Oakley replacement lens

None on the main online retail sites (wiggle etc) do not seem to sell replacement lenses for Oakleys.

 A google search comes up with some smaller sites who I've never heard of.  Has anyone had any experience of buying replacemnet lens on-line?


  •  Have bought from www.gosportsspex.co.uk - friendly, reliable, very helpful.

     Would also recommend www.rxsport.co.uk


  • I dont think Wiggle sell oakleys anyway ? So they wont do the lenses.

    Lots of bike shop places will do them too.  

  • Thx for the replies.

    You are right that wiggle dont sell  - was using as example of the main retail sites - most dont have replacement lens.  Had searched through chainreaction etc etc It seemed to be less well known sites carrying the lenses

    As it happens, found an optician only half mile from office who do Oakleys - ordered through them at same price at same price I've seen on-line.

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