So so cold!


It's so so cold outside and my good girl four training runs a week have stopped. Doing one or two and it's cold and dark and there's cake and hot chocolate inside but I'm turning into jelly!

 How do you get thourgh the winter?



  • Once you start running, your body gets warm!

    Wrap up and then peel the layers away when running.

    -20 with wind chill is my record.............

  • Aye KK. Training weekend in the new year?
  • I've changed my runs a bit do a bit of waring up inside the house and when I open the door run like hell until I'm warm. It's the dark that really get me the trails a run have now lighting and it's not safe (falling over because you can't see and hurting yourself). I hate the dark! I'll just put my running kit on and try running around the park!

    I've got a holiday booked in Jan so warm weather training!

  • I don't like the cold, but what has been getting me outside is the fact that I have entered a race in the New year and have a specific time target - I know that doing the miles will help me achieve the target, so I go out even though parts of me don't ever seem to warm up even after 10 miles! If I really can't face going outside then I get on the treadmill at the gym - they all countimage
  • balls of steel

    Not is this weather!!!!!!!!!

  • Stop being so soft

    My wife, a complete novice, went out jogging with me at 7pm last night.

    If she can - you can

    Mind you she is as hard as nails.....

  • Definately layers and gloves...and you do feel better after...image
  • Blonde, it really is the going out that's the hard bit.  Once you get going you'll be fine. 
  • Agreed to all the above  - once outside your door your on your way and that's more than half the battle.
  • Ok ok

    I've just done a hilly 6k. I'll just make sure i'll do that 3 more time this week! Yes Muffin Girl gloves and layers are the key!

    Thank you

  • Run faster - you get warm quicker!

    A head band to keep your ears warm, and gloves for your hands, and you'll be fine.
  • I have to say the cold weather is doing wonders for my speed work... the faster I run the quicker I get back home to a hot shower! image
  • It doesn't bother me yet.  10 minutes in and I am warm and toasty!!

    I suppose the only thing with winter is being prepared to fork out an extra couple quid to get some decent gear to run in so the cold doesn't feel as bad

  • I must say that the hardest part for me is not how cold it is outside, it's getting out of bed & leaving Mrs GZ in bed behind me, I know where I'd much rather be image  - well until the kids wake up that is! image
  • Ha - I have all but completely given up trying to run before work mornings!  I am definitely a nocturnal human and would FAR rather run when I get home at night. 

    Apart from over weekends.  Then running in the later morning is acceptable!

  • Dont mind the cold as long as you have a base layer top and leggings, hate cold AND rain together though, balls of ICE then TT.
  • I have to admit that I wore a pair of my mother in law's gloves for my long run yesterday, -thats the last time she'll leave items of clothing behind. Hands stayed toasty warm though. Underwear my own I must stress...

    My motivation for running comes from the relief in knowing that I'm not gasping along in the midday sun chasing a pb, sweat in my eyes, gagging for a cold beer during an August race. Cold crisp air is pretty refreshing then, legs seem to tick-over pretty happily.

  • I have to say, I've been a bit slack and not run since Aug (bad bad me) until last week. I kept seeing my boss running past me on the way home and I felt really inspired just to get out there and run. I ran nearly the best time I've ever done, and I kept running for longer than usual and now I love running in the cold. I want to find time to go out this week, but xmas party season is upon me and I seem to be busy all the time. Boo (sort of!)
  • Wasn't there also that rumour that any winter exercise burns more calories because your body "works harder" to warm up??

    Another one of my winter running reasons, either way

  • Because in the Spring when the joggers are all unfit from staying inside like wimps - us lot will be fighting fit!
  • I like running in the cold crisp air, what I don't like is when I get back to the house and it feels far too hot ... cue an argument with the G/F about turning the thermostat down
  • I love winter running.

    Breathable layers and gloves are key, and a buff to keep my ears warm (head gets too hot in a beanie).

    I like the fact that your eyelashes have little icicles on them when it's really cold.

    Down side is.. whump! That'll be black ice image

  • Icicles on your eye lashes??  Where are you?

    I miss the heat....  


  • It's just too cold! It was so cold today next door dog didn't want to go on it's walk. I've never had a dog look at me like I was mad before!

    It'll wram and light soon! I hope!

  • In 5 months yeh! 

    Considering your body warms up really quickly, braving the cold isn't actually that big a deal.  Get some gloves and I guarantee that within minutes, you end up taking them off... 

  • It looks like I have the advantage by having started running in the winter; I've never known anything else.

    Blonde007, pull yourself together and get out there image

  • Any advice on dealing with ice?
    I don't mind the cold, but up in the Frozen North it does not even melt at lunchtime, so if I can't get out in daylight then I can't run on pavements & have to go round dark fields on my own with a head-torch - don't like that so much.
    Tips on not falling over appreciated!
  • Ouch - sorry Duckk Girl.  Am from SA so any cold below around 15 degrees is new to me (still get out though).  What about running around with an already heated kettle?  Or run in the mornings once the sun has risen?

    Stupid weather   image

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