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  • I work in one of these old-fashioned places where people still walk along the corridor to talk to one another image

  • They don't sound that bright..if they use work email to 'discuss' a fellow work colleague then say to you.."Hey! sure here's my you can check the emails!" without even developing a cold sweat.. image
  • Mr P - One of them is a short fat orange-haired bloke, and the other is a girl with a missing tooth and fake b00bs (not like mine, mine were enforced, and I'm not dissing fake, only that she wears shirts that she obviously wore before she had the b job. Plus, she only had an A cup beforehand, so I totally understand her reasons for having it, before anyone boshes me). Both not bright though. And I'm going to be as nice as pie in the NY image

    MG - That's why the 'Delete this email and all ones about Nykie' warning went out, because they knew I'd be checking their emails. But they weren't smart enough to a) delete the emails and b) double delete them.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone who's posted on this thread, I'm going to shelve it and pretend it  never happened.

  • Completely agree with Velo (doesn't happen all the time image )

    Why did you look at the mails you weren't meant to, did you suspect you'd find something you wouldn't like? Were you happy enough at work before you read these mails? Curiosity killed thecat!

    If this is just plain and simple bullying (attempting to isolate you etc), just avoid these people as much as you can and when you do have to deal with them, just be courteous and professional and keep things to a minimum.

    Otherwise, it might be that you're doing something unconsciously which upsets them, the only thing there that I can suggest is re-evaluating your behaviour. Sorry if that's blunt.

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