Can someone suggest a turbo trainer please

I'm not after a fancy gadget one that gets hooked up to pc's, but one that's quiet and doesn't wake up the house?

Any makes/brands I should look at?




  • Same advice as always, one of the Kurt Kinetics from Planet-x or a Taxc Flow.  Others will be along in a minute to suggest the Taxc swing and some Minura ones.  Really, most of them will be OK, but in all cases it will be improved by the use of a special tyre, the conti training tyre for example. 
  • I've got this one and it works for me.

    Tacx £80

  • I bought my Tac x i Magic from which was not only a good price, but free delivery from Germany. Great service too.

    (They sell cheaper, non singing/dancing turbos too)

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Just looking at those now!image
  • If you want something quiet then go for a magnetic trainer, rather than fan or fluid.  I have the Tacx Sirius which is very quite.  It's definately worth getting a turbo trainer tyre though.
  • Mine's the Mag500, very similar to that of KKs.  Actually, I can't remember how much I paid IMp for mine.  It was about half RRP.  If you read this mate, it's set up in my lounge behind me so it's put to good use!  thanks again!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Do you need a specific turbo for an MTB ?
  • Most turbo trainers can be adjusted for 26" wheels.  You need to make sure your back wheel has a quick release and you'll need a slick road tyre.
  • Mister W does the Tacx Sirius need putting together?

    KK, it says yours comes ready done, is that right? Plus how do you find the noise level?

    I'm concerned about the noise as I'll most likely be doing this when the kids are fast alseep!

  • I just use Yellow Pages to raise the front wheel.
  • thanks KK. Think I may go for that one. Can't be doing with trying to put something together and getting it wrong!
  • TR no, it's not for a MTB.

    I like your improvisation there Garr. Had to laugh as my yellow pages has been seriously thumbed through and notes written all over the solicitors pages. BTW the one today is definitely the right one, he won't be intimidated and gave straight advice.

  • Simulates steering KK! ;o)

    My Yellow Pages gets used for nothing, so at least this way it's not wasted!

    Glad to hear that AFL.  Remember, no holds barred.  If you want the best for your boys, take everything you can.

  • I have the noisiest turbo on the globe - when I used it in my old flat I used to put a note on the door to tell people that I would be stopping at a certain time! It was proper noise polution. Now I live in the country I can do what I want!!

    Thanks to ever put up the German website - I'm going to get the lights that they are advertising for Christmas from my folks. Last year they thought they bought me a very expensive shirt - re-cycled into bike kit. Mum still asks why I never wear it! Although I think she has her suspicions....

  • Ordered the same one as you KK. I didn't get a rubber mat at £34.99, thought that was a bit pricey, so will use an old yoga mat instead underneath. Hope it arrives soon, I really need to start getting fit again.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    what's the rubber mat for? 

    and the yellow pages are just fine as a riser I reckon.

  • The rubber mat is meant to reduce noice and vibration and movement, apparently!!

    KK, give me a few weeks then lets meet up for a cycle. I can't wait!!!!!image

  • Wiggle tried delivering today but I was out!image
  • Good choice of Turbo afl, take time to set it up properly to avoid burning rubber and wearing your rear!!!

  • *waits patiently by door for delivery man and new turbo trainer!*
  • Its arrived! image 

    Can't wait to get started, doesn't look too complicated to set up. Will give it a try tomorrow as gotta go out now.....

    BTW thanks KK!

  • I really should attempt my first go on the turbo's all set up, so why am I so hesitant?
  • May as well get started - the sooner you try it the sooner you'll give it up and decide it's better just to ride outside. 
  • What are you waiting for AL? I'm dying to know what you think - I was mocked when I asked about turbo trainers - but that was a couple of months ago when the roads weren't quite to icy and scary! It's starting to look like a very good idea again... Good luck. 
  • Ooh look - I'm a pirate image
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