Disabled and desperate



  • Thanks again everyone image

     Just washed the kitchen and bathroom floors .. swept up .. dusted ... strategically placed some items in full view (wheeled walker, long arm reacher etc) and other things have been removed image .. I'm not 'cheating' .. but I do know a 'wobbler' being in full view would say something completely different than 'maybe she only uses it for a few minutes a day' image .. took all the little rugs up .. (people with mobility issues shouldn't have rugs) .. put my little stock of malt whiskies away .. don't want her to think I am an alky ... image

    Got my paperwork out .. printed off my fibro symptoms .. dug deep into my filing cabinet and found my old Cambridge City disabled green card .. given myself a pep talk .. about to go and have a shower image

    It's all action here this morning .. tired out .. sleepless night .. getting a bit stressed (but trying hard not to flippin' fibro) .. hmmm ... hope she doesn'yt want to go in my bedrooms .. I've chucked all the bits and bobs in there image

    It will be fine .. I know this .. but it's a 'big thing' .. so I feel it's ok to feel a bit stressed ... image

  • Of  course it's a big thing, Patootie! But you've done all the right things, and you have got absolutely the best reason for wanting to move. Like Screamer says you just need to be closer to other people so you can get on with life!

    Vibes definitely coming your way from here!!!


  • Good luck Toots, I'm keeping everything crossed for you today - it's making typing a bit tricky though!
  • Ok .. you can all relax your fingers and toesies ... image

     She has just left .. I got the time wrong .. flippin' fibro .. so I wasn't dressed when she got here .. !  But I had everything ready to put on so it only took a few minutes .. she spent an hour going over why I wanted to move .. what I needed .. the locations .. and everything .. which is just the same questions and info as the 1st phone call I made and on the form I filled in ..so I have no idea why they want to see you as well !

    There is a flat coming up in my 1st choice place .. it might be mine .. but that will be in just a few weeks time .. but if I do get offered it I will have to accept as apparently very few of the places already have shower rooms .. most are still baths .. and that's no good at all .. so it might all happen in a rush .. GULP !!I have a medical form to be filled in by the docs .. but if they'd sent that to me with the other paperwork I could have handed it back to her today .. instead of delaying things  DOH!!I think it will all be OK ... just it might all happen a bit quicker than I would have liked .. ohh well better get on with selling my household effects hahahahah !!! Anyone want to buy a house full of 'things' .. ?? Heehehhehhhhe .... Going to make a coffee now and sit and relax .. then get the camera out ans start snapping ready to put things onto Ebay .. image
  • hey,  good news tootes.  Maybe geting the time wrong was a good thing.

    I suspect they needed to see you rather than just believe what as on the forms, and I have to say that I wouldn't blame them for not believeing everything that gets put on forms by some people.

     If you have loads of 'stuff' you need ti get rid of you could always try some house clearance people if time becomes really pressing.  It would not be a good price but would save you having to move stuff you didn't really want.


  • Hey, well done, Toots! As Colin said, maybe it was even good that you didn't look TOO 'manicured' when they came. I'm sure he's right, too, that they have to check and see for themselves that what people put on the forms is true.

    I did sort of wonder if this might move fast once you got into the right channel, because there are not so many of these places, as you said, and they are in high demand, so when you get the offer you really have to take it. On the other hand, you've already made a good start at thinking through the sorting out, and for a great chance like this I'm sure family and friends will rally round.

    But even if you are looking at a few weeks of scrambling around, to be offered a chance of moving quickly into your first choice place.....that's really, really great news!!!

    WOOHOOO, move over world, Patootie is on her way back!!!!

  • woo hoo - how exciting, glad it all went well Patootie image

    I've never bought or sold anything on ebay, but everyone I know seems to and all sorts of things seem to sell - I am sure you'll get rid of your extra stuff and I guess it must be fun seeing the bids coming in too. Good luck with everything x

  • I feel exhausted .. but pleased .. scared and excited .. overwhelmed but ready to get stuck in .. pheweee .. I am all over the place .. image

    I am going to go and watch TV for an hour or so .. got to stop my mind racing along at a hundred miles an hour ..

      ... then .. then I'll get my camera out .. image 

    Ohh .. and Colin .. last time I had to use a house clearance service I found you had to pay THEM .. pay them to come and clear out ... image

  • Oh gosh that is just so exciting I want to jump up and down but I'm sitting at my desk so I can't!

    Hope you'll hear something really soon Toots


  • How's it going today, Patootie? Started the eBay assault yet? Do you know when you will hear for sure, and will they tell you then exactly when you're expected to move? And will they give you any help with the moving?

    Gosh, once you start to think of this as a real event, there's a lot to think about, isn't there?

    And can you believe that just a couple of months ago you labelled yourself 'Disable and desperate, life feels over'? Look at you now---focused, optimistic, charging ahead with a whole new life-improving campaign!!! WELL DONE TOOTS!!!!! Hats off to you.

  • Really tired today ... fibros flared up after yesterday mornings stress .. image

    Went to get started listing on Ebay only to find they have put their fees up so much that it's about 400% more overall .. admittedly less to pay to put your item on Ebay .. but they now charge whacking end value fees .. so I've had to spend the afternoon looking for a new auction site .. http://uk.ebid.net/ that's the one for me .. they only charge 3% of the end value .. image .. or you can make a one off payment and not pay anything more ever .. image

    But I've got to stop and rest again now .. blimey .. how ever am I going to cope with moving ..  so mucg to do .. so little energy and time to do it in image .. I've decided to have a 'right good old panic' now .. and get it all over with .. then I can focus on steadily making things ready to 'go' ... image

    And yes .. how amazing that so much has happened since I first posted .. I think it's more a WELL DONE .. Runners World Forumites .. you have really given me the fresh look on life I needed .. image

  • Oh Toots, shame the fibro kicked in, but not surprising you had some after-effects from what WAS a stressful interview. Prolly just means you need to prioritise the jobs. But no matter how you plan, the REALLY important things will get done, and loads of less important things simply won't, cos that's how ALL moves go. So make the best plans you can, and don't worry too much about it!

    Well done you for finding such a good substitute for eBay. With that kind of energy and determination, you will manage this move brilliantly, for sure!

    And I was looking back at some of the posts when you first described wanting to move---it's just going to open up so many new things for you, I love to think about it!!!! It will be worth all the hassle of moving, for sure!

    Hope you manage a good sleep tonight and that tomorrow you feel you've done the panicking and now you can start planning to move house image))))
  • Panicking is the way fibro works .. it causes imbalances of certain chemicals in the brain .. so everything seems to go 'skewwhiff' for a while and everything gets a bit crazy .. but I am now used to this happening .. and I have found in the past it's best to just 'let it rip' for a while until it 'burns' itself out .. trying to 'control' it merely prolongs the time it takes to sort it out and get back to 'normal' again image
  • Must be uncomfortable to feel your mood slipping away from you like that, Patootie, but how good that you are able to perceive it, recognise that it's a chemical thing, and let it burn itself out instead of wasting your energy trying to 'control' it.

    You were late last night---I hope you managed to get to sleep and have a good rest, and that the panic has disappeared today, leaving you your energetic and positive self! xxx

  • Today .. my brain is willing .. but my body isn't image .. went to bed 2am read for an hour (superb book - Robyn Young - Crusade - book 2 of The Brethren trilogy ). got up 7am .. 3 trips to the 'little room' .. flippin' fibro image

    But I am making good use of my time .. I have found a really good online 'move me' web site .. it has loads of lists of things you need to do when you move home .. like the post office, solicitors, docs, banks etc etc .. and utilities, pensions, councils etc etc image

    Then there are lists for how to get started sorting possessions, what to take, what to keep, getting services started in the new place .. who you need to contact from the  new place etc etc ... so it's a HUGE lot of the 'drudgery' of moving all set out ready to follow .. that will be an ENORMOUS help to me and my generally scatty brain .. image

    In fact once I found the web site I could feel the calming 'relief' of having 'a plan to follow' coursing through me .. image

    It's rather cold and windy outside .. but I am going to wrap up warm and 'nip up' to the post office and get all my financial jobs done now as it's going to rain in roughly 90 minutes time according to the way my knees are 'popping'  image

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better today Patootie and that you got a good night's sleep.

     GC is right about the move - at a certain point all you can do is go with it. I'm sure you'll be well prepared when it happens - and that's WHEN not IF.

    Hope they let you hear soon.

    Don't give us too much credit for what YOU have done by the way  image

  • Oops - cross post - have a good day today image
  • Precisely 93 minutes after I posted it was going to rain in 90 minutes .. spots of rain started falling on the windows ... image

    Hooray for my knees image

  • maybe you could provide a weather forcasting service... for the weather forcasters!


  • Oh YES. Colin's right, that could be a very useful sideline, Toots image))

    Sorry the sleep was so broken, but good on ya, yet again, for finding such an inmaginative and sensible way to help you get through this moe. It would never have occurred to me to look on the net, but at least half the hassle in these big projects is the fear of forgetting to do something important, so if some valiant soul has already thought it through, that's going to save you a lot of time and nervous energy.

    You know, I'm really constantly amazed at these creative solutions you come up with, Jan. Hats off to you! This is going to be one of the best moves your new neighbours will ever have seen, for sure!

  • Gentle Chugger wrote (see)

    You know, I'm really constantly amazed at these creative solutions you come up with, Jan. Hats off to you! This is going to be one of the best moves your new neighbours will ever have seen, for sure!

    It's not at all creative .. I just scrabble to find some way that will prompt me to do the things that must be done .. if I left getting the move sorted to my 'silly old brain' .. I'd probably end up somewhere in the middle of Scotland .. lost all my goods enroute .. and forgotten to tell half the world I was moving .. image

    Sigh .. I used to be soooo organised and in control .. now I struggle to complete the most simple of tasks .. but it does make you laugh when you decide to go and make a cup of coffee and see there is already a cup of warm'ish coffee made .. made .. but forgotten to take it with me to drink image

    Haahahha .. never a dull moment with a fibro sufferer .. and the more you try and think about .. the more your brain fades .. so having a list to follow is wonderful ... now .. I just have to remember to look at the list .. image

  • I still carry a notebook in my pocket most of the time, a 'benefit' of my head injury was that initially I needed to.   On one occasion I walked into Melksham to buy something, about 3 miles (this was before I got my licence back).  I had forgotten my notebook and could not remember what it was I as going to buy.  I spent about an hour drinking cups of coffee before deciding that I could/would not remember and then walked home, collected my notebook (thought 'ah, that's what it was' when I read what I was going to buy) and walked back again to buy it.   It was something trivial like tea bags, but I knew I had walked in for something but could not remember what.

    In this case there was a 'benefit' to forgetting my notebook.... I had a nice 12 mile walk that I would not have done otherwise.

    I'm sure that you look on the postive side of things, at least that's how you come across in your postings.


  • Ok .. don't panic anyone .. I'm fine .. but ... image

     I was just sitting here in my jim jams (odd ones too .. top from one set - bottoms from another  imageops: ) .. getting stuck into some 'Friday - end of week' comping ..  or so I thought ... when ...

    BANG BANG ... and the letter box rattled ...

    Botheration I thought ... who the heck is that ..

    .. tried to make myself look half way presentable ..

    ... opened the door   image

     .. it was a Sainsbury's groceries delivery man .. assuming he had got lost I asked him which number he was looking for .. he looked at me somewhat oddly and said .. errr .. yours !!

    OMG .. I checked the paperwork .. he was right .. I'd made an order .. somewhat embarrassed I let him bring the shopping in ..  image

    Once he was gone I dashed in here to see when I put the order in .. yesterday afternoon  image.. admittedly I have been more than a little 'shell shocked' this last few days .. tremendous home upheaval going on .. car servicing needing booking .. sister arriving soon from Australia .. some urgent docs paperwork needing attention .. visits from housing associations .. not sleeping well .. solicitors lost my house deeds etc etc

    .. but flippin' norah .. I actually ordered a load of shopping and I don't even remember doing it ..  image

    image mind you .. I did a really good shop .. everything nice and healthy .. nice fresh fruit and veg .. lean meats .. and after doing a quick check .. I remembered everything I needed too ..  and I did need to do some shopping this weekend .. or at least I did .. image

    ... I reckon I should do my shopping more often under stress .. I made a blinkin' good job of it image

     Now .. all those who 'cracked up' laugh .. can jolly well go and do 100 metres extra jogging today .. 'punishment' for laughing at the 'afflicted' .. image

  • OHHHH blimey ... it's SATURDAY too isn't it .. image

    OKAY ... stay calm ... takes a deep breath .. count to 10 .. say the alphabet backwards .. think Zen like thoughts ... pulls self back into the real world ... image

  • I put my purse in the fridge you know


  • LOL patootie the shopping story made me laughimage I make drinks and forget to drink them all the time - I put it down to getting olderimage

    I really think perhaps you should contact the met office to see if they would like to pay you to predict rainfall with your knees - must be better than the seaweed or whatever it is they are using at presentimage

    Have a good weekend.

  • Oh Patootie---at least you seem to have ordered all kinds of good stuff! If I have that kind of mind slip I usually discover that I 'forgot' I had acquired a large box of chocolate or something else equally naughty, but 'since I have it I might as well eat it...'!! And most of us know that feeling of 'what did I come in here for?'

    That said, from what you've written before I guess that with the fibro this kind of thing happens more often, and is more awkward, than what the rest of us have to deal with, so again it's an example of your optimism and resilience that you deal with it so easily.

    How's the sorting/photographing/planning of the move going? And do you know yet when you will get a firm date? From what you were writing it sounded as if it might be quite soon, perhaps even before Easter? At any rate, you're bound to move on the rising half of the year, which is always nice cos it means you will have the nice weather to enjoy your new place and find your away around the new neighbourhood etc. It's quite a lot nicer exploring on a warm sunny afternoon in summer than on a cold rainy dark November morning!!

  • Morning Patootie et al,

    Hope you all had a good weekend.

    LOL at the Sainsbury's delivery. My fridge is usually empty by the time the groceries come so no chance of me forgetting image  

    Agree wth GC re the move - and spring is but 5 days away!

  • Hehehhe .. my ego is feeling beautifully plumped up and nutured today .. what a lot of lovely compliments you are all handing out .. image

     It's quite odd .. but I am finding pulling open drawers (far too long left shut and contents mainly forgotten) quite therapeutic .. and yesterday a leaflet plopped through my letter box .. Boy Scouts yearly jumble sale .. kerbside collection next weekend .. woohoooo ...

     So I have a week to organise myself to donate as much of the .. not taking it with me, not good enough to sell, too good to throw away .. books, bric a brac etc etc as possible .. I reckon that should be at least 4 good sized black bags full .. image

     That's really good timing ... a chance to 'off load' a whole load of 'what am I going to do with this' stuff .. and nice to feel I am helping the Scouts out too .. image

    Very, very odd to see 'empty' places starting to appear .. already found a few things I had thought were 'lost forever'  years ago .. and an inner sense of ... 'I am on the move' .. that peculiar feeling you get between doing one thing and another .. like that last week at work after you hand your notice in .. you already start to feel like a stranger .. yet it's all familiar .. I suppose it's a good dollop of .. 'what the heck am I doing' .. along with a healthy measure of 'apprehension'  and 'what will it be like' .. 'will I like it' .. 'how will I cope' .. etc etc ..

  • Well done Toots - three cheers for the scouts too!

    I just love chucking stuff out.  A bagful of clothes and bedding went out for Great Ormond Street on Friday image

    Problem is, I often replace  said stuff with other stuff - especially clothes - an empty hanger is a  wasted hanger, LOL image

    GC - did you see the last episode of "The Choir" on Friday?

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