet, but I suspect it would benefit me.
    Did have a really good run last night, though! Did my usual route of about 1.5miles, and 200 yeards from the end I decided I wasn't tired yet, so went round again! My longest ever run! How chuffed am I?
    keep smiling,
    Pamela x
  • V-rap, thanks for the kind words but I'm not a star. I'm the worst kind of lazy slob because I *can* run (always have been able to because of late teen efforts at school) but had given up for nearly six years until the GP started threatening me with beta-blockers at the start of this year. The real stars are those people, especially on this thread, who take up running later in life when it's hard for them because they really want to change their lives.

    By the way V-rap, have you seen Mikey's thread on running on beta-blockers - in the Beginners section I think. He needs someone who knows what they are talking about - which wasn't so important on the "aching knees while ironing" thread :-)
  • Thanks for the reminder, Glenn - I meant to pop into Mikey's thread last night, but didn't have time.
  • Morning all. Yippee made it to the gym last night and managed to run for 10 minutes up a treadmill hill. ITBS didn't strike so am a very happy She this morning. Also discovered gym does a running club on Monday nights - so am going to try it too. Discovered one of the staff is a running nut so had a good long chat with them about my knee and the GNR. Been a bit down in the dumps 'cos haven't been running for a week and a half due to the knee so it was good to even do my pitiful 1.5k, especially as I had to go to the pub after work and then go the gym. Did two J2O instead of 2 pints of Stella! Jumped on gym scales last night, and despite inactivity and some piggery, have lost 2lb, so am now very definately under 12 stone!

    No running today, as in meetings until late tonight - yuck - but swimming tommorrow and maybe an early morning run on Saturday. Feeling inspired by you all. But don't panic don't intend to overdo anything, I know I have to rest the knee and do the stretching and quads exercises.
  • Morning everyone!

    V-rap thanks for your advice following my posting yesterday - it's good to know I'm doing the right things to try to get my blood pressure down.

    Glenn - hugely agree with V-rap, good for you for getting out there and making the effort to exercise to improve your health, rather than just swallowing pills. I'm starting running and trying to lose weight to try and avoid that unattractive option as well. We'll see how it goes! Will get in touch by e-mail for any more specific info, as you suggested - thanks for that.

    Well done to everyone on their distance and weight/inch loss achievements, and thanks to Soozie for website info, will take a look.
  • Hello all!

    I'm on a recovery day today, but unfortunately it's recovery from alcohol excesses at last night's boss-was-paying session rather than a virtuous running session. Never mind. Run again tomorrow morning and I'm going to try and behave food-wise today.

    Well done to everyone who is being good. Keep it up (it'll make me feel guilty for being bad if nothing else!)
  • Morning all - well done Pamela - great job!

    I'm afraid to say I did not run when I got home last night - plane was delayed and I ended up falling into the house at about 10pm, 2 hrs later than planned so I just went straight to bed.

    But today is a different story - I will be out running tonight, having drunk my 2 litres and eaten well all day - I promise!

    V-rap - I take my hat off to you - your job certainly sounds challenging, and on top of running a house and family. Oh and on top of keeping all of us forumites going! Well done!

    Kind regards
  • Soozie

    Thanks v much for the link to the Trailgauge site, I've had a quick play with the free software and it looks excellent, definitely worth £12 or so for the full version, especially if it copes well with elevation.

  • Just tried TrailGuage free demo copy - definitely worth while - shame my string was wrong for my long run but ho hum thats life
  • Thanks for advice on the fartlek option v-raptor. I tried it tonight with rather more slow than fast, but still managed to run around 2.5 miles 2 minutes faster than the last time I tried it so I am making progress (and that's what it's all about).

    Also decided to change what I'm eating when. I'm doing a sensible slimming world diet, but of late have been having more red days (protein focussed) and less green days (carbs). Following other threads made huge bowl of pasta salad and had that at lunch with my usual fruit shop, instead of the more usual ryvita. Perhaps this accounted for the definite raising of energy levels tonight.

    Will stick with this fartlek business - if only to see how long I have to do it before my beloved and son stop laughing whenever I say the word.

    Long run early tomorrow, to make up for two days off at the weekend.
  • Evil Pixie - Its trailgauge for me everytime. I could not get on with Accuroute.
    I have had a very good day - managed to deal with 6 children under 4 running amok in the house and garden while eating biscuits and ribena while mothers chatted - and did not comfort eat biscuits and chicken nuggets while 4 of them threw my cooking on the floor. Going to have very holy Carrot soup (which I made) tonight and then get me to the gym tomorrow morning for my weigh in. Can you tell I am nervous? How many times have I mentioned that I am weighing in tomorrow!
    Well quite critical friend said today (out of the blue) that she thought I was looking slimmer around the hip area. So even if I haven't lost any weight I can feel better about looking slimmer.

    Well done Pamela - you are an inspiration - "it was so good I went around again". How fantastic to get such joy out of running. Did you say you were a Student? Running is the best way to combat beer consumption!
  • It seems to help quite well with wine and tea consumption, too (not in the same mug at the same time, i hasten to add). I've been trying to be a good student and not drink too much beer - especially hard for a recovering rugby addict! oh, the drinking games we had to play to be allowed on the team.....bleugh! that was the main reason for turning to running - to keep the exercise without ruining it all by drinking FAR too much! Sadly, tea seems to contain about the same number of empty calories as beer - or it could just be that i drink that in even greater quantities now. d'oh!
    keep smiling,
    Pamela x
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