New York Marathon 2008

Is anyone else doing this? Interested to know when applications will be accepted. I'm lucky that I have a qualification time (sub 1.23 for a half marathon) but still need to know when and how to apply. The website is still stuck on 2007 and the New York Road Runners Club just directs you back to the 2007 NY Marathon site.

Also fascinated to find out if the atmosphere really is as good as everyone makes out. I did a small half marathon in New Jersey in October and the atmosphere was unreal!

Flights look as though they're priced well at the moment (£1500 for our family of 4). We'll be staying at my brother's in New Jersey from the Monday before for a week.


  • Hi Eric,

    The lottery opens in Feb on the ING NY website and the lottery places are drawn at the end of May. If you have a qualifying time you are in automatically and could go ahead and book your flights while the fares are low.

    The atmosphere really is that good, there are logistical problems caused by the venue of start and finish but those irritations are worth it so that you can start on the incredible Verrazano Bridge and finish in Central Park. There are dead areas in Queens and over Queensboro Bridge but when you hit First Ave in Manhattan it is the closest you will get to running into a full stadium.

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