Thursday session

Bogh? - I can't be first! Is nobody else training today?

What: MUST do long run today.
Why: Haven't run all week. Aborted plans to run yesterday - swam 2km and did weights instead.
Last hard day: Sunday.
Last rest day: Tuesday.


  • Vrap, 2K swim sounds pretty much like hard work, forget the weights on top. Good luck with a long on top of all that. Makes me want to rest just reading it.

    What: Got out the Right trainers (For Running Only, pride of place in the shoe rack) succeeded in doing the laces and Ran 3M, no problems with back while running. Silver lining of being often off, is that I often find myself coming back to it, with a scarcely describable feeling of delight and relief that I can again. To be able to is close cousin to freedom itself, and I am truly grateful.

    And then: swam 500m. Dusted off trudgeon crawl, well, half trudgeon actually, which was for a time my favourite stroke. It's a little too tiring to keep it up continuously, but sandwiched between lengths of ordinary crawl it is gratifying because I can go fast!

    Don't know many people who use the stroke over here these days. My kids were never taught it.
  • What: not very much, at very low intensity, on grass.
    Why: have in the last week bumped up the length of my longest runs from 9.3K to over 10K. Have done 10K or more 3 times since Fri and that coupled with 2 threshold+ paced runs seems to have hit me harder than I expected.

    Last hard day: Tue
    Last rest day: Sat
  • V-rap, 2K swim is a long way! Well done on that one, but are you sure you should be doing a long run today?

    Tim, I'm really glad that cute cats delay your running. It makes up for the feline WW3 going on in my house at the moment that I run to get away from. Can't wait til they settle down together and start being cute instead of hissing and growling!

    Right, down to today:
    What: 4m easy with erstwhile running partner who has made a come-back since getting engaged and wanting to be thin for her wedding next June.
    Why: that's what the schedule says and I am supposed to be tapering.
    Last rest day: actually it was Monday, not saturday as I posted yesterday. Confused? I am! All this exercise is going to my head!
    Last hard day: Tuesday
  • Well there are some sterling swimmers on this forum. 2 km swim? Half trudgeon crawl? I'm strictly breaststroke, crawl has me exhausted after one length. Pleased to hear you got out running again Marj.
    Tim, how do you run at 5 am?

    What: rest or easy 3 miles if I feel like it tonight.
    Why: supposed to be an easy week with 1/2 on Sun.
    Last hard: Tues
    Last rest: Sat.
  • Trudgeon crawl? Marj, not only was I never taught it, I've never HEARD of it. How does it differ fron ordinary crawl? Not that I can do that either - I'm strictly an eyes-above-the-waterline breaststroker. The 2km was a PB distance-wise, but not by much (used to do a mile and a bit before breakfast on Sundays). I don't rush - it took me about 70 minutes - and suspect my swims never hit the cardio training HR zone.

    RR, I don't know if I should really be doing a long run today because I've got a 5-mile race on Sunday. Does one taper for 5 miles? I was going to have a rest day tomorrow and an unusually easy day on Saturday. My legs are gagging for a taste of the road.

    Glad your shoes are back on, Marj.

  • Swimming?? lots of trashing, splashing and completely out of breath after 15m so not my sport => triathlons are but a dream.

    what: rest (see below)
    why: I need it
    days since last toughie: 1 last nite
    days since rest: 2 (tues)

    Did my longest run todate yesterday evening. 2hrs12 non stop at avg WHR of 80% along a trail type route with Hills every 10 mins or so (ca 40m climb each). Best guess at distance is ca 15.5-16 miles so probably just under 8min30/mile pace I reckoned. there was no particular prepn for this run in terms of tapering/diet. this gives me confidence I can run a reasonable 1/2M but the question is what pace? 1:45 means <8min miling. I note the RW warning " early miles of HM are critical run the first 3mls 1 minute too fast will cost you 5 over the last 3" that's only a 4% error!

    Anyway muscles and joints are a bit achy this am so will need to take it easy, wondering how to tackle Sundays 10k though since I've provbably run all speed out.
  • Not the best swimmer myself either. "Km sounds like a lot V-Rap so don't got too mad today.

    What is trudgeon Marj??

    Anyway rest day for ma as I ran with the whippet from work yesterday. % miles at 8 min / mile was enough for me after the Tuesday disaster. I then went home and ran another 4.5 with Mrs RB (my legs were aching a bit I can tell you!!). She had a good run for her (42 mins for 4.5 miles) a PB for that particular run by 6 secs but it is a significant improvement on recent efforts. We're hoping that her problems are behind her. Would be nice for Windsor.

    Legs aching a bit today.

    Short run with the whippet tomorrow.

    All the best,

  • Wha: 11 miles easy in 1hr 28.
    Why: going offshore tomorrow for week or 10 days, back to threshold runs at 4am again. This marathon had better be worth it.
  • What:
    AM - Swim 2400m
    PM - Run easy 6 miles
    Why: Legs felt pretty good on last night's gentle four so just adding a bit more
    Days since last hard run - Sunday
    days since last rest - Tuesday

  • what: 3miles speed training
    why: i've been reading all this stuff that says you're supposed to! so i'm going to try to run fast for 30 seconds and then jog for a minute after a jog warm up.
    last run: tuesday - first run after holiday so a bit hard work
    last swim: last night, 1 hour training (i'm in the local masters squad)
    last rest: sunday
  • What: Zilch
    Why: 2 hour run last night - had planned more, but wasn't feeling great and had put on an old sports bra which has lost a significant amount of it's support (ouch). When Mr Nessie met me with back up water supply, I just cadged a lift home.

    That will be it until Glasgow 1/2 on Sunday. I may have to try another long one early next week, as my longest to date is 15miles - a bit less that recommended for marathon preparation.

    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Monday

  • Trudgeon: sidestroke kick synchronized with one arm movement, flutter kick while the other arm comes over. Or in my case, allow legs to dangle pleasantly waiting for the next stroke. I believe there is only one way of fitting the legs and the arms together in anything like a plausible manner.

    Double trudgeon: sidestroke kick with each arm stroke. You will realize if you try it that you have to switch sides and kicks.

    Sidestroke kick is more rewarding than flutter kick, which in my opinion serves no purpose beyond consuming energy and leaving me out of breath. (Indeed, one lady trying to learn it managaed to propel herself slowly but consistently backward while attempting flutter kick holding on to a kick board. She gave up and swam resignedly backwards all morning.)

    Sidestroke kick is also more tiring per kick, but you get the nice rest in between (unless you attempt double trudgeon, which is too tiring for me). Trouble is, it is asymmetric, and I worry about anything that encourages asymmetry in my asymetric state. Breathing also has to be one sided - every other full stroke, which is a bit too long for me.

    Eats up distance and breaks monotony however. I shall do more of it, asymmetry or no.
  • What: 1 Mile warmup, 4 Miles 'Lactic Acid Stacker', 1 Mile cooldown = 6 total. Avg HR in work period = 164, Max =184, SD=7.6

    No, really, what?!?: Its a workout from Augusts Peak Performance. You run 60 seconds at max pace, followed by 120 seconds easy. Repeat untill significant fatigue rears its ugly head.

    Why: Raise VO2 Max, LT & running form at speed.

    Last Hard day: Tuesday
    Last Rest day: Monday
  • What: 3mile warm up, 10xhill rep up flippin big hill, 2 mile warm down.

    Why: Am told by coach (evil coach...ouch) that this is the only way I'll improve marathon time.

    Last Hard day: Sunday (15 miles)
    Last Rest day: Tuesday (went to gym am/pm upperbod and abs).
  • marj - I've read your description - I watch my kids swim 4 or 5 times a week, even coached a bit over the summer, and I understood not a word of your explanation!

    Korsa King - yes it has all the hallmarks of a Peak Performance workout - I'm so very glad I'm not at that standard.

    what rest
    why ran previous two days
    last hard - weeks ago
    last rest - today
  • What: rest
    Why: had a brilliant run last night, though a bit faster than I had planned, easing off now for GSR
    Last hard day: Tue
    Last rest day: Mon
  • Eeuuuuch - rubbish session today and only myself to blame - which makes it even worse. Ran too far last week, ran too far yesterday and ended up today with:

    What: 5x800m in 2:40 which was exactly half the planned session before my legs turned to blancmange or even "pasta boiled to a goo" - had to stop before imminent drastic speed drop and/or loss of lunch.

    Why: needed a decent speed session this week, but this was never going to be it.

    Last hard day: Tuesday

    Last rest day: Monday

    Now I remember what's meant by "over-training" - what a miserable day! And don't anyone say "I told you so".

    KK - right at the moment, the very thought of your Peak Performance work-out mkes me feel queasy - good luck with it and remember to pop back any eyeballs that fall out.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Went back to work today after a lovely 6 weeks holiday. I FEEL SO TIRED TONIGHT!
    Now don't you just feel so sorry for me-NOT!

    Anyway what have I done.
    5 miles tempo run.
    Why: was suppose to do speed work, this was the best I could muster. Will rest now until The Great South on Sunday.
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest day: Sat
  • Sorry Mij, next time you're in a pool, just try doing sidestroke kick and arms front crawl. It does work. Marj
  • What : 50 minute session , including 4 minutes at HalfM,10mile,10k,5k,5k,10k,10m,HalfM pace with 1min recovs , 5mins warm up/down at easy pace.
    Like this session : not overly tiring but a good work out none the less
    Why : Last hard one B4 Sundays GSR
    Last Rest : Yesterday
    Last Hard : Tuesday
  • For once I've done what I posted - long run, about 11.5 miles, not fast (2hrs 20mins), knew by the end that I'm definitely not ready for a marathon yet - but going round the GNR with the "Get You Round" group is starting to look like a realistic prospect.
  • What: 6 miles easy
    Why: my arms are killing me from lifting weights yesterday
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest: Tuesday

    I need to increase my mileage as 10k is coming up, but so is high calorie festival season, with all its weight gain hazards.

  • Duly did 4 laps of the grounds of Caldy CC (in heavy rain) at a nice slow pace. Just under 3 miles at about 7:45 pace and a mean HR of 134....
  • What: 2k swim
    Why: Masters night
    Rest:All week had a bug.

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: nothing
    Why: rest day
    last hard day: yesterday
    last rest day: today

    KK, that session sounds remarkably like 400m off 2 min recoveries. How many did you manage?

    Achilles, I didn't tell you so but I wanted to!
  • hurrah, i managed to do my first ever speed session!!!!!!

    i did a 10 minute warm up jog then i did seven repeats of 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds walk, 30 seconds jog, then jog and walked the rest of the way home
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