Help with page numbering on Word

Can someone please help me out?

I have an assignment due and I can't get the page numbers to print even though they are showing on the screen (although are grey - does this mean anything?) but I can't figure out how to get the "£$%£" things to print on the hard copy.

I have tried header and footer option and page numbering option to no avail. any help would be really appreciated.  



  • sorry I can't help you with that Lawro. Maybe you're just a bit of a Luddite as your avatar is not quite right either.

    Hopefully someone will be along in a minute who can be a bit more helpfulimage

  • might be that you have got them too close to the edge of the page and your printer can't print where the numbers are meant to be.  Increase your bottom margin and print a test page to see if that works.
  • they are grey because they are a footer - no need for concern on that front!  If you double click on the number you will open the footer box and the number will show black!
  • LOL Pizza Man - my computer skills are non-existent, even though I have a degree in I.T (only a Desmond though).

    PSC - Thanks for that - tried it and it hasn't worked.

    Is there a box ticked that shouldn't be that hides text in the header and footers - I can't find one though?

  • When you do a print preview, do they show up on that?
  • No they don't show on print preview either. the college has some text in the footer - coud they have done something to stop the text showing?
  • probably page setting problem

    try file ... page set  ... make sure the paper's on the correct setting (presumably A4) 

  • might be worth deleting the number that is there and then starting the numbering process again.  Open footer, insert page number, centre it or whereever you want it.  There is an option for not printing the number on the first page - is that what you've done....?  Off swimming now - good luck!
  • Are you trying to put them in a footer?? Have you got a footnote?
  • Ok - thanks for the help all - much appreciated.

    I will try the renumbering from scratch PSC other than that I think I may have to resort to numbering them manually.

  • I do my page numbering as PSC said above and that works. Maybe move the margins down on the page.
  • view, header and footer is where they should go..
  • I'm with PSC in thinking that it's a page size/setting problem but I will toddle off and start up Word and have a look.

  • Are they all finished now L? Hope so. I meant what I said about proof reading - you only have to ask
  • What version of Word are you using Lawro?  I ususally use 2003 but it's 2007 on this laptop and that's a whole new way of doing stuff.
  • Thanks for the advice all.

    I've sussed it - if all else fails start a new document and cut and paste it into that.

    Just printing it off now and then will go and have a glass of wine (large!). 

    Thanks again!

  • Word page numbering functionality is bobbins.
  • I was about to suggest it might be a printer problem... mine sometimes cuts off the bottom of pages unless the print area is set to maximum in the printer properties.
  • Bring back WUSIWUG eh?
  • I can't figure out tabs and tables either and that blimmin paper clip is useless.
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