Calling all FLM race entrants

Calling all FLM race entrants. Your online RW team is looking for up to four super-keen forumites to train up for next year’s race.

All you need is a place in the FLM, the dedication to follow one of our online training schedules, the desire to share your experience online, and of course the determination to reach your marathon goal. Whether you’re aiming to break 2:55 or 5:22, we aim to get the best out of you.

We’ll provide you with a coach, our staff’s years of marathon expertise and some new kit to see you off on your marathon adventure.

Simply nominate yourself (or a fellow forumite, or second an existing nomination) on this thread and we’ll announce the lucky runners at the end of the week.

Reason why we should train you:
Marathon goal:
Marathon PB:

Get nominating!

Dan RW



  • Gwen Curtin

    I am really motivated but a bit rubbish right now!! I am training really hard but its my first marathon and find alot of it pretty daunting.  I am trying to raise a lot of money for a very worthy charity and really want to do them and myself proud!!

    I would love to do the marathon in about 5 hrs

    I have never ever done one before but my PB on a 10km is 55 mins!! 

    Please please please train me!!!  

  • Name:  David Nash

    Reason why we should train you:  Ever since my dear old nan died of cancer last year I've had aspirations of running the London marathon to help raise money for Macmillan and the local hospice, both of whom were an absolute delight during her last few weeks, as I know she'd have been delighted.  I was distrught not to get in via the ballot but am now running for Macmillan with a golden bond place, so I'm dedicated to training and putting in a good performance that would have made my nan proud.  Not that I need any more motivation than that but help from RW would hopefully help me realise my ideal time in my first marathon, which will be quite an emotional one for me.

    Marathon goal:  I'd love to crack four hours.

    Marathon PB:  Never run a marathon, or any distance over 10k before.

  • Name: Toby Pearson

    Reason why we should train you: I am a competative club runner who needs help getting to the next level. Willing to do all that is asked (have a flexible job so training hard is not a problem) and until this point have trained myself so looking for some expert advice. To see if your marathon training schedules can help improve on my PB

    Marathon goal: 2:30's

    Marathon PB: 2:44

  • I am a relative running "novice" but I am running 8 events with the FLM being the last one. I am raising money in memory of my friends daughter who died last year aged just 2 and a half. You can view my fundraising efforts so far on To date I have raised just short of £4,000. This weekend I completed my third event - the Bedford Harriers Half Marathon in 2 hours 11mins. Before attempting this challenge, I had only done two events before, both in 2005. I did the Silverstone Half in 1hr 56mins and the FLM in 4 hours 59mins and would love to achieve a 4hr marathon to finish my challenge - and hopefully raise my target of £8,000.

    Target: 4hrs  

    Marathon PB: 4hrs 58mins 56secs... (only one run)

    For a final "roll of the dice", my older brother has sponsored me £100 but has promised to double it if I can break 4hrs 30mins - what better reason to train hard than take extra money off of a big bruv for charity!!!

    PLEASE train me and reward me for my efforts..... image Thanks

  • Name: Helen Cheesworth

    Reason why you should train me:  I was entered for the NY marathon back in November, and was going to run for Asthma UK.  I chose this charity as I am an asthma sufferer myself.  NY was going to be my first marathon.  I started training back in January 07 - having had a football playing related injury 6 months before that needed surgery to fix I wanted to give myself plenty of time to build up.  20 weeks before NY, training was going well, but I managed to get 2 stress fractures in my hip, which laid me up for 8 weeks.  So, with 12 weeks to go, I started training again.  Unfortunately, I went through a really difficult personal situation a month before the marathon, and I got quite ill (temperature of 101 for 3 days, viral infection etc) and was advised to withdraw by my doctor.  So I think I deserve to be trained because I am determined to run in London and can't possibly have any more bad luck!

     Marathon Goal: I wanted to run NY in 4hrs 30, but this time I just want to get round.

    Marathon PB: na

  • Name: Claire

    Reason why you should train me:   I traininig for the marathon a few years ago but my 'binge training' led me to be constantly injured.  I eventually had to drop out and was so disappointed.  This year I've started much earlier but you can never have enough help and I'd love to be trained properly.  I'm also running for a great charity and I don't want to let them down by having to drop out injured again.

    Marathon Goal: 5 hours although it would be great just to survive!

    Marathon PB: I've never done a marathon although I did do half a marathon in 2.08 in October

    Please pick me image

  • Name: Mark Colledge

    Reason why you should train me: I have been a runner for a number of years and regularly take part in half marathons but have to date never done a full. I seem to have hit a brick wall when it comes to my training and i just cant seem to get round it. So some professional tuition would be a dream come true as is running london.

    Marathon Goal: 3.45 to 4.00

    Marathon PB: N/A

  • Karla March

    Please help me!! i need all the help i can get for this my first ever marathon.With two young children running helps me escape from "in the night garden & Dora the explora" there favourite programs which seem to be on all day! i joined my local running club for extra support and advice last year so have about a years running experiance.I have a ballot place but am also hoping to rasie money for two charitys the breast cancer care and a local hospital who are replacing the premature baby unit were my two children were treated. i already have a blog on real buzz and spend a lot of time reading other peoples as well as using your forums.

    my aim would be to compleate the marathon in 4 1/2 to 5 hours but think lots of training will be needed.

    Please Help me i know i am the sort of person you are looking for and a lot of people will be able to see the similarities in them, as i am a not a fast fit runner just somebody with a dream and determination.


  • Name: Carol Sworn

     I have taken part in the FLM on 2 previous occasions but on both attempts have really struggled to keep mentally positive through the race. At about 20 miles I just wanted to give up and sheer determination got me to the end (also walking/hobbling and the occasional break into a run!). The goal for this my third attempt is to get to 20 miles, still be smiling and to run the rest of the way. If I can do these things then I should also achieve my aim of getting under 4hrs. Both my husband and I have a place this year so fitting training around our jobs and 3 children (and 2 dogs!) will be challenging but I am up for it.

    I have a ballot place but have also applied to run for MacMillan in memory of my aunt who died in October

    Marathon PB 4.09

  • Name : Helene Maloney

    I got into running about a year ago when i signed up with a bunch of friends to do a 10k in honor of my friends dad who died of cancer. I was reasonably fit thatnks to my dog so i will willing to give it a bash! my first day that i went for a run on the road i had to stop after about 1/2 mile! dispite this i caught the running bug and carried on! The day came and only two of us were still standing (and may i add the most unlikeliest of the two!) my only aim was to run it under 60 minutes... i did... just (59.23)!

    i now have a new aim... to run a marathon in under 4 hours i work shifts (i am a nurse), this can have positive and negatives! at the moment i am finding it difficult to  structure my training ( i am running the wilmslow half in march). I would really love some help image the reason i wouild love to do a marathon is to have the satisfaction that i have run further than most people in this world!

    aim: under 4 hours!

    marathon PB : none!

  • My name is Phil Hammett - aged 32 - very active and fit at school, but now 10-12 years of relative inactivity have taken their toll. I'm not trying to recapture my youth - just restore some pride!

    Reason why you should train me:

    1. Had a place 2 years ago but trained too hard too soon and tore my medial ligament? Been a slow (and heavy!) road back.
    2. Typical bloke - susceptible to the pub comments of "you should be running further / harder / faster/ higher" by this stage and go out and push too hard (see point 1!)
    3. Busy office worker with 2 hours of commuting, and 2 cracking young nippers when I get home to look after. I've already managed to drop 2 stone by squeezing running around my lifestyle. I will literally run anywhere - which often leads to interesting anecdotes......
    4. I'm a kit pervert - i.e. I've got a Nike+ system, Polar s410 and use it all religously. I love new kit and my Christmas list is full of shorts, tops , jackets kitchen sinks etc. 
    5. As a project Manager - I'm approaching this like a project - assessing issues / risks and making sure my "team" is in place. The one thing I'm misssing is a coach.

    PB - did a Half marathon without any training a few years ago and made it around in 2h 15 image. I'm already smashing those sorts of times - currently up to 9 miles in 1hr 10 so I would hope to knock at least 30 mins off my previous best for the half.

    My marathon goal is sub 4 hours! I reckon I can do it but it will be a big challenge, and I will have to stay injury free!

    Main aim (other than raising as much cash as possible) is actually learning how to be a runner and use the marathon experience as a springboard to other challenges - rather than a one off. It's a catalyst.

  • Name: Matthew Fowler

    Reason: I've been running for about 4 years and next years' marathon will be my 5th. I've run Paris and Abingdon as well as 2 previous London maras plus a handful of halfs. My PB is 3hours 8 minutes, and I'd really love to break 3  hours before I'm 40 (in 18 months). The problem is I've kind of plateaued and have actually run 3 hours 8 in my last 2 marathons which is really, really, really frustrating! My half marathon PB is 1hr 23mins which suggests that I should have a sub 3 in me. I'm no stranger to training hard and am currently running between 40 and 50 miles a week over 6 sessions. I have used the rw schedules in the past, but just can't seem to break that magic barrier. Help!

  • Name: Ian Dowdle
    Reason why we should train you: To show that running can have a positive effect on weight and health, I am 120 plus kilos, I ran London in 2006 in 5 1/2 hours for St John Ambulance, I basically followed the sub 430 schedule but failed to shed weight, I ran in a 7 foot sponge beer bottle suit.

    On the day that I got accepted in the ballot this year my Father in Law was told he may have Bowel Cancer, he has since been told that this is the case, it has spread and is inoperable.  I have pledged to run for cancer research and would love to "do him proud" along with all the other sufferers of this terrible illness

    My best time for a Marathon was in Coventry in 1982 when I completed the course in 3 hours 35 mins.

    My goal for 2008 will be sub 5 hours and 25 kilos lighter

  • Name: Mark Cummins

     Reason why we should train you: As a 6ft 5 runner packing in at around 90KG I would like to be trained by you so that I can demonstrate that running is for anyone whatever shape, sizer, height etc you are.  I want to show that with the right training and diet anyone is capable of achieving their goals in life.  Also as someone involved working in the charity sector it gives me enormous pleasure raising money for such wonderful causes.

    PB - Dublin 2000 3hrs 38 mins

    Goal for 2008 - Sub 3hrs 35 mins 

    I would love to be able to be trained by you and show the world that running is for everyone not just the lean mean racing machines!!


  • Hey Dan

    Love the look of this selection challenge on top of the marathon length one in April. Reasons I'd like you to pick me are:

    Name: Desiree Noble

    Reason why we should train you: I've done 8 marathons in the last 3 years, was meant to crack the elite time for women in last year's FLM but a combination of a month back in NZ in the summer and all the BBQs and sauvignon blanc that entails put a damper on my training, plus the heat on the day sapped my in 2008 I am determined to crack that elusive 3:15 time, I know what to do in theory but need someone (or team of people!) to kick me up the backside and keep me on track. 

    Marathon goal: sub 3:15
    Marathon PB: 3:23


  • Wow - what a great opportunity!

     Reason why we should train you: I have run London twice but that was before having 2 children (now aged 3 and 1) - this is the only race that will motivate me to get properly back into running. Fitting my training around a young family is hard but am hoping that a marathon really can be done on 3 sessions a week! I have been training for a few months now but could really do with some more guidance to make sure I get the most out of my sessions and achieve my potential - without falling prey to the dreaded shin splints again....

    Marathon goal: sub 5h

    Marathon pb: 4h27 (FLM 2003)


  • Well where to start....

    Dave R


    The easy bit is over, and at last I have a place, tried many times before, but alas no joy.

    This will be my first marathon, aiming for sub 3.45 Hrs.

    I am in the Forces, and I have kept fit by training all over the world, in the Arctic, the Desert, on board ship (how many times can you run around HMS Ocean's flight deck!!), Cross training at sea is fun, as long as you row the right way to follow the ships motion!! The Jungle, getting up at 5am to run (out of the heat of the day) is fun!

    So you see motivation will not be a problem, direction may, hence you should pick me!

  • Name: Brigitte

    Reason why we should train you: Because without some direction I fear it will be another aimless marathon. 2008 will be my 6th London and 8th marathon since 2002. I started running in my 40th year during an early life crisis and need help to acheive a decent time as I approach my mid life crisis. I do too many junk miles and not enough smart training. I'm fed up being mediocre...I want to acheive but need my butt kicked occasionally!

    Marathon goal: would love sub 4hr but satisfied with sub 4.15
    Marathon PB: 4.28

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Name - Matt Lane

    After a dissapointing year where I should have done my first ultra and off the back off that posted a 3:30 FLM, it never happened due to Viral Pnuemonia in Febuary, and ended up just getting round London in 3:59 after losing 4 weeks training. Then sustaining a knee injury in May that kept me out till August.

    Now on the trail and ready for revenge in what will be my 10th Marathon and a stab, no definate effort for sub 3:30, I know I am capable of it, I now need to prove it.

    Current PB 3:33:47 Halstead 2006

    Aim Sub 3:30

    Heres goes for a double as still planning on my first ultra as well (I am mad and quite possibly deranged.....) in the Crawley 6 hour track challange in March.

  • Name: Camilla Briggs

    Reason why RW should train me: I have run London 3 times - all finishing within 2 minutes of each other. I am desperate to break 3 hours, which I should have done last year when I did a PB of 1.21 for a half marathon before, but got a couple of minor injuries 6 weeks before, I made it to the start line through grim determination, giving me an elite qualifying time, but not relinquishing my dream! I need to train differently, with a more focused & structured training schedule to banish my weaknesses & build on my strengths. Facing the build-up to another marathon thinking 'will it be 3.15 again?', makes me wonder where I can find the secret to 'changing the record'?

    Marathon Goal: Sub 3!!!

    Marathon PB: 3.13.01 (my first FLM 2003)

  • Name Jeni Furse

    Reasons why you should train me

    Third London marathon- have lost 17 lbs since getting my 5 time reject letter a couple of months ago by joining Weightwatchers with a vengance- would love to do 5 hours -5 hours 30. Am running this year with my son Jonathan who is 18 and a novice runner- he got in first time applying! We are both running for macmillan cancer research as my partner Paul is a cancer survivor.

    I work in a Primary school and we are getting the children involved with their own mini marathon around the school grounds (to be done in fancy dress of course image ).

    This will be my last marathon (famous last words) and I really really want to beat my pb. I first did it as part of Lorraine Kelly's Fab Fit and Forty team in 2004 and again in 2005. (led to a photo in Smash Hits (lol) and Here's health magazine.

    I am focussed!  

  • Marathon goal - 5 hours 30 or less

    Marathon PB - 5 hours 57 minutes 

  • Name: Dave Curley

    Reason why RW should train me: I took up running three years ago after a break of seventeen years (I will be 49 in January 2008) and have completed the Southend Half marathon for the last three years. I recorded a a best time of 2.02.14 this year.

    Since I started running again I have followed Runner's World half marathon training schedules and have an ever growing ambtion to complete my first full marathon in my 'home town' before I reach the age of 50.

    I was born in Stepney, East London, literally a stone's throw from the LFM course as it runs through Tower Hamlets. I also work for London Borough of Tower Hamlets, one of the FLM's 'host' Councils and would dearly love to work with Runner's World to achieve my long held ambition next April.

    Marathon Goal: Sub 4.30

    Half Marathon PB: 2.02.14 (Southend - June 2007)

  • Good luck everyone image
  • Name     Adam Back

    Reason why we should train you: Hi i run this years london marathon in 4hours 44minutes,this was a real struggle due to lack of training i guess and also the very hot weather. the reason i need some help is to have a  structure to my training for FLM 2008.I am the proud dad of two young children age 4yrs and 13 weeks and i am finding it hard to fit my running in due to work and family commitments.with your help and encouragement im sure i could reach my goal for next year.

    Marathon goal: to finish under four hours

    Marathon PB: 3 hours 40 minutes.

  • Name: Seren Nos

    Reason why we should train you:I have just have the luck to get one of my clubs places so will be running London for the first time..... I am a full time student working part time and have 3 children, 2 with special needs and I need some help with motivation because I hate running in the rain........ Living in Wales we get far more than our fair share and I fill with dread the thought of long runs in the pouring rain..... Please help keep me keep motivated.....This will be my second marathon so I haven't got the initial enthusiasm I had the first time around.....

    Marathon goal:4:20

    Marathon PB: 4:34

  • Name:  Louisa Jarvis

    Reason RW should train me:  A year ago I gave up a career as a professional dancer due to the break up of my marriage. I have since spent the last year drifting to the gym, doing a bit of swimming. With no goal to drive me I'm pretty useless. In October my boyfriend dragged me out on a run and, after a year of virtually no exercise, I couldn't even make it around the block! Being the very odd person I am when I got in I decided to enter the London Marathon! Ever since I have been running regularly and have been amazed at the progress. I can now run 6 miles without stopping in 50 minutes and have joined a local running club for support and advice. I think it may be fate but a few weeks ago my letter arrived to say I have a place!! Anyway, I am just slightly overwhelmed by the vast selection of training plans accompanied by the fact I now work as airline cabin crew, which is a little hard to work around.  I believe I would benefit hugely from the help of a coach.

    Please help me image

    Marathon Goal: To do the best possible I can do.

  • Name: Jack

    Reason RW should train me: Why not, I'm literate so I can write a blog.  I will be mostly training abroad which will add a bit of variety.  I've had most common injuries and spend most of the time injured so an injury story is fairly likely. I have no sob stories or personal tragedies so in other worlds I'm just a fairly ordinary 40+ male.  I'm overweight and my motivation is questionable.

    Marathon goal:  Sub 3:15

    Marathon pb: 3:15 and a few seconds

  • hi i would you to try and get me round in under 4 hours .i have ran the marathon four times and have got round in 4 01 13 i started running eight years ago when i lost a friend to a brain tumor i was not interested in running i was the beer and pie man laughing at my friends dad running so he told me i would not get round but i did 4hourers forty min with five months training . i am still running but cant get under 4 hours this is my goal i can run half marathons is 142
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