What delights does Christmas hold?

I'm on nights all over christmas so get to avoid doing the family chores, RESULT!!!  Who's up to what over the festering period?


  • I'm just going to enjoy my children.

     Ask me again after tomorrow (first day off school) and I may say...............I am going to drink a lot 

  • Turkey too expensive this year MP?
  • early shift for the first 3 days and then nights Boxing Day onwards so I shall be on here talking to myself for a change!
  •  LOL-  MP school holidays tomorrow too, so will be stressed to max by lunchtime!!!! (I wonder if i could masking tape them to the naughty step in advance)

    Well i am definately gonna drink a lot - have the family down, so thats enough to drive anyone to drink!!!

  • I'm driving over to my OH's on Saturday, out Saturday night, then out Christmas Eve, driving back here on Christmas Day for dinner with the sis and 'rents, then he's coming over here, then we'll both go back over there for NYE, when we're going to an 80's fancy dress party image

  • Working until 4pm Christmas Eve, back in at 10am day after Boxing day. Eating my own weight in food in 2 days plus drinking at least twice my blood volume. image
  • Catching a flight home Friday at 7pm. Spend Xmas with my Pops and bro then fly back down following Friday and no plans for NYE as yet....also have a race on Boxing Day then I'll join Kwilter with the booze and food!
  • GP - you started a thread!!!!!!
  • lots of fresh air and walkis in the winter sunshine i hope ..especially on Christmas day if im very lucky and time everything right

    maybe a bit of swimming

    a bit of shopping

    and a bit of eating (after all the walking and swimming)

  • Yep Lurks, been plucking up the courage to do it for about 10 days now. You never know  I could end up being as prolific as MM1 at starting threads.
  • please don't GP!!!

    it takes a lot of training to talk as much b*ll*x as he does and i don't think you are up to it

    you hair looked different on monday BTW, nice different - i was just about to mention it when the lovely Mr Smith came over and i was distracted in a totally shallow way


  • What you after?image I've just been too lazy to scalp mysellf recently. I think you're right, it'll take another year or so hard training to get up to MM1's "standard" of  posting.

  • i can give a compliment if i want to!!!
  • Going to Nepal on sunday for 2 weeks. hurrah!
  • Alcohol,


    a long slow slide into the Pit.

    Only Joking!image

    Or am I? 

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