Difference between Jogging & Running

Is there a difference between Jogging and running...or is a jog a slow run?? LOLimage

It's always bothered my Father, whgo hates being called a Jogger - even at 63!!!



  • Jogging suggests someone not very serious about it, whereas running suggests purpose and altheticism!

    I always say running image

  • Runners will go out in the worst weather conditions. Joggers generally won't.
  • I read something that I dont' really agree with, but apparnetly technically a runner is someone who does under a 9 minute mile.

    I think it's silly.  I agree with Wilkie though - runners put more into it and take it more seriously.  It's like those annoying people who go swimming in training lanes, and do a bobbing breastroke with their heads about the water so as not to wet the hair.  AND they know nothing about pool ettiquette.  Should be drowned really.  Difference between a "swimmer" and a "person in a pool"


  • Jogger is a term used by non-runners for something they don't unserstand.
  • I'm a runner.image

    Stoxy (10:30 minute miler).

  • If someone saw me out on my long slow 11+m/m runs they might think I was a jogger - but I am not, I am a runner. I was out on the hills for nearly two hours on Sunday in the freezing cold wind because I have a race target in March that I want to achieve. I think we are what we want to be - I think of myself as a runner and I therefore I am. (Occasionally I am also a person in a poolimage)
  • I knew I was going to put my foot in it!!  image

    It's ok though - you are a runner so you can be a person in a pool...

  • I agree with PloddingOn.

    I consider myself a runner but am nowhere near a 9-minute mile at the present time .  Goodness me, I go out in any weather (even 'bum-numbing' levels of cold image) and get hideously frustrated when either I'm not able to go out running or I fall short of targets I set myself (something which has happened rather a lot in recent times).  Not sure whether 'athleticism' comes into it for me, but certainly purpose.

    Not sure whether I call myself a swimmer or not.  I deliberately don't go in the lanes cos I don't consider myself good enough, but I do duck my head under the water properly when doing breaststroke, and at least attempt to swim other strokes!  An infrequent swimmer perhaps as well, but I do try to take it seriously when I'm there.

  • Joggers =  those suffling around without a goal.

    runners = a goal of finishing in race or better PB

  • On second thoughts, I am a person in a pool!

    I only took up swimming because I'd sprained my ankle and couldn't run, and I only carry on with it to supplement the running.  Not enough scenery to keep me occupied.

  • I'd go along with that definition TT!
  • Ha ha ha - oh crap I started something didn't I??  No NBS in pools though!

    I get to be a runner and a swimmer.

    But I am a person on a bike!

  • I'm a person on a bike - or I would be if I owned one.

    It's a bit like asking whether someone's a musician/singer, or just someone who does karaoke down the pub occasionally.  You don't have to be a paid professional to consider yourself the former if you take it seriously.
  • I rarely swim - only on holiday, so then I am a person in a pool. Or the sea.

    Another definition I've seen - if you have a race number, you are a runner.
  • I'm a person who owns a bike - it gathers dust mostly ... maybe this summer ...
  • Joggers, persons on bikes and persons in the pool.

    Pull your finger out, a sprint tri is not that far.............

  • I dont' even own a bike!!! 
  • Technicaly I don't own my bike on order............;)
  • mmm a tri? No, thought about it, not doing it.
  • Tri Taffia wrote (see)

    Joggers, persons on bikes and persons in the pool.

    Pull your finger out, a sprint tri is not that far.............

    ...right, that's me off to register right now for one then...image
  • yes go on, NOW.

    Biddy persons in pool, always in my wayimage

  • I wanna do a tri again

    Think that now I would fall off the bike though...

  • My old line manager at work was one of those people whose makeup didn't even get smudged when she went swimming!
  • image  I would have accidently splashed her as I zoomed past!
  • This one again?  I guess it has been nearly a month since the last time we debated it on the forum.

    There's no such thing as jogging.  It doesn't exist.  You can't jog.  You can walk or you can run.  There's nothing in between (unless you're a horse..... then you can trot and canter).

  • That 10 min miler quote uis nonsense - Ultrarunners run slower than that - and doing a 50+mile race is not worthy of the word jog...LOL
  • I am glad you said that ID - I think that is elitest anyway...
  • Cheers - I think it is people that plod around a park 1 to 2 times a week for 10/20 mins.

    Speed is nonsense if that is not your goal...

    Check Anton Krupicka (google) and then film indulgence on youtube and get back to me...

    He runs about 150 miles a week - alot barefoot - slow at times BUT he is not a jogger

  • A jogger is someone who wears a velour tracksuit.

    A runner wears anything else

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