What's easy and what's not

I've run on and off for a while, but normally just to get myself fit for other sports. I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to train for a 10k, but I don't understand the 8wk training schedules on RW. What does easy mean - I'm sure what I define as easy would be tantamount to walking - is there a guide according to your pace?


  • look at sept issue of Runners world ( and its maybe on the website somewhere) but there's a little table on page 48 which for a hlaf marathon define your HM target with a variety of paces ( 5K, 10k, "steady", and "slow/easy")

    I thinks that's the bit you're looking for.
  • Rebecca, the best answer to this that I've seen is on a thread called "Terminology" in the General Thread, by Dangly Spice:
    Easy - you can have a chat
    Steady - you can exchange talk in short bursts
    Tempo - you can gasp single words
    Flat out - you can gasp

    Now that's something that I can understand! Good luck with the 10K - when is it?
  • Thanks for the advice all. Brighton here I come!
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