Works Chrimbo Party

Next Wednesday is the works chrimbo party, someone always either takes all their cloths off or pukes on a director (double points there!) or starts a fight or tries to breakdance and puts their back out (ok that last one is me).  Loads of fun or boring un-eventful rubbish?


  • To be avoided like the plague.
  • Boring uneventful rubbish, as it's in January and there is only 10 of us including partners, if it's anything like last year we were the only people in the restaurantimage

    If they weren't GM's family I wouldn't go!!!!! 

  • To be avoided if possible, although some employers take is as some kind of affront if people decline.

    I used to work for a big city firm, and they got quite shirty if you didn't go.
  • it usualy ends in some sort of embarisment , handshaking people you dont like, listening to bullsh_t, no thanks , its  pretty well dried up on the rail companys .......
  • Our work party is usually great.  Most people are sensible enough to keep the alcohol to moderate levels, so they relax a bit but don't do anything that they will regret later.

    The best bit is the Christmas Revue - an hour of comedy sketches put on by the staff and making fun of the directors, managers and any topical items that have happened during the year.  Enough directors join in and make fun of themselves that it really does work and nobody feels that there are topics that cannot be discussed.

    If only everyone was so sensible the rest of the year.  There seems to be more cases of people getting off with the boss or making fools of themselves outside the festive season.

  • can i come to your xmas party supercaz, it sounds funimage
  • It's an all-day event starting with mince pies and coffee at about 10:00.  The management do their 'state of the company' speech where we all get a pat on the back.  Most managers are able to make this quite humourous so it's not too bad that we have to attend.

    Then a sit down meal in the canteen, with wine and plenty of toys to throw at each other (management decided it was better to provide toys than to clean up the mess after the food fights).

    This years theme is A Day at the Races, so people are encouraged to dress up.  My group decided that this was a bit boring, so we have decided to come as pirates just to confuse everyone else.  There will be gambling on races, with each person given some 'money' for free and proceeds from any additional 'money' purchased will be given to a local charity.  There is also a disco, which is a bit naff, but once everyone has had a few drinks it becomes more interesting.

    Then the revue at about 3:00, and then the company puts on a bus to take us home at around 5:00.  Most people go into town afterwards and carry on partying.

  • My dept Christmas lunch is in January (full marks for cheering us up in the post-Christmas slump) and is a sit down lunch at a posh restaurant.  For the first time I'm looking forward to it, particularly as I'm at a table with a group of people I like.
  • What is your company like the rest of the year SuperCaz? I do hope its a sweatshop paying crap wages or I will be very jealous.

  • That does sound good SuperCaz - ours is pretty good most years - the directors get behind the bar and serve us free drinks and provide a buffet.  There is the obligatory disco, although last year we had live entertainment which was eeerrrrmmmm entertaining.

    Everyone really lets their hair down though and we all pile into town and usually finish the night in the same old pub, which is handy for me as I only live 5 minutes up the road.

  • Had ours last night,

        good to see the boys and girls tie one on, though I dont drink, so I could sit back and enjoy, Think theres a few hangovers today, and possibly red faces at Parade tommorrow.

    Good to be there but glad it's only once a year.  

  • MM, I certainly pays crap wages which is why we have a high turn over of staff.  But I wouldn't describe it as a sweatshop - more like a Hamster wheel.  However hard you try you just can't get anywhere because of the paperwork and reluctance for anyone to change anything for the better (we are public sector in case you haven't already guessed).  Very frustrating for someone who is used to a more professional way of doing things, so little job satisfaction.
  • Oh dear that wasn't the answer I was hoping forimage I feel bad now.

    Have a good Crimbo party thoughimage

  • SuperCaz - that sounds like fun.

    We're having our team do on Firday.  Usual resteraunt.  I did try to drag thewm somewhere else but that was a non starter.  Will be fun but it's the same night out we have every couple of months.

    Big company do in Jan - not sure if I'll bother going to that though.

  • Don't worry MM.  If I hate it that much I can always leave.
  • I've never been to the Christmas party here; there's too much "them and us" culture, so the "us" don't go.

    Plus it's usually the day before my birthday (was last year and is this year) and I don't want a hangover on my birthday.

  • Hi Cath - remember, you only get a hangover if you stop drinking!
  • Good tip, thanks BSB!
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