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I'm new at this running lark, but luckily have found 'Runner's World'.The best advice seems to be "buy some good shoes" can anyone recommend a specialist shop where they assess my running 'style'and advise on shoe type. I live to the east of Nottingham, so anywhere within 30 miles would be fine. Thanks


  • I was in Nottingham at the weekend, buying running shoes, and I can highly recommend Sweatshop, which is in the Holmes Place fitness centre, near the station.

    Although I am a beginner, I was looked after very well, and in no way patronised. I had the footscan, and tried shoes out on a treadmill.

    I was well pleased with the service.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on.
  • Thanks Kitanda, I'll give them a visit.
  • Andrew, Total Fitness in Beeston are very good, as are Up and running in Long Eaton. If you fancy a little further out Derby Runner in Spondon are also very good. I found it a good idea to shop around before buying and ask lots of questions, 'cos there is so much jargon and science attached to running shoes, it can be difficult to make a decision. Hope that's useful
  • Thanks for the advice Jason, I'll try and give a least a couple of them a visit.
  • i found Up and Running in Long Eaton really helpful and the shoes i got seem to be right for me as no problems at all since using them
  • After some advise on shoes. I run a lot YTD 1130 miles and I am 51. Shoes only last me about 4- 5 weeks as they wear through on the heel. Looking for something that lasts a bit longer. Been using Nike Pegasus 36 3-4 weeks. ASICS gel pulse 11 about 5
  • listen, I found an amazing deal of Saucony Mens Ride ISO.
    only few left!
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