Gym shut over Christmas...what to do?


I run 35km a week on the treadmill. I used to run outdoors but tried the gym after getting tired of stopping to cross roads, bad weather, and of course, it being dark when I get in from work and me being a young female.

Now, I realise I'm letting slip that  I'm rather fanatical about running but the gym is shut quite a bit over the Christmas period, more than my 2 rest days!!! I'm quite happy to run outdoors but how (without buying expensive new equipment) can I make sure my run is the same intensity and length? I find I work harder on the treadmill cos I keep the spped constant and set the incline to a steady 3.0 - 2.5

Any advice from anyone much appreciated!


  • eat drink and be merryimage
  • get yerself outside in the fresh air !
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Gemma, just get out there and run.  No such thing as bad weather, just bad kit.
  • doesnt pay to get too obsessive about a routine - use the holidays to enjoy the daylight - plenty of space to run in and just have fun with your exercise.
    even if you skip the gym for the hols - it really wont harm you. And probably do you good.
  • If you are off work, enjoy the daylight, don't bother about time & distance, & just get out in the fresh air - it is much more fun than being a hamster.
  • I'm not quite in the same boat as you but my gym is closed most of the time over xmas so i'll just be out on the bike or running during thedaytime. 
  • What the others say - get out in the fresh air.

    I understand your anxieties, what with being a young female. But over the holiday period and esp on Crimbo and Boxing days you'll find that everyone else in indoors either eating and drinking themselves silly or traipsing round the sales ... so you should find outdoor running a less hassled experience.

    More generally, another good time to run outdoors is any evening when the England footie squad are playing an important match. Last time they were against Argentina the streets were so deserted I thought WW3 had broken out ...

  • I've never run in a gym but can't imagine getting up any excitement over running indoors?   Get out!   Yes it's cold and near street lights. The fear factor ..............adds to the fun. My best runs have been in the dark through the woods image

  • You need to get out and run.  You must be one of the few people who prefer to run indoors.  I have my own treadmill but boy is it boring, especially if its a long run to do.  Enjoy.
  • Find a friend or two to run with.

  • "No such thing as bad weather, just bad kit." - I really like that Sezz image

  • Thanks! Sound advice and I agree, running outdoors is so much more fun. But  the gym does fit much better into the end of my day and I can't say I live in a very scenic place! In support of gyms, I do get to watch the BBC news whilst doing my speed work! I realise I look like a hamster but it's not that boring! And I don't have to dodge people, wait at traffic lights.... I'm not going to convert  a majority though am I!!!

    Bad weather/ bad kit? So far, haven't found any headwear that keeps the rain off my glasses image Not fun!

     Merry Christmas! 


  • baseball cap ? Maybe you could hook up with another gym evictee and run together ? There must be a park or somewhere you can run easily ?
  • Get some perspective, hun- do you have to do 35km per week?

    It's only a few days, run outside during the daylight if you want some fresh air and...

    dare i say it, give your body a little rest time image

  • I like running in the gym too - and that's where I do most of my running. I don't know why people are so hostile to gyms. My advice is to avoid running on pavements if you are used to the treadmill. They do my knees in in no time - I speak from recent (bad) experience.
  • It's personal preference yes.

    They have their place for conditioning and rehab but I still don't like them.

    All I see is poor form and injuries waiting to happen or, after Christmas, unconditioned people trying to kill themselves on treadmills.

    Treadmill running is easier than outside but infinately more boring.

  • Gyms do have their place, especially for people new to running. But from my experience - once you have run outside - most people prefer that.

    Its not good to be reliant on something though - its very unhealthy to get obsessesive.

    And you cant just say that pavements wreck knees - lots of runners are fine with many miles of pavement running. Sure its not as cushioned as the treadmill, but maybe you've spent too long on there. Its an artificial environment. It would be like Lewis Hamilton training on his PS3 and then complaining that it hurts when he crashes his car for real in races. Kinda.
  • I agree - I can't stand being in a gym!  It's like a pretend world for people.  I would rather be out running or playing a sport or bouncing around a field or dojo.  Much more socialable and I think it releases more happy endorphins being outdoors
  • I guessed when I posted this that there would be a strong feeling majority of outdoor running! I began running outdoors and moved over to mainly treadmill after hip injuries. I feel much safer knowing I'm not going to stumble over an inconsistency in the pavement surface or twist my ankle in a pot hole.
  • how many days is your gym actually shut?

    mine is only shut on Christmas day and Boxing day and New Years day so there are your rest days? 

    do less sessions and go for walks on your extra rest days ?

    do less but longer/harder sessions on the days the gym is open ?

    I can see where you are coming from because i only intend running offroad or on grass when i return to running which means either daylight or very well lit playing fields - which will be possible sometimes so the treadmill will help when its not possible

    and anyway whats so attractive about running outside in rush hour fumes and  cold freezing fog december nights on dual carriageways ...

    to each their own image

  • Go outside - it's free and alot of the time is beautiful.
  • ...a room full of sweaty, smelly people....sounds likle my doctors clinic BUT it is the gym...soooo un-hygenic...image
  • its the farty motor cars and smog that make me coughimage
  • find a park - Gordobn Ramsey uses the embankment in Central London when training for the marathon
  • not wise in the dark tho..might trip over something
  • like the odd homeless person ?            image
  • if they were on the golf course footy field !

    actually its not too bad on clear moonlit night ..just look a bit of a t!t with a headlight on ....tried walking with a headlamp earlier this year ..didnt feel right somehow

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