The John R. Weir Lumphanan Detox 10k

Geoff I havn't seen you around in ages. Are you still doing the Detox?


  • Who is Geoff?
  • Geoff Watkins
  • Beware of the ice on the farm road. Just up from the start there has been a lot of water running off the fields and has covered the road for aprox 10 meters. The ice is about an inch to two inches thick and will still be there on Wednesday. There is a small path around it but be very carefull.

  • Hello, I appear to have missed this thread before the 2008 Detox.  Yes, I did run it.  It was really well attended again.

    But, I must confess I'm at a loss as to who 'The Grieve' is.  Someone who seems to know me somehow....?

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