Gallowidian 10k

Well I didn't come last, but nearly, disappointed with my time 75 mins.

The 1st mile was undulating (bloody hills) 2nd fairly flat, hit the 2 mile marker at 21mins thought I was doing well, but the 2 to 4 mile stretch had a long incline (another bloody hill) that really slowed me down, it was mainly downhill, literally from there on in. I think I could have done a better time if I had someone to run with, maybe I need a pacer, or just someone to kick me up the a!!e and tell me to get a move on. The race itself was well organised, around 165 took place, good tee-shirts and medals (I can only dream about), and it was very warm & humid. Well I will now take myself over to training for some advice on how to get a faster time next race, because I will not give in.


  • Hi there WW are you doing the Great Scottish Run on Sunday? You can still enter on line and pick up your pack on Saturday.

    How about it?

    Great Scottish Run
  • SwissBobby I think I need a week or so to get over last nights race, and am thinking of doing the Cumbrian half at the end of September but thanks anyway. I am going to be in Glasgow on Sunday so shall keep any eye open for any Forumites. And good luck to all taking part on Sunday.
  • Hi WW, don't be disappointed, be proud, you did your first race, while 99.9 % of the population were sitting on their backsides. Sounds like quite a tough course and warm humid weather makes a difference to your speed as well. Personally I think 10Ks are the hardest distance since the general pace is faster anaerobic running that is always going to feel uncomfortable if not downright painful. And there are always many whizzkids who seem to be SO much faster than you are!

    You're obviously determined to get faster next time and I would say with the experience of your first one behind you, you'd almost certainly improve your time even with no change to your training. Anyway, 75 mins is perfectly respectable for a 10K. Congratulations!
  • PS Our posts crossed, the Cumbrian half is on Sun 15th Sept.
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