Getting up to 40

Basically, I used to run a lot (10k's at least twelve times a year) and have put away several great south runs and one great north run.

 Last year or so, have neglected my running and just getting back into it.

 I need advice on working my way up towards 40 miles a week. I'm running the GNR again next year, but apart from that I want to start working on beating 40 minutes for 10k, and possibly improving my 5k times as well. I was thinking of spending the next 4 weeks getting used to 20 miles a week.... then the 6 weeks after that getting used to 24 - 27 miles a week. 

 Any suggestions on this? Or where to go after it?

 I'm incorporating a mixture of interval work, hills and long slow runs at the moment. 

My last three runs were:
10k in 46'30"
4.54 miles in 31'00"
3.4 miles intervals in 26'01"

 All feedback welcome.


  • It's dead easy to up your milage quite dramatically as long as you run them slow enough.

    Here is some food for thought.....

    My 10k / half marathon PB's are 32:08 / 69:35 but I ran a "steady 10" last night in 66:00.... i.e. I'm running almost 90s a mile slower than my 10k pace - but much much much more volume (typically 80+ miles a week).

    Although naturally I'm pretty slow, in terms of raw speed, I still can run much much faster than any race pace of mine, so really the most important systems for me to work are my aerobic fitness, then my lactic threshold, then my VO2 max - in that order.

    It all depends on how seriously you want to take it / the rest of your life, but there shouldn't be a problem with increasing the milage much more quickly, as long as you keep it nice and easy.

  • Paul - I'd agree with MikeB that it's quite easy to increase your mileage. You don't want an injury though, so include plenty of slow miles.

    You mention improving your 10K time too. Which is your priority? Is there any time pressure on you?

    Perhaps up the mileage but include some speed work as well. If you keep a log/record of your runs you should see the improvements, even if they're in small steps for a while.

    I'd expect others to put their thoughts in soon too.

    All the best for getting back into your running this coming year.


  • 10k time is probably the priority. I'd really like to be getting close to hitting 40 by the Summer.

     Just went out for an easy 40 mins - came in at 4.88mi. 

    What sort of miles/week is likely to bring about the best kind of 10k times? I reasoned that it would be upwards of 35, but im starting to think I might have overestimated that.  

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