Calling all FLM race entrants



  • Look

    I got as far as page 10, then life was beginning to pass me by.

    I'm not voting for anyone entering after that, because if they really really wanted it then they would have been in the first few pages. I'm not voting for Wardi or Joolska, because I dearly love them as rivals and they are seriously highly motivated anyway. Ditto Barley, who is basically missing an important rotational fastening.

    I shall vote in no particular order for:

    Helegant: get ye better mine heroine

    Rich K: Rock and Stay of the forum, and altogether nice bloke. He'd make 2 of Haile G.

    Sezz: Look. Just who can fail to be touched by her story?

    A Newbie Chosen By Daniel RW: Because that's what it's about. In fact I'd choose 2, because of the drop out rate, but I'm not allowed 5 votes. Or am I?

  • Well, I reckon Rich K would be a popular choice because he has put so much back over the years. Other than that I really think that people, regular non-high-profile posters should be chosen just so that this all doesn't look a bit too select. 

  • To We Wish You a Chuggie Christmas. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. I will certainly take a look at the thread you suggest, sound like it could be a great place to start. I do train mostly on my own and help to avoid getting stale or defaulting to the easy option runs would be really good.

    Little Stoker - thanks also for your reply. I am wondering if you get time to sleep..... I will certainly be following your progress.

    I like this bit from Joe somerville
    we all like to run, be it fast or slow, the main thing is we enjoy doing it, Newbies, Oldies, black, white, green or any other colour, look around you and just  think, "A runner's just a friend I may, or may not know." 

    Good to remember !

  • Please train me - I need all the help I can get.  I am currently training with my friend so, by training me you would assist BOTH of us!  It is our first marathon and we really want to help our chosen charities (local Hospice and NW Air Ambulance) by performing well.


  • I think it would be a very interesting eye opener to follow somebody running in the AAA's of England and UK:Athletics Championship RACE, which is held in conjunction with the London Marathon charity fun run every year.

    Not putting myself forwards since:
    - I wouldn't run in sponsors kit (club vest only)
    - I don't crave media attention
    - I don't feel I need a change to my coaching set up

  • i vote for

    granny denny

    good mix there and would make interesting reading as well as them all being worthy cases

    good luck everyone

  • Name: Andy Sly

    Reason: Having only just realised this forum was open I have thrown my cap in for the training. Briefly I begain running in 2002 doing the GNR. Then at the age of 38 I ran my first marathon, the London marathon in 2003 ( 3:21), from this point I decided to try and run 50 marathons before I reached 50 years old. I have now run 22 in all, and regularly run sub 3 hrs, pbing at 2:48 and winning the Notts County Championship in September. I really regret not starting running properly at a far younger age as I feel I have missed out on a chance of becoming a very good marathon runner. I have followed my own training regimes based on the RW programmes since my first sub 3 in Rotterdam in 2005, and would love the opportunity to progress under some instructive guidance.

    Marathon PB: 2:48:43 Nottingham 2007

    Marathon Target: 2:44:59 London 2008.

  • I also run with a special dietry intake........................pie and beer.
  • I second Andy Sly. 

    He's a true inspiration, especially on the GNR thread where we are regularly amazed by his stamina and speed.  He could be well up with the elites if he had some fantastic RW coaching. 

  • I would also like to vote for Blisters, another person who I know would take the opportunity seriously and give it all he's got.
  • Thought it was about time I said a huge thank you to those who have endorsed my application to become a guinea pig, it's really kind and generous of you. I've hardly contributed to the Forum this year and it's nice to know I've not been forgotten image

    There are of course several of my friends amongst the other guinea pigs and I don't really wouldn't like to have to choose between any of you, so I'll stay on the fence and just say Vote Richk!!

    I'd like to welcome the newbies - I was new once too and remember lurking for several weeks before posting for the first time - not all of us find it easy to barge into discussions being held by virtual (in both senses) strangers.

    I've never understood why people take pleasure in winding others up, and saying things that they know will cause upset and/or offence, and I still don't. I guess we have to live with them. But so many Forumites have been lost to the Forum by this sort of behaviour, which is a real shame as they all had something valuable and interesting to contribute.

    Anyway, whoever is selected, Good Luck!! And thanks again for the kind words . .


  • Thanks very much for your support RLTW, its good to see someone showing support for felow competitor in same "race", just like running should be, cheers
  • Hi Folks,

    I'm not running the FLM but I would be interested in seeing if RW could get Polly Adams trained up enough to qualify as an elite lady.

    If we had votes (and a recap of each persons pitch somewhere - a bit like the fetchie of the month), I'd vote for PollyA Princess, Little Stoker, & Andy Sly.

    If Polly doesnt get picked I'd love to hear how her trainings getting on anyways

    Best of luck to everyone who's put their name forward 

  • Sod it, in for a penny, in for a pound. It's probably too late for me to be selected at this stage anyway, but nonetheless.....

    Name: Keith Russell

    My history: I'm 30. I started back running last year (after a 12 year break) after my wife and I had our first child as I didn't want him to grow up thinking his Dad was just a slob who sat on the sofa. He loves it as much as I do. My wife brings him to most of my races and he's always trying to join in, and loves running around himself (even to the extent that he's always trying to put my stopwatch and trainers on).

    I then picked up a stress fracture which meant I missed the last 4 months of last year. ....
    I started back training on New Year's Day with the intention of getting a sub 38 10k (36:40), a sub 1:30 HM (1:23:35) and a sub 3 Marathon (2:55:46). On New Year's Day I weighed in at 11st 11lbs (I'm 5ft 8in) and knew I had a lot of hard work ahead of me to hit my targets, but I buckled down and put the work in, shedding a lot of weight in the process (10st 1lbs at present). I've found that I have good recovery and as a result I can knock out a ridiculous amount of miles (most in a week this year was 128) if needed.

    Reason why we should train you:
    I'm motivated, believe I have some bit of talent and could do quite well if I can get it right.
    I would represent a challenge, as because of work and home commitments I have limited time available for training. I do have a plan drawn up to get me to London (and beyond), that means over 6 runs a week (the majority early in the morning before work) I will cover between 80 and 90 miles a week (though for 3-4 weeks pre-taper I would be able to fit in an extra session or two). I have also picked out and paid for all my races between now and London (actually, in all honesty I've pretty much picked out all my races for next year).
    I also incorporate 2 weights sessions and yoga into my week to complement my running.
    My training contains something similar to the combo sessions featured in the RW mag the month before last, so it would represent a chance for RW to show some of their articles in practise. It would also show just what Joe Average, who has to fit his training around his life can achieve.
    If the above sounds good, and you reckon you can add something to my training and help me get my goal, then pick me image

    Marathon goal: sub 2:37 (i.e. sub 6 min miling)

    Marathon PB: 2:55:46 (this year - untapered).
  • When are we going to hear the results Daniel ? (getting quite excited at the prospect of some intensive coaching !)
  • today i vote for andy sly, joolska, granny denny and a random overweight male absolute beginner.  preferably one who entered the marathon as a drunken bet, but if nobody owned up to that then the closest approximation.
  • We'll announce the guinea pigs by Thursday. I hope everyone understands that we'll try and pick a mix of runners with different abilities and that we'll also mix in some new and old members. It going to be such a hard task though. There are some many great pitches on this thread.


  • what about dan b from runners world?  he could do with a kick up the ass.
  • only if he runs in his dads coat

  • Why is everything always geared towards London and English races, I asked if we could have RW pacers this year at Edinburgh and didn't even get a reply.  Do you just cater for the English????  By the way I am not anti-english, I am married to an English man, just an observation!!!

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭


    I'm excited enough about Christmas let alone waiting for RWs decision.  Oooh, I shall burst by then.  Still, a lovely Christmas present for someone.  image

  • cotty, I know what you mean. I ran London a few years ago and the pacers wouldn't let me follow them. They wouldn't say why, but I think they knew I wasn't Englishimage
  • Now that the bidding is closed (well im assuming it is).

    If anyone fancies some Coaching from Barlos... id love to help someone image

    This offer is purely on the basis of fun and that its understood Barlos while being the coach of coaches has no official qualifications.

    Email me..

    Vote Barlos

  • Name: Morag Duller

    Why I should be chosen: honest answer - don't really have any special reason other than I absolutely love my runs each time I go out even if they seem like hard work, but I have never run London before so am a newbie.  So far the furthest I have run is a half marathon and would like some advice on stepping up to doubling the distance.   At the moment my training week usually consists of 3 days a week with one being a long run, one being a speed session and the other usually involving some other type of session such as hills.

    Marathon Goal: I would love to be able to do a marathon in about 4 hours.  My half marathon time is 1.50 and I know that doing a 4 hour marathon would be possible, but I seem to slow down a lot the further I go.

    Marathon PB: never done one before so therefore have no PB.


  • My vote goes to nsc (northernslowcoach) image image
  • Hi

    Only just found this thread and I'm probably too late to be considered now, story of my life really!

     Anyway, just in case....

     Name: Joanne Mumford

     Reason:It goes without saying that I really, really love to run and have been hooked for the last 5 years. I have 4 children and a part time job and train as much as possible but as you can see there are constraints. However I am willing to get up at an ungodly hour to fit the sessions in. I could probably manage 4/5 times a week. Having the commitment to stick with a schedule is not a problem, infact my problem is trying to do too much and being over ambitious. Running is the only thing that keeps me sane and beating PB's gives intense satisfaction but I'm frustrated by the marathon because every time I start the training I get injured and consequently have never fulfilled my potential. I desparately need some advice on how to run a marathon without getting injured.

     Marathon Goal: I really want to run a 3.15 marathon which would allow me to qualify for a championship place in 2009. I've tried so many times and have got close but not quite close enough! And I want to do it soon before I get too old!

    Marathon PB: London 2007-3h 21m. 


  • Only just started using these forums so have only just seen this, hope its not too late!

     Name: Claire Pettitt

    Reason: I'm really getting into this running malarky but am getting a bit bored of the same old runs. I think a good kick up the beehind is all i need, oh and maybe some expert advice from you guys ;p

    Marathon Goal: I'm not too sure how to figure this out but am hoping for around 4.30ish

    Marathon PB: 2008 will be my first one but did a hilly 10 mile in 1:33 in july and my last 10K was 57mins.

  • Gosh - what a long thread to read... and so many names. May as well throw my name into the hat too:

    .......... Name: Mr Wood
    .......... Reason: In addition to FLM, I'm also running Barcelona marathon and Ironman Nice, and might try some other littler marathons too. I probably won't listen to a word the coach says - which will then enable you to write a nice piece on how idiots get injured by not following your advice.
    .......... Marathon Goal: To entertain the mudchute posse (is there any other goal worth pursuing?)
    .......... Marathon PB: 3:20ish.

    So.... assuming it ain't gonna be me... who do I vote for?
    - RichK so he can't be there taking photos of me looking awful.
    - Sezz - I'd like to see her running so hard that she vomits at the finish
    - Barlos - some people need help
    - Wardi - for speed
    - RFJ - please get him to beat 3:30, but please don't let him finish ahead of me.
    - Womble - cos she knows where I live
    - Pixie - but only if she promises to be really evil
    ... and everyone else that knows me.....

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    That sounds like a little challange Hollywood.......... but think you have the upper hand in the lonfger distances.... take care
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Thanks Hollywood. I'll be sure to give you a huge hug at the end image

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